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40 Days of Daily Bread

Welcome to the landing page for the 40 Days of Daily Bread devotional series!

Jesus showed us that we can come to the Father for our Daily Bread (Matthew 6:11). Your inner self needs nourishment to be strong and to grow. You might have been unintentionally fasting your spiritual food. Don’t allow yourself to become spiritually malnourished!

You’re here because that means that you are being intentional about staying nourished and thriving!

Would you like to become consistent with having a Daily Time with God?

Do you want to become a stronger follower of Jesus?

Do you need to be encouraged in your walk with the Lord?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then you will find plenty of good spiritual food in the following posts!

Whatever your reason, I know that He has shown me that this time is going to equal one thing…


If you do anything for about 30 to 40 days, you will form a new habit. The number 40 is significant with God because it refers to a time of testing. Are you ready to breakthrough into a greater spiritual maturity?

At the bottom, you will find a description for each day. Some of the posts are related and some stand individually.

You Will Need

  • A Willing Heart

God wants to do a work in you during this time. That tug you feel to be involved in this…that is the Holy Spirit saying He is about to prepare you for service. Listen to that.

The posts will be brief, but you are investing eternally!

  • A Reminder

If you have a smart phone, set an alarm. If not, sticky notes are tried and true. Place one in a prominent place with a loaf of bread that you’ve sketched. Don’t worry, I can’t draw either. But God doesn’t care about your artistic skills. He’s more concerned with your obedience to follow through!

Have you ever tried to measure your spiritual growth? If you aren’t recording your walk with God, then you are cheating yourself of recording your own spiritual history. A regular notebook will be fine, or even an app such as Evernote.

I pray you are blessed and filled to overflowing through these posts!

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Day 1: Measure Your Spiritual Growth (What area do you want to see change?)

Day 2: Stand (There are four elements trying to knock you down. Here’s how to stand.)

Day 3: Establishing Your Mind & Eyes (See how the Helmet of Salvation protects your mind and eyes.)

Day 4: The Trap of Voices (See how the Helmet of Salvation protects your ears and mouth.)

Day 5: Your Heart’s Territory (See how the Breastplate of Righteousness guards your heart.)

Day 6: The Power of Encircling Truth (See how the Belt of Truth protects what God put in you to do for Him.)

Day 7: Peace In Decisions (See how the Shoes of Peace guard you in decision making.)

Day 8: Using Your Shield (See how to use the Shield of Faith and how it guards against attacks.)

Day 9: Damage to the Enemy (See how to use the Sword of the Spirit to do damage to the enemy.)

Day 10: God’s Got Your Back (Praying to put on your armor, because retreat is not an option.)

Day 11: Some Old Dirt On Me (I share some old dirt on me when I talk about how God makes us useful.)

Day 12: Busting Bad Attitudes (Our attitudes make a big mark on those we influence.)

Day 13: You’re Not Alone (Three advisors in your life that walk along-side you.)

Day 14: Thanks for Being There (A story of how the Body of Christ stepped in and brought needed encouragement.)

Day 15: Nagging God (How to ask God without nagging Him.)

Day 16: Faith for Direction (How to get the faith to walk you through that next step.)

Day 17: Avoiding Spiritual Flakiness (Here’s some wisdom on hearing from God.)

Day 18: Ways God Speaks, Part 1 (Four avenues of communication the Father uses to speak.)

Day 19: Ways God Speaks, Part 2 (Four more avenues of communication the Father uses to speak.)

Day 20: Let Go of My Neck (How God arrested my attention to bring me out of worry.)

Day 21: Kelly Is Nothing (There are three kinds of pride. How God did a work of removing some pride in me.)

Day 22: Slow Learner (King Nebuchadnezzar was eaten up with the bad fruit from the roots of pride in his life.)

Day 23: I Was Embarrassed (A Walmart story of how God showed me the second kind of pride…was in me!)

Day 24: False Humility (See how the devil uses the third kind of pride to keep us from walking in the confidence of God.)

Day 25: Be Washed From Pride (Pride can spread through all our senses, but we can be washed from it with the Word.)

Day 26: Humbling Reminders (A testing circumstance might come as a reminder to walk in humility.)

Day 27: Jesus’ Pride (Can you imagine a prideful Jesus? Instead we learn from His example.)

Day 28: The Rewards of Humility Are Within Your Reach (God blesses the humble with many rewards.)

Day 29: Need Strength? You Got It! (An encouraging post on the power of His strength for us.)

Day 30: What’s Your Appetite Level? (How to control your spiritual appetite and gain a strong spirit man.)

Day 31: Difference Between Thinking and Speaking to God (The difference between talking to God and “thinking to God”.)

Day 32: Practicing Praises (It takes practice to praise the Lord unashamedly.)

Day 33: Are You Going Around the Mountain Again? (Often when the learning experience is long, God is waiting on us.)

Day 34: Salvation: It’s Not Just God’s Job (The secrets to working out your salvation.)

Day 35: Sally’s Victory (More on the secrets to working out your salvation.)

Day 36: How to Fight the Enemy (The weapons that are at your disposal to fight the enemy.)

Day 37: The Thing That Destroys Your Anointing (Samson didn’t use wisdom, and more that destroyed his anointing.)

Day 38: The Thing That Destroys Your Anointing (2) (We can learn from the consequences of Samson’s specific sin.)

Day 39: How to Deal with Hurt and Rejection (How to respond and be healed when hurt by someone.)

Day 40: God Is Delighted to See You Move Forward (The way to gain victory when we feel like giving up.)

9 Reasons to Share What God Is Doing in You (Nine reasons to share a testimony of the work God has done in you.)

Testimonies from 40 Days of Daily Bread (See how God has been glorified in the testimonies from this series.)

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