The Adventures of Walking with God in Hard Times

Welcome to Day 5 of our #GodlyAdventure. Are you in a difficult part of your journey? Meghan Weyerbacher is sharing some encouragement for you when you’re walking with God in hard times.

The hot metal clangs against the side of the dock as we tie off the boat, making sure it’ll stay put. The family goes back to the lake house to wash up and wind down, because as much as being in the water is relaxing—it’s draining, being in the sun for hours.

Everyone goes back. Everyone that is—except for myself. With a nod from my husband that he’s got the kids, I alone remain. I stretch out atop the half-dampened towel and let the water droplets run down my skin until they kiss the blue fibers.

In the moment I am no where else. Just me and God, birds, a few bugs. The swaying of the trees in the wind plays like a soft melody in the background. I pull my journal and pen from their safe place and begin to write about the current experience of rest, and how thankful I am to receive it.

You see, trusting God with our lives has been quite the adventure. When my husband’s time serving God and country with Marine Corps was up, we thought he would find a job easily, since he was Military Police. Nope. It didn’t happen.

Instead, jobs were scarce and those he found didn’t seem interested. When he finally found a fitting one, he didn’t have it for long—a circumstance out of his hands causing us to question everything.

And this went on for 10 years. Yes, I said 10 years.

Walking with God in Hard Times

There were times we experienced tremendous pain, loneliness, and what I believe attacks from the enemy trying to split us up and break us down. On this rugged adventure of life—I know God has been there, even when it was less than lovely. Especially when it was less than lovely.

Even through the continuous job loss, the lack of family, the lack of church family in our lives as we wandered aimlessly, struggling to stay afloat—God refused to walk away. To give up on us.

He kept us alive and together. He fed our mouths. He placed a roof over our heads, though it didn’t always look how we wanted it to. Through a time of homelessness, depression, and lack of life purpose—He was building our faith. He was showing us that now matter how low we find ourselves, he will remain a steady Father and trustworthy protector.

My heart goes out to anyone who has given their life to serve, yet is finding themselves in a hellish trench. If this is you today and you are reading this—know your outer circumstance does not have anything to do with your value, purpose, and lovability from your Maker.

I can’t explain why hard things happen. I only know there is an enemy who wants to choke hold you until you give up, but that God is more powerful—you just have to choose to turn up the volume on Truth or you won’t hear it.

This means as you navigate the difficult parts of your adventure, you will need to take active steps toward closing your eyes to what you see with your human eyes, and tuning into the Truth of a different reality.

What do I mean?

Your outer circumstance does not have anything to do with your value, purpose, and lovability from your Maker. Click to Tweet

A New Perspective to Fly you Above the Trenches

If you are doing all you can do and things are still hard—you have to tap into God’s supply to refresh your spirit. No amount of right steps will fix it. They will help—but even when we take the next right step, it requires us to lay everything in God’s hands and trust.

Trust. This is essentially what life adventures teach us to do. And you may not feel faith, or feel trusting right away. Of people, or of God. And that is okay but processes take time.

Over time, you will be able to look back and see things differently. That even the pain and lack was seen by Someone who cares.

You will see the:

  • continuous provision.
  • peace He gave when life around you screamed chaos.
  • wholeness slowly gloved your soul as you learned your Maker kept showing up despite down and dirty days.

For my family, our faith hasn’t gotten to where it is without hardship. I don’t wish it on anyone by any means, but God can take everything and use it for the good because we love him. (See Romans 8:28)

Through our adventures, we learn over and over again to keep handing out days over to God. To let him lead. Because he’s holding us, not the terrible news. Not the lack. Not the unsuspecting situations. Not the fear or anxiety. HE is.

Through our adventures, we learn over and over again to keep handing out days over to God. Click to Tweet

Adventure’s Promise

We have a promised future with our loving Father we can also look forward to—that this life on this Earth is only a small portion. To experience this hope in the midst of rugged adventure, change what you listen to, change how you see.

Change what you hold onto. Trust you’re loved even over your faulty but familiar Earthly senses. And when you fly out of the trench—God will help your senses be a blessing once again. But until then, trust Him even over these.

They say hope is just around the bend, but for those of us who couldn’t even crawl well through the dark—Hope came to us.

Don’t give up my friend.

He will do this for you too.

Meghan Weyerbacher

What are your adventures of walking with God in hard times?

Meghan Weyerbacher lives in a little wooden house on a road where she frequently has adventures whether in her head or on foot. Her monthly newsletter is meticulously curated for the writers who blog. Join the community for tips, resources, and support.

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  1. Beautiful, Meghan. Love this line and tweet, “Your outer circumstance does not have anything to do with your value, purpose, and lovability from your Maker.” Amen! So true!

    Being a writer of hope, I never have related to how people say hope is around the corner. And I don’t believe hope is off in the distance, on the other side of glory, or something we muster up in our own power. When Jesus is among us, hope is too.

  2. What a great reminder that over time we’ll be able to see our lives differently from how we see them now. God is not slow in fulfilling His promises, and I love how you mention our promised future!

  3. Beautiful, my friend.

  4. Meghan, I love this so much: “Change what you hold onto. Trust you’re loved even over your faulty but familiar Earthly senses.” Oh, how He loves us through our faulty Earthly senses, and keeps showing us the greatness of Himself!! Thank you for sharing your encouraging words here today!

  5. Beautiful Meghan. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and words.

  6. I love your writing Meghan! As I was reading your story, I thought of Philippians 1:12-14 where Paul says that he uses his pain to advance the gospel. Others are encouraged when they see you praising God in the midst of hardship. And, like Paul, you are advancing the gospel when you praise Him in everything (not for everything but in everything.) Thanks for sharing with us. <3

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