I’m glad you’re here! Join me in moving forward in spiritual growth. Let’s stay nourished by spending time with God daily. Let’s choose to thrive by identifying and removing hindrances in our walk with Him.

Meet Kelly

KellyRBakerGod called me to write. For many years it didn’t make sense because there are times I struggle simply writing a text or leaving a comment on someone’s blog. I blame hormones. 😉 On the spiritual side of things, I’ve made so many mistakes, and have a track record of being a slow learner of His ways. But I finally stopped fighting His plan. I choose obedience, and releasing my control for trusting Him. I share, hoping someone can learn from my mistakes. I teach, mentoring from the decades of experience and studying His Word. I love leading others into God’s presence and freedom found through Jesus.

Justin is the man God hand-picked for me, that I finally got to marry after learning to delight myself in the Lord. He is my in-house editor, so you can blame him if anything looks wrong, sounds wrong, or is spelled wrong. 😉

Aside from the blog, I am a homeschool mama, a ministry leader with an Associates Degree in Theology, and serve alongside my husband as the worship leaders for The Connection Church in Northern Virginia. When not keeping my crew of four on the family routine you will probably find me sneaking a bite (or more) of dark chocolate.


You’re Invited

I invite you to check out my free resources page. There you will find many tools for thriving, such as helpful series on Hearing God’s Voice, and what to do if you find yourself in a spiritual wilderness. 40 devotionals are on the 40 Days of Daily Bread page if you are ever in-between studies, or want to dive right in to go deeper with God for 40 days. Many have gone through the 40 days more than once! I hope you encounter God every day!

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Let’s Connect

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What Readers Are Saying

I am so excited to hear what God is saying to this anointed woman of God! Kelly possesses wisdom beyond her years and an anointing that breaks the chains of oppression through truth and power.

I love it when I can hear passion for the Word through a woman’s written testimony or teaching! — Pastor Kimberly Howey

Always inspired by Kelly R. Baker and her heartfelt and poignant posts that relate to living a Godly life. She challenges us to be accountable in our service to our Savior, Jesus Christ. — Horace, Arlington, Texas

I crossed paths with Kelly this year of 2016 and have been so blessed by her kind and caring heart, love for God’s word and her willingness to be a friend. I am excited to see where God takes her writing and very thankful to get to come to her blog and learn something each time. — Meghan, Hanson, Kentucky

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