Why You Need to Let Go of Your Comfort Zone

Is God calling you to something yet there’s something holding you back? Here’s why you need to let go of your comfort zone. #ThrivingInChrist #spiritualgrowth #calling #comfortzone #God #ministry

Let me tell you, friend, I love being in my comfort zone. And nothing gets me out of my comfort zone faster than being on the interstate. Hey, I have valid reasons for this. Like that one time I was in the passenger seat, which gave me less feel-in-control than being the driver.

My husband and I were driving home from leading worship at a retreat that rainy day. We were zooming down the highway in the church’s 15 passenger van on a four lane highway, going over a bridge. Suddenly, a few cars in front of us, a car was sliding along completely sideways! It looked it was moving in slow motion…or maybe that was my pregnant-at-the-time adrenaline kicking in.

Crashing was inevitable. I started with my “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!” and Justin kept his cool behind the wheel looking for the safest way to crash.

Cars started impacting in front of us, and I looked at Justin to see where he was looking. I was thinking, You do have a way out of this, right??

Then I saw that lady in the far left lane, just to our left. Her expression was mixed with deep concern—and mercy. At the last second, she moved into the shoulder giving us a free lane to avoid the whole shebang.

For awhile there, I was definitely not in my comfort zone. The whole “travel” part of the trip was not in my comfort zone. I like to feel safe.

What Does a Comfort Zone Look Like?

What does your comfort zone look like? Mine? Imagine me in some comfy clothes, lounging on the sofa with my blanket, drinking some tea and watching a good movie with great company (sans kids). Let’s add to that: I’d be pushing out the thought that God is calling me to travel with my husband one day. Ahem. Scaredy-cat, germaphobe here. Don’t judge.

I don’t think God has our comfort zone in mind, when it comes to obedience to Him:

  • Moses chose to walk away from the comforts of royalty to the desert to live. God had a purpose for him.
  • Joseph went through the pit and the dungeon for quite awhile. No comfort there. But God had a plan to use him.
  • John the Baptist was eating locusts and wild honey in the desert. I’m guessing his pallet had to be adjusted since that was no gourmet meal day after day.
  • Paul lived a life that few would choose. From being shipwrecked to being beaten and imprisoned. Yet, God used him in a remarkable way.

God has plans and purposes. He desires laborers to reap the harvest. He is calling you to do big or small, great or needed assignments.

Most of the time, when I feel His nudge to obey His calling…I hesitate. Did I mention that I like feeling safe? I’m going to go ahead and think that you hesitate on occasion, too. 😉

If we recognize why we hesitate to do what God is calling us to do, we can start to unravel the web we have caught ourselves in. What are your personal hiccups? Is it fear? Nervousness? Pride? Ignorance?

Let Go of Your Comfort Zone

Whatever it is, deal with it. No matter the hindrance, it doesn’t measure up to eternity.

Perhaps you only need to be encouraged. Maybe you just need some accountability. Do whatever you need to do, but get out of your comfort zone to follow Him!

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God. Acts 20:24 KJV

When I think about traveling in the future, I cast down fear. I’m learning to walk in faith during the little bit of traveling that we do now. And I’m learning to leave my hand sanitizer alone. 😉 Mostly, I’m recognizing the joy that comes from obedience.

I’m letting go of my comfort zone now because I’m thinking that if I don’t…I’ll hate myself later. And I’m thinking that might be your case, too.

Can we walk away from our comfort zone into the path of obedience God is calling us to right now? What are the names of the walls that are hindering you? What are you going to do to tear them down? Share in the comments so I can pray for you.

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  1. Truly a blessing, loved every bit of it. I’m so encouraged by your words! Amazing, I’m so ready to let go of my comfort zone and go into a new place with God! 😃

  2. Wonderful! I read a quote the other day: “The miracle often lies outside our comfort zone.” ~Marianne Williamson I’m cheering you on to going into a new place with God!

  3. Carol Ochs says:

    Wow…this wuz awesome! God sometimes takes us out of our zone to build our trust or to put us close to his tree to pick and enjoy the fruit of the Spirit.

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