Free Resources for Thriving in Christ

Here you’ll find free resources for thriving in Christ to help strengthen your walk with God. Browse select series and printables.

Are you looking for some ways to be intentional with growing more spiritually mature? Or maybe you’re struggling in your relationship with God and need some extra encouragement? No matter what place you’re currently in, this page has a growing list of free resources created just for you.

Printable Bookmark

DAILY TIME acronym and Psalm 1:1 bookmark for KRB readers

The phrase “Daily Time” (to me) means: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence. It means a great deal to me. I want it to be a permanent fixture in my life. This simple phrase echoes surrender yet satisfaction in my walk with God.

My favorite passage of Scripture, and the one this blog is based on is Psalm 1:1-3. I think it best describes how we thrive in Christ. To thrive means to grow well or vigorously.

In the first Psalm, the righteous are illustrated by the simile of a tree both fruitful and flourishing. When our roots are planted deep into the soil of God’s Word, and we are positioned to be nourished by Him, we will not wither but thrive. I love that!

I’m sharing this printable bookmark with you as a reminder for your Daily Times with God. Click the image to print a set of four.

There’s also great resources in our shop! Don’t forget to check it out when you’re done on this page!

My goal with the products is to help keep your roots planted deep into the soil of God’s Word, yielding to Him daily, so that you won’t wither but keep thriving in Christ!

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Experiencing Remarkable Worship Series

Have you ever experienced the unseen, yet tangible, presence of God?

He dwells among the praises of Israel, which can represent us (Psalm 22:3). That means when we praise the Lord, He shows up!

We become closer to the Lord through worship; when we’re in His presence, we hear His voice, are made whole, and are refreshed!

From the dictionary, “worship” is the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. What does the word “worship” mean to you? What could it mean?

In this devotional series, I hope to inspire you to come boldly to Him because God wants to cause you to be refreshed in a season of remarkable worship that you’ve yet experienced. Visit the central page of this series to dive in and see what the Bible says about worship. 

Experiencing the Miraculous Power of God Series

God is the original source of power. He is powerful with His every breath. What would it have been like to have experienced the miraculous power of God firsthand like Moses, Elijah, or Peter? To have walked in their sandals would be mind-blowing. God’s miracles flowing through them had become a way of life.

You and I serve the same God. Could such an astonishing way of life be what God desires for us?

Through the encouragement of biblical accounts and the testimonies of others, we venture into this exhilarating territory. We explore the reachable possibility of experiencing God’s miraculous power in and through our lives. With special guests, Julie Loos of Unmasking the Mess, David Miller of Life Letter Cafe, and Horace Williams Jr. of Pleasing to the Potter.

Visiting the central page provides all the links to the series (or click the image above).

Imparting Virtues: Lessons for You to Teach Your Kids

Your kids need guidance. Almost any Bible lesson for adults can be taught to children when you simplify it for them by using vocabulary that is on their level, and keeping the class to the length of their attention span.

Seeing kids grow from the seeds of the Word being planted in their hearts is very rewarding. When I teach my kids from the simple lessons I put together, it’s definitely the highlight of my day!

What would you do with lessons teaching virtue? Simply defined, virtues means moral excellence. What do you think about taking a few minutes to impart biblical truths into your kids? Take the opportunity with these printable Imparting Virtues lessons:

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