Experiencing the Miraculous Power of God

What would it have been like to have experienced the miraculous power of God firsthand like Moses, Elijah, or Peter? Could that be what God desires for us?

What would it have been like to have experienced the miraculous power of God firsthand like Moses, Elijah, or Peter? To have walked in their sandals would be mind-blowing. God’s miracles flowing through them had become a way of life.

You and I serve the same God. Could such an astonishing way of life be what God desires for us?

I Had the Audacity

I don’t remember the details of one early morning a few years ago, but I had stolen away to the farthest part of the house to seek God in solitude. A fresh desire was stirring in my spirit–or maybe He was stirring my spirit to break out of religiously going through the motions in my walk with Him.

I hadn’t mustered the courage to pray my thoughts from the day before, but the stirring pressed stronger in the 24 hours that had passed. In quiet trepidation, I whispered a daring request of God, “I want You to be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in my life.” I was afraid He would answer it and call me to a radical, unknown territory.

What do I mean?

It reminds me of the encounter Moses had when he turned to see the unbelievable burning bush that was not consumed in Exodus 3. When appearing through that bush, God announced He was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He declared it a few times in that extraordinary exchange. It seems that He was reminding Moses: you’ve heard the stories of what I did with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Now it’s your turn. He called Moses to demand the release of God’s enslaved people from Pharaoh. That was radical, unknown territory for Moses.

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Grandma Knows a Secret

My grandma recently visited us for two months. During her stay, she shared many stories from her long life that showed she has lived (and still is living) a life of God’s power. You know what caught my attention? She kept saying the word miracle. There were miracles in every area.

What would it have been like to have experienced the miraculous power of God firsthand like Moses, Elijah, or Peter? To have walked in their sandals would be mind-blowing. God’s miracles flowing through them had become a way of life. You and I serve the same God. Could such an astonishing way of life be what God desires for us?

Health. Her young son had large lumps covering his body. She brought him to the doctor. The x-ray showed Tuberculosis. Grandma was nonchalant. The physician was surprised and conveyed that he thought she would be torn up about it. She replied, “I know God’s going to take care of it.” When they returned the following week for new x-rays it was gone!

She’s been healed of cancer twice. Each time she “knew God was going to take care of it!” She shared many other miracles she witnessed.

Financial. My grandpa was in the military. Grandma said she didn’t know how they’d make it from month to month with three kids. One night she was at a church service when she felt God spoke to her to give $100. She went to the minister and said, “I’m giving you $100. I don’t have it, but take my word for it. God will provide.” Within the next few days, the Red Cross called her. Surprised, she said, “I’ve never called you. Why did you call me?” They found my grandpa’s name on some paperwork, and after looking into their dire circumstances they increased his funds on the spot. She had the money then to give in the offering and then more to cover bills.

Protection. While driving up a mountain one day, she swerved to miss an oncoming truck that was over the yellow line. She swerved into a pothole, causing her car to hit the embankment and spin completely around only to hit and spin four other times. On every spin, she cried, “God, help me!” Finally, her car stopped a couple of feet short of the river. Although her car was in bad shape, she didn’t have a bruise.

One huge takeaway from this is apparently, she knows a secret. Could trusting God be the key? It was never of her own effort that these miracles took place. She simply believed in God’s power.

The Possibility for Us

Through these testimonies and much more, God began awakening the dormant desire within me. He’s stirring a renewal of my brave prayer—although it’s scary. The devil wants me to think I’m walking into a door of uncertainty, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

The devil wants me to think I’m walking into a door of uncertainty, but God is the same. Click To Tweet

God is the original source of power. He is powerful with His every breath. From the first recorded second He spoke His power is displayed through His magnificent creation. What a mighty God we serve!

This month Julie Loos of Unmasking the Mess, David Miller of Life Letter Cafe, and Horace Williams Jr. of Pleasing to the Potter will join us for this new series on the power of God. Through the encouragement of biblical accounts and the testimonies of others, we will venture into this exhilarating territory. We will explore the reachable possibility of experiencing God’s miraculous power in and through our lives, even if it is indeed frightening. I pray our fear of God will supersede any natural fear or fear of man.

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so inspiring and beautiful! I love your grandma! What a testimony and wisdom..I think Christians today too easily fall short of the miracles God promises, we are weak believers! I experienced miracles yesterday when we dropped my teenage son off in the wilderness after driving him miles up a curvy dirt road darning cliffs! We had to drop him off before his camping destination because I was terrified of driving back as the son was setting..but how I worried about him! Soon enough a jeep with some daring adventurers traveled up the dirt road on an evening rugged drive..we stopped them and asked them to drive our son several miles to the remote campground if he found them far ahead..who would be driving on a dangerous remote road early evening but angels. My son’s phone reception worked ..he called me and said the drove him safely to the campground. I slept peacefull last night.Amen. I love your post, it truly is a blessing as I am remembering all the miracles in my life God has given..blessings!

    1. I love my grandma, too. She’s a down-to-earth person, and was so matter of fact about it all. Just as natural as her saying her hair is red. Thanks for sharing your miracle story. I don’t like cliffs, either. Blessings to you!

  2. mareedee2016 says:

    I love talking about miracles. How wonderful it must have been to have your grandma share her rich memories of miracles. It reminds me I need to write them down so they are not forgotten. It is so good to remember what God has done. Thank you for sharing.


    1. It was great, Maree. It reminded me of how stories were passed down from generation to generation in the Old Testament. I hope you will write down how God has moved in your family’s life.

  3. Praise God for His miracles and grandma’s who are still around to share her memories of them in her life with you! God is so good, trust, trust, trust, that’s all we have to do!
    Visiting you today from Purposeful Faith

    1. Welcome, Jenn! Yes, I was making the connection to trust God while I was writing this post. Trust is my #OneWord this year! Blessings 🙂

  4. Your neighbor at Tea and Word. This is such an encouraging post. It is wonderful to hear how the Lord worked in your grandmother’s life. The key is she was expecting God to work, waiting on Him. Thank you for sharing these faith-building stories. May your soul be refreshed in the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will never disappoint you, no matter what He calls you to do.

    1. What an encouraging comment, Cheryl! I appreciate you sharing that!

  5. I love this! Miracles are everywhere; we just need to keep our eyes and heart open to them!

    1. I agree, Laura. I pray we would be more aware of what God is doing.

  6. sherrylynnstahl says:

    The more I get to know you the more alike I know we are. I had a wonderful grandmother just like yours. Mine’s name was Pearl and I dedicated my first book to her. I wish I had recorded all the miracles that happened in her life. I wish I had taken the time to video record her telling the stories. Cherish that cute gram while you have her! Such a great series. God is stirring up the miraculous these days. Praying your posts encourage readers to believe God can show His miracle woking power in their lives. Great job!
    ~Sherry Stahl

    1. That’s awesome! I love her name. Maybe you could write some down now? I’m in agreement with those prayers. I can’t wait to see what God will do. I’ve been thinking of you almost daily lately. Praying for you, my friend! 🙂

      1. sherrylynnstahl says:

        My grandmother was healed of leaukemia. She kept the papers from the hopital for years to show people the proof of her healing. My father was paralyzed on half of his body. They were taking him to sick kids hospital in Toronto. They went to stay over at my grandfather’s brother’s who lived closer to Toronto the night before. My great Uncle was a pastor and they had a visiting evangelist in for healing meetings. She prayed over my dad and he was instantaneously healed. They didn’t even go to Toronto the next day!
        How cool are those stories!!! And that’s just a couple of the many.
        ~Sherry Stahl

        1. So awesome! Praise God! Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

          1. sherrylynnstahl says:

            My pleasure 🙂

  7. Your grandmother is a treasure! Thanks for sharing her spark and her spirit with us!

  8. This is such an exciting series Kelly! I want to embrace the power of God in ways I haven’t before. To trust in expectantly and with certainty.
    For God to use me in ways I can’t imagine (although the human side of me fears surrender to this degree).
    Thankful to be a part of this!
    Great post and you’re grandma sounds amazing!

    1. I am right there with ya on that! But God knows what He’s doing. Maybe that is one reason our word is trust this year? 😉 I can’t wait to feature your post! Hugs 🙂

  9. What a fun series, Kelly. Can’t wait to read everyone’s encouraging posts. God bless Grandma. Why is “miracle” such a foreign concept these days? My husband’s grandmother was the same way. God is *the* source of power, isn’t He? For everything really since everything was made by, through and for Him. When we think of it that way, well then, Miracles…obviously! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Kelly. Look forward to your series. ((hug))

    1. Yes, exactly! He is showing us greater views of Himself. I want to be a part of what He is doing, even if it stretches me. Hugs back, friend. 🙂

  10. inspiredtolivefully says:

    What I love so much about your Grandmother’s testimonies is the fact that she PARTICIPATED in the miracle. Her radical faith was instrumental in the manifestation of God’s power.

    1. Yes, that’s what I believe, too. Great to see you here, Tyra!

  11. Oh I just love your Grandma’s joy and positive outlook of faith. Wow, this series sounds so wonderful! I can’t wait to read more testimonies declaring how the power of God has moved in lives.

    1. I love how her life is still impacting others. It was an honor to share some of her testimonies here. I’m so glad you visited, Valerie, and look forward to seeing you here again!

  12. I love hearing stories of God’s miracles. It’s a modern day hall of faith. Thanks for sharing the precious stories from your grandma!

    1. “Modern day hall of faith.” Oh, that’s a great way to look at it! Thanks for your visit today!

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