How God’s Greatest Power Was in the Suffering of the Cross

Please welcome my friend Julie Loos to the blog for the Power of God series. I love that she thrives spiritually by taking off the mask and allowing God to have His way with her life. I hope you are encouraged by her words today! ~ Kelly

As they walked along the dusty, dreary and lifeless path out of Jerusalem, the faces which had held smiles and anticipation, were now covered in sorrow and frowns. Tears could be seen streaming down the faces of a few. What a week the women had witnessed, what began as the triumph and celebration of the King was now filled with hopelessness. The man, they had followed for three years, was hanging on a cross in the distance.

As they ambled forward as though restrained, they could see this cross getting more and more close.

Flashbacks and stories were told through sobs, this was not what they expected.

Why the Torture of the Cross Displayed God’s Complete Power

Jesus had proved to them time and time again of His power. The women had seen the healings, the storms being calmed and the water turned into wine. They had heard the story of creation, how the Red Sea was parted and Noah’s flood.

In the bottom of their hearts, they knew this was their powerful Creator. Why was He doing this, why couldn’t He get Himself down off the cross?

We think it would be more powerful to get Himself off the cross, but wouldn’t it take greater power to remain and suffer through the pain and sin of all humans?

He was the Omnipotent God and He was free to do what He desired. Yet He remained; the nails only like toothpicks to the strength of the King of Kings.

The Passion of the Cross Delivered Love

Every year, my husband and I watch The Passion of the Christ around Easter. The movie is good, but I’m sure the actual event was far more awful.

The days after seeing the movie, leave me feeling sick. Seeing what Jesus went through, makes me feel guilty. Do I appreciate His gift enough? Is it moving me to live forever changed?

Many people I have talked to have said, “I can’t watch that movie, it would upset me too much.”

Isn’t that the point? Don’t we want to feel sick and awful after learning about what happened to our Lord?

God didn’t have to do this for us, He could have called down legions of angels to take Him off that cross. Musician Michael Card says, “had the soldiers not nailed Jesus to the cross, His love for us would hold Him there.”

The most powerful being in the world became man and then died on the cross to save me, even without the nails.

Let that sink in.

Jesus not only endures all this but avoided the narcotic gall drink offered Him because Jesus wanted to be fully conscious and feel the total suffering for us.

Once Jesus dies, He experiences complete separation from God, which was the worst of His suffering according to the Bible.

The Meaning of the Cross

I don’t know about you, but God deserves more attention to what He did for us. The power He laid down so He could endure the shame, isolation and the pain to sacrifice Himself as the atonement for all of our sins.

Because of His great love, He embraced the cross laying down His power.

Isn’t this the greatest miracle ever? We don’t receive what we deserve because Jesus took our place.

To the girl who’s been abused, God sees you and loves you that much.

For the child who grew up in a damaging home, God embraces you.

The woman who believes she’s too broken, God will fix your wounds up because you are worth it. He proved you were on that despised cross.

The story doesn’t end here, Jesus used His power to roll the gravestone away and he came back to life three days later. Not only do we have all our infractions paid for, but through faith, we have His power now and an eternal home forever.

Those women, who thought Jesus was gone, their sadness turned into joy. Jesus was certainly the Omnipotent Lord.

This Easter, may we celebrate this enormous gift given to us. Let’s not gloss over the gift and sacrifice Jesus suffered for us. God’s power is such an amazing sacrifice for our eternal life.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 ESV

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Julie Loos | Unmasking the Mess | Guest post at KellyRBaker.comJulie Loos is the mom of 5 kids and has been happily married to Greg for 17 years. She loves to read, eat chocolate, drink iced tea and spend time writing in the midst of messes. You can find her blog at

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  1. Thank you again Kelly for the opportunity to share!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. I’ve been looking forward to having you for many months now! The pleasure is all ours. 🙂

  2. Touching post, Julie. We owe Him such a debt, and yet–the very thing we owe the debt for–He used to cancel the debt. Praise God the cross isn’t the end. — Happy Easter, Julie and Kelly! ((xoxo))

    1. I’m so thankful for Jesus’ gift of love. Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. 🙂

  3. Wonderful reflection on God’s love, Jesus’ love and sacrifice.

  4. Hi Julie and Kelly, thank you for this devotional today.
    It is beautiful reflecting on the power of salvation available to us.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    God bless you both.

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