Experiencing Remarkable Worship

A thunderous eruption from a multitude of voices added to the harmonious music coming from the band. It was preceded by the intercessors covering the service in authoritative prayer, making way for an atmosphere of worship.

We were experiencing the unseen, yet tangible, presence of God.

File Jul 19, 2 49 14 PMWe become closer to the Lord through worship!

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Psalm 22:3

He dwells among the praises of Israel, which can represent us. That means when we praise the Lord, He shows up!

When we are in His presence we hear His voice! We are made whole! We are refreshed!

From the dictionary, “worship” is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.

In the Old Testament, the Temple was the place God’s people came to worship. The inner room was called the Holy of Holies, and only the High Priest was permitted to enter. God’s presence rested in the Ark of the Covenant, which was placed in this inner sanctuary. The Holy of Holies was separated by the rest of the Temple by a curtain, which ripped in two when Jesus died on the cross (Mt. 27:50-51).

This occurrence signified that we now have complete admittance to God’s holy presence. God has promised us access to His throne of grace because of Jesus (Hebrews 4:14-16), and has exhorted us to boldly come.

What keeps us from coming boldly every time?

Is it because we have misconceptions?

The devil likes to lie to us and say that it has to be awhile since we sinned before we can go into God’s presence. We are not to believe the lie that we are not “worthy” to be in His presence because we have made mistakes! Yes, we are weak, but He makes us strong. We don’t have to avoid coming into His presence because we are not perfect. When we come, God sees you as righteousness in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21).

God wants to have an intimate relationship with us. We can’t be close to someone when we are keeping our distance. God says, “Come! I want to be with you. I desire to make you whole. I want to share life with you. My presence is good; come and see!”

When we begin to see how loving our God is toward us, it opens us up to experience His goodness and mercy.

Worship. What does that word mean to you? What could it mean? In this series, I hope to inspire you to come boldly to Him because God wants to cause you to be refreshed in a season of worship that you’ve yet experienced. Over the next few weeks, let’s dive in to see what the Bible says about worship. 

Today’s post will act as a table of contents for the series. I will link back to this page as each post is published. God wants us to have profound revelation of basic truth during this series.

  1. Who Do We Worship?
  2. Why Do We Worship?
  3. When Do We Worship?
  4. What Is Used to Bring Worship?
  5. Where Do We Worship?

I’m excited about the Experiencing Remarkable Worship series, and hope you are, too! Will you take a minute to pass the word about it with someone?

BONUS: Each post will have a printable Imparting Virtues lesson for kids with similar content available for free download.

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File Jul 15, 3 59 53 PM

Created to Share

Has God ever laid a word on your heart to be a theme for the year? God started opening my eyes to it before I knew about the OneWord movement. God told me my word for 2015 was create. Then 2 weeks into January I found out I was going to be having our fourth last baby that coming fall. (With each pregnancy I had severe, debilitating morning sickness that turned our family’s world upside down.) Do you know what the antonym of create is? Destroy. It felt like my chance to create for God’s kingdom was taken away. (But then I thought, Well, I’m creating a baby!)

This year rolled around and I felt a peace about keeping create as my word for the year. I think I did a little dance after that in celebration.😉

I have been creating as long as I can remember. I held my toy guitar when I was two and made up a song. I ran to get my parents and my brother to come back to my room to hear it. They came eagerly, and I was brimming with excitement. The only problem was that I forgot how it went as soon as picked up my guitar again!

Not to be daunted, I began writing stories when I was older. I wrote a story about how the Melt Man tried to capture the M&M’s. If the Melt Man grabbed anyone in the town they melted. When he grabbed a little M&M he cried, “Why aren’t you melting?” And the little M&M replied, “M&M’s melt in your mouth, not in your hands!” I wanted to sell that to the company as a commercial, but I guess you got it instead.:)

This year has been incredible. I love to create! God is the creator, and we are made in His image. The way I see it, when we create, we are doing what He did.*

I’ve developed a fun, new hobby this year: creating images.

File Jul 15, 3 59 53 PM

Did you know that you are God’s favorite? A picture speaks 1000 words, as the saying goes. My hope is that the images I create will be a bright spot of encouragement to anyone who sees them.

After awhile of sharing them on my social media channels, I decided to set up a sharable images page. Because we all need a little inspiration. So when you want to share a dose of encouragement I hope you will come to my Sharable Images page when choosing from your favorite sources. May I be one of your favorite sources?😉


What About Writing?

  • The theme to create has been instrumental in my writing this year. I am planning some series and possibly more collaboration with other bloggers later this fall. God has been laying on my heart much to share with you!
  • I just finished helping to write the next HelloMornings Bible study, which will begin August 15. We are going to study how God pursues us! More details for the online study will roll out later, so stay tuned.

Summer is a busy time with traveling and events. Here’s links to the last few posts in case you missed them. Click the image to read.

File Jul 01, 10 13 45 AM


Are you trying to move forward, but obviously can’t do so because an enormous obstacle is blocking your path? Could it be God trying to protect you?


He Is for Me


Are you frustrated with life’s circumstances? Could you describe your days as cloudy rather than sunny? Don’t be discouraged! God is for you!


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Tragedies have shaken our country once again. The Holy Spirit is calling us to pray. Join Kela Nellums and I in a movement of prayer! Add your prayer, too!


File Jul 12, 11 42 54 AM


Have you ever been tossing and turning, bogged down with the worries of the day or the plans for tomorrow, instead of sleeping soundly? Try the “spiritual sleeping pill” I use. It works!


Are you a creative type? If so, what do you like to create, and where can I see them? Please let me know in the comments; I would love to check out your stuff!

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Surprised by Meditation

File Jul 12, 11 42 54 AMSome nights while trying to fall asleep, I struggle to quiet my mind after a busy day. You may be able to relate. Your body is ready for sleep, but your mind isn’t. Frustrating, isn’t it?

It’s times like these that I think about Isaiah 26:3. This process has turned into a sort of sleeping pill. And it works! I concentrate on thinking only about this scripture over and over, and next thing I know the Sandman has come to visit.

The other night I was having one of those nights of tossing and turning. As I was about to pop my “spiritual sleeping pill,” I had the idea to think about each word and savor it slowly like a piece of chocolate. I was so surprised at how amazing each word spoke a 3-second sermon to my weary soul.

File Jul 12, 11 46 52 AMYou. This word is referring to God. It’s always good to get God on the brain.

Keep. What a comforting word! When I think about keep, I think about when we are purging old, unused items in our house and we ask the question, “Do we toss or keep?” The items we keep are, of course, the ones that are valuable to us.  In relating this word to our savoring process, I think God is “keeping” us. He is keeping us close, and safe.

Him. This word refers to us. We know that this promise is specifically for us.

In. This word is a preposition. It is often used in a prepositional phrase such as in the basket, or in the sky. It shows placement. The dictionary actually says it indicates inclusion in a space. So let’s see which area this word is taking us.

Perfect. If any gift is coming from God, we know it is going to be perfect. (James 1:17) I looked this word up in the Greek Lexicon for this verse, and found that it is tied in with the word “peace” directly following it. That means they come as a unit.

Peace. It stems from the root Shalom, from H7999, and means “safety, soundness (in body).” That is perfect, when you’re trying to go to sleep! Peace, indeed!

Whose. A possessive pronoun referring to something we own. What do we possess? See the next word.

Mind. Our minds are going to be involved here. No one else gets to decide what is on our minds, but us.

Is. This is a state of being verb, indicating what is in existence or happening now.

Stayed. Now we get to the action that we do! “Stayed” here means our mind is fixed. Concentrating.

On. This word is a preposition that helps us realize what something is attached to or to is supported by. (i.e. on the table.) What our mind is fixed and concentrating on is attached to something else. In this case, Someone else.

You. God, again! We started with “it’s always good to get God on the brain.” Now we are going to keep God on our brain.

Because. This word lets us know that there is a reason coming. What is going to catapult our promise into place?

He. “He” is referring to us again. It’s a heads up that we have another part to play in the process.

Trusts. Not only do we choose to concentrate on thinking about God, but choose to trust Him. The weights that have been keeping us awake, or causing that feeling of unrest, come back to mind. Oh, yeah, this is why we started meditating on this verse! It’s at this moment that the choice comes in to trust God.

In. Remember this word shows placement, and it indicates inclusion in a space. So let’s see which area this word is taking us.

You. God is who we trust in. Not our circumstances, problems, stresses, other people, money, jobs, possessions, or anything else. Just. God.

The next time you are tossing and turning because problems are plaguing your mind, try this! During the day, when you realize you have been worried, think through the words in this verse. Slowly. Let them savor. Let God minister life and peace to your heart through His word.

What other scriptures can we apply the process of meditating word for word?

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