Join Your Prayer because We Are All in This Together

Join in your prayer because we are all in this together with the fighting between the black, white, and blue. Prayer is part of the solution.




Those colors hold more meaning than a child simply looking into a Crayola box.

Injustice and division are heavy on our hearts. Tragedies have interrupted our lives once again. I’m not going to link to any news articles, as you can find those yourself. The point of this blog is not to deal with current events, but today we are. I don’t want to get into debate of any issues on this post. I feel part of the solution is prayer.

The Holy Spirit is calling us together to PRAY.

My dear sister, Kela Nellums is joining me on the blog today:

Kela’s Prayer:

My heart hurts and grieves over what’s going on. I pray for everyone that has been directly affected by the tragedies that have been happening in our nation. I don’t know details of what happened, but we don’t have to understand everything in order to stand in agreement in praying.

I’d like to ask you to take a few moments to join me in prayer. As believers, we have the right to go straight to the Throne room. Let God hear us!

Father, the evil of this world is getting darker and darker. We see it moving across the land. It angers everyone that cares, but Lord, may we be mindful to exercise righteous anger instead of fleshly anger. Hearts are broken. Hope seems to be losing ground, but Lord, we know to cling to You. You are our salvation and we trust You.

As many of us move into action, may we consult with the Holy Spirit; to get direction from Him. May we be Your vessel of peace; to use Your word to sooth the hurting souls that are seeking answers.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Kelly’s Prayer:

Father, we lift up our voices together and cry out for Your hand to move. Bring healing and comfort to all who are affected by the tragedies of the last few days. Heal wounds both internal and external. You are the God of all Comfort. Comfort those who have lost dear ones. Wrap them in Your loving arms. 

Injustice and division have run rampant. We ask that You come and bring Your presence and power into the midst of all evil and bring justice, healing, and reconciliation. We pray for Your will to be done, not ours. Let us respond with love. Help us to see Your hand moving. 

And, Lord, we pray for salvation for those who don’t know You. We pray for laborers to enter the harvest together and fulfill Divine appointments. Prepare hearts to hear and receive You. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now Join in Your Prayer

Now join your prayer in the comments because we are all in this together. If we really want to see change, then much prayer is necessary! 

Note: We ask that comments be only your prayers to God. This is not a place for debate on the issues at hand. Any comments spewing hate will be deleted (even if written into a prayer).

Join in your prayer because we are all in this together with the fighting between the black, white, and blue. Prayer is part of the solution. @Kela_Nellums Click To Tweet
Kela Nellums
Kela Nellums

Kela is a Daddy’s (Abba Father) girl, wife, mom, and grandma. She’s also an educator, writer, singer, Bible study leader, and mentor. A Southern girl that drinks her coffee even in the heat of Summer. Her passion is encouraging others in their faith. She writes at (Pursuing What Is Excellent)

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