Live Empowered: the Holy Spirit Moves through Us

Jesus said the Holy Spirit would dwell with us and be in us. Since this is true, we can live empowered and therefore, fulfill the Great Commission.

We have God’s power within us. When Jesus left, He sent the Holy Spirit to us. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would dwell with us and be in us (John 14:17). Since this is true, we can live empowered.

What does living empowered look like? I don’t completely know. God might prompt us to action. Our job is to obey. As we obey, we will know when these moments in life take place that there is no other way to explain it, except God’s hand was in it.

And it’s not because of our strength; although, I do like to think of us as super-Christians extraordinaire. 😉

Unlimited Strength

Remember the movie The Incredibles? Mr. Incredible’s superpower was super-strength. There’s one part of the movie near the end when he’s trying to get his family to go back into safety instead of fighting with him in the battle. His wife wasn’t having it; she accused him of being all ego. Finally, he oxymoronically admits, “I’m not strong enough!” The truth spilled from his lips. He didn’t want to lose his family again because he thought they had died earlier in the movie. That’s where his strength failed.

God has empowered us whether we think we are strong enough or not. Actually, we aren’t strong enough. He sent the Holy Spirit to us, and we are filled with the Spirit. That doesn’t mean that we are the power, that means we are filled with the power. If we are Spirit-filled, then we are Spirit-controlled. God is our Source of Power, and His unlimited strength is at our disposal.

Use God’s Power

God calls us to serve Him in detailed ways, but sometimes we don’t budge from apprehensiveness. Here’s the thing: we have God’s power so don’t be afraid to use it! The devil’s not going to skin our hides like he did to the seven sons of Sceva in Acts 19.

Instead of being afraid, we need to make adjustments. Have you ever noticed the way the trees bend and the leaves move when the wind blows? In the same way, when the wind of the Spirit is “blowing on us,” we will need to adapt our position to flow with what He’s doing.

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It might not turn out perfect. Recall the instance of the disciples not being able to cast out a man’s son who was being harassed by a demon (Mark 9:17-29). Jesus had already given the disciples authority over unclean spirits, but they were still learning (Mark 6:7). They couldn’t cast out the devil in the man’s son, but that didn’t mean they stopped walking in power.

The Result of Living Empowered by the Holy Spirit

We have been talking about the power of God in this series. Can everyone use God’s power? No. But we can because we are Believers and Followers of Christ. Authority given and correctly applied brings glory to God. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would testify of Him (John 15:26). Salvation came to 3,000 souls because Peter preached to them while being full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:41). Wow! Do we want souls to be saved because of what we are doing for the kingdom of God? I sure do!

Jesus isn’t walking the earth right now; we are. There are people out there that need the Jesus in us. We are vessels in which the Holy Spirit will move through to touch the lives of those around us. Rely on God’s strength, make alterations when He leads, and let God take care of the outcome. Let’s move forward in fulfilling the Great Commission while living empowered.

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  1. Nicole Kauffman says:

    Love this! There is so much we miss out on when we don’t acknowledge the power of the Spirit within us. Thanks for that reminder and the encouragement to walk in that strength!

    1. That’s true. I was praying this morning and sharing my heart with God—that I want the Holy Spirit to move through me. I truly want to help others with what I have learned.

  2. This is so reassuring, Kelly. I love the word empowered because when I dwell on the negative or what I can’t do, I don’t feel it – but I need to focus on what HE CAN do which is anything. I think I should post the verse from Phil. up about fixing my mind on what is lovely, true… Thanks for this today!

    1. Yes, Meg! I think it’s so important to “check-in” with Him at the start of the day to “get in tune” so we are ready at any moment in the day. Like filling up on His strength so we can pour out (or rather His power pours out) on others. I think that aligns our focus. I hope my reply makes sense; all I can hear is kid noises around me. 😉

  3. I do forget this truth — and it’s amazing because it’s everywhere in Scripture which demonstrates to me that I have a disconnect between my reading and my living!

    1. Father God, I pray for Michele. She touches so many lives. Give her a greater discernment of how You want to flow through her. She’s already a willing vessel. May she know of Your hand in those moments. Thank You that Your power will be present to do a work in the lives of those around her that You would be glorified! Amen.

  4. Kelly, love your thoughtful comparison to the wind blowing the trees. “In the same way, when the wind of the Spirit is “blowing on us,” we will need to adapt our position to flow with what He’s doing.” Good insight, thanks for sharing. ((xoxo))

    1. I love all the analogies in the Bible about us being trees so when I see the wind blowing through the trees, it makes perfect sense. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful encouragement for us to rest in the power of the Holy Spirit. Letting go of our expectations of ourselves is so freeing when we know the source of all power!

    1. Yes, He’s the One who completes the work. I’m grateful to be used by Him! Happy to see you here, Becky!

  6. “God is our Source of Power, and His unlimited strength is at our disposal.” So true, yet it’s like we forget and still try to act and do all without Him. Great post and series! Planning on visiting more in this series! Thanks Kelly!

    1. We do forget sometimes, don’t we? I’m so glad He’s patient as well as powerful. I hope you are blessed by the other posts! 🙂

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