Miracle #2: God Saves a 3-Year-Old

[This is part of the You Are Here for a Reason series.]

When God moves supernaturally we stop and wonder. Why did He perform a miracle? In my childhood, God saved my life a few times. Here’s one of those times.

In this post, I share a story from my childhood when God moved supernaturally. Here's miracle number two in the Your Are Here for a Reason mini-series. #thrive #supernatural #miracle

Miracle #2: God Saves a 3-Year-Old

When I was three, I was outside riding my tricycle in the driveway. I vividly remember this day. The driveway became boring. I wanted a longer route, so I rode on the front walk from the driveway to the front door.

Grass greeted me at the end of the front walk. I didn’t want to turn around. I looked to my right and saw the street. It looked fun.

I guess preschoolers think in terms of shapes, because I thought of a new square route. That way I didn’t have to turn around, I could just keep riding. The grass from the front door to the street was kind of annoying but still not too bad to keep my new and better route.

Being so focused on getting accross the grass, there was one danger I was blind to — the car parked on the road in front of the house. I would have to go further into the street to get around it. I pedaled away…

Now this part of the story I got from my parents years later. My mom was doing dishes and was down to the last little bit when she heard my dad’s voice urgently calling her for the second time to go check on the kids. Instead of finishing the last few minutes of work in the kitchen, she went to check on the kids.

At the same time, my Dad was going out the front door to check on the kids. They opened the front door, saw me enter the street, and she screamed. I didn’t see the oncoming car speeding toward me.

I was about to pedal past the parked car into its path when I stopped at the sound of her scream. The next second I felt an enormous wind that knocked me off my tricycle. If she hadn’t screamed at that precise moment, I wouldn’t have stopped!

The story of my near-brush with death doesn’t end there. After telling me to stay out of the street, they went back inside and were discussing their relief.

“I’m sure glad you yelled at me to check on the kids!” Mom said emphatically.

He was amazed. “I never yelled at you to check on them. I heard you calling me to check on them! The first time, I just looked out the window and prayed over them. But the second time I came running!”

God saved my life supernaturally!

In this post, I share a story from my childhood when God moved supernaturally. Here's miracle number two in the Your Are Here for a Reason mini-series.

Moral of the Story

God is not tardy. He knows the details of your life and will even move supernaturally on your behalf. If you are reading this, then God wants you here on the earth right now.

Don’t give up! Keep moving forward. (Unless you’re on a tricycle, and your mom screams at you to stop.) Whether you know why or not, you are here for a reason.

For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 NLT

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How has God moved supernaturally in your life?

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