Hope for When Seasons Don’t Change

What do you do when seasons don’t change? If we could peel back the curtain and see the long season we are in through God’s eyes, we would understand.

Have you ever been in a season that lasted so long you thought it would never change? I’m there now.

Help. Me.

God is displaying His fresh artwork through the Fall season now, and I have been stuck potty training my three-year-old son. Since January.

The entire year has been one long season that I wish I could flush down the toilet.

I was highly optimistic when we started. Just like I had done before with my first two boys, the plan was intense toilet training for the first couple of days with the rest of the week to get any accidents under control.

I’ve done this before. Third child? Piece of cake.

This boy had the sweetest demeanor, and loved to learn anything new.

He’s going to love it!

I had forgotten that he was extremely adverse to change. He was abruptly weaned from momma’s milk when I was unexpectedly pregnant. After that, he couldn’t understand his momma’s invalid state of severe morning sickness that lasted for months. Then his baby sister arrived.

After a few days of feeling trapped in the same area of the house with potty training saturation, doubts started chipping away at my optimism. It was starting to look like a not-so-quick quest. It seemed I was more tired with each day that passed.

A couple of weeks later, I started feeling like I was in Elmo’s Potty Time prison. The movie had been played so many times that I was hearing the songs in my head all day whether they were playing or not, and even in the middle of the night when the baby woke up for her feedings.

How Long Will This Season Last?

Elmo’s distinctive laugh was coming from the furry red monster on the TV. My son was playing with the potty training Elmo doll. We had taped down a red disposable tablecloth again to protect the floor. I remember looking down at it, and groaning.

I was tired of seeing red.

How long is this going to last?! 

I confess, some days I haven’t responded so lovingly. Instead, I’ve gritted my teeth or rolled my eyes when he wasn’t looking.

All these months I’m wanting him to hurry up and get it, and move out of the training into the “big kid’s underpants.”

At the same time, I’m wanting me to hurry up and grow up and not get angry or impatient.

But what if I could peel back the curtain and see this season through God’s eyes? What would He see? How is He viewing it differently than I am? If I live yielded to God, then I need His view, not mine!

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He reminds me the tarrying has a purpose.

God wants me to grow into maturity and learn His ways not mine. He is patient with me. He doesn’t grit his teeth or roll his eyes in response to my current maturity level.

Instead, He patiently teaches me and corrects me as a loving Father.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 ESV

During this season, I can grow up instead of give up. I can grow wiser instead of weary.

God Sees Your Season of Life More Clearly Than You.

When Seasons Don’t Change, God Sees Your Season More Clearly

I could stare at a plant all day, but I wouldn’t see it grow. Like that plant, I may not see my growth, but He is still causing me to come into a greater spiritual maturity.

He sees what I can’t see. I’m planted by His hands and every work of His hands is only good. He is doing much more than I can conceive.

Priscilla Shirer has this to say about delays:

“There will be relationships that develop here, character that matures here, growth that occurs here. Spiritual fuel.”

When your seasons don’t change and seem to drag on forever, remember this:

God is God, and He is wise. He moves on His time table. He moves on His schedule. Father God has more for me than just surviving; He has planned spiritual growth to keep me thriving. And after all, seasons don’t last forever.

Have you ever been in a lengthy season? What did God teach you from it?

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  1. Oh Kelly, I “get” you with this one. There were a few eye rolls here in the potty-training phase as well. One of ours was well on his way to 4 before it suddenly “clicked” one day. I wondered if he was ever going to dive into the land of living diaper free. And what a great analogy, to compare the wait with tarrying spiritually. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve finally begun to stand in the “enjoying the wait” corner. It’s taken a few spins around the block, however, to get to that point, but it’s well worth it. Hang in there, mama. The wait will be over someday soon. #raralinkup

    1. Hi, Kristi! I think I’ve said more than once that I think God ordained this season with my son for my sanctification. 😉 I love what you said about enjoying the wait. It’s possible! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, friend!

    2. And just like that they will be grown and out of the house. It happens in a blink. I still have two at home but they too will be grown soon. Enjoy those precious years while they last.

  2. sherrylynnstahl says:

    Oh girl I can relate to a season that didn’t change for 20 years. It was hard to keep believing that it ever would. Thankfully, God IS true to His Word and seasons do change. Sometimes we have to be willing to make changes in our lives before the season can change though. That’s a lesson I learned from my semi-permanent season 🙂
    ~Sherry Stahl

    1. Okay 20 years is a really long season! Yes, thank God that the seasons don’t last forever. Some lessons are harder to learn than others, but it’s worth it in the end. 🙂

    2. You nailed it for me! It took 25 years for me to recognize the changing of the season begins with me. More specifically my attitude, my response. Why should my season change if don’t? The change of season requires a better me, a more mature me …not the same ole me.

  3. Absolutely, yes, Kelly! Praying potty training is successful soon and thankful for your perspective on long seasons. I’m in one too!

    1. Great to see you here, Bethany! 🙂 Thanks for the prayer! I’ll be praying for you, too, that you would be able to quickly learn any lessons, and God would do whatever He wants to do in this season.

  4. My season has absolutely nothing to do with potty training. But I am intimately familiar with seasons. I’m steeped in Fall now as things I’ve held on to for years are dying on the vine. I need to make emotional and spiritual adjustments to prepare for a new Spring. But, with God, I know my Winter lies ahead. Dying is not fun. But I know it’s necessary so God can breathe new life into me next Spring without those things that have kept me floundering around in dead leaves. [no one may get this, but it’s making perfect sense to me as I’m writing today.] Thanks for sharing, Kelly, and giving me space and grace to vent. Catharsis is can be a blessing. God bless.

    1. Yes, it makes perfect sense! I have written about that very thing here years ago. Dying isn’t fun, but when you go into it with the purpose you have set before you it helps. I hope your winter is short-lived. Thanks for sharing your heart, Steve!

  5. As someone who lives in the islands where seasons literally DON’T change, I could relate to this in more ways than one. On the spiritual side of things I can get impatient when things seem to remain the same for too long but I’m so thankful for reminders that all things happen in God’s time – not mine!
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    1. Glad to have you join the discussion here, Marva. 🙂 Thankfulness would be a good key to not getting impatient while waiting for the (spiritual) season to end. Praying you stay nourished and thriving this week!

  6. So needed to read this tonight. I feel like lately I’m saying, “Ok God, come on. Keep up. What’s next? Let’s go.” And just this morning in my bible time with my kids He quietly reminded me to “Be still and know that I am God…” Then this post and a few other “coincidences”… Maybe it’s time for me to just settle in, be still, and learn/know who He is on a whole new level.

    1. I love how He is speaking to you so clearly—and that you’re listening.

  7. Yep! I’ve been in many long seasons. I love the analogy of staring at a plant all day and not being able to see it’s growth. I teach high school English…I stare at ‘plants’ all day and boy, the growth is infintisimal. Of course, my ‘plants’ surprise me all of a sudden with sudden understanding and comprehension ;).

    1. It can be encouraging to remember that growth is occurring whether it’s obvious or not. Thanks for joining us, Anita!

  8. Hi Kelly,
    I’m not a mom but I loved this post! I thought it was amusing although I’m sure your frustrations are all you can see in the situation at this point! I can only imagine that the seasons of motherhood speed swiftly by and at some point you’ll look back with fondness on these days — you are growing patient and strong! 🙂

    1. I try to look at the humor in a situation. My mom and I would see him do something “bad” and we would just laugh. It helps. 😉

  9. “Elmo’s Potty Time prison.” Thanks for the laugh. It gets funnier…later. My youngest is potty trained now, but I nearly lost it when my princess looked at me and sang to me “accidents happen.” I wanted to scream–that was not an accident.
    I have two friends who have been in the same spot recently, I’m sending you your way. Great post.

    1. That’s too funny! None of mine have done that. We have had some pretty good laughs with some of it, though. Praying you stay nourished and thriving this week, Cheryl!

  10. 2016 was THAT KIND OF YEAR for me.
    And having potty trained four boys, I feel your pain. It helped me to have friends with older kids during that season. They just kept reassuring me that these days would pass — and they did. But it sure didn’t seem like it at the time!

    1. Glad you can relate, Michele! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Kelly, yes, I’ve been in those seasons, too, both in the realm of raising 4 children and in the spiritual realm, when it seems God will never change a difficult situation. But, as you’ve pointed out so beautifully, those are growing times. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning! Blessings!

    1. Aw, thanks, Donna. How neat that we’re both in the four kids club. Raising kids makes for great circumstances to grow, right? 😉 Glad to see you here!

  12. Nicole Kauffman says:

    This is such a great reminder that God’s timing is so much greater than ours. Even when it seems that it is DEFINITELY time for a change in season. His working is bigger than anything we can imagine! So glad I stopped by from #MomentsofHope Link-up!

    1. Welcome, Nicole! Your comment reminds me of Eph. 3:20. More than we can imagine. 🙂 Praying you stay nourished and thriving this week!

  13. Yes, I sure remember those potty-training days. But I also remember feeling the desire to grow-up myself, at the same time! And even though it’s been 30 years ago, and many different seasons of growing, I’m finding that HE is never finished with our “growing-up” learning. The days are long in those hard times, but every one is so precious and worth it! Thanks for sharing these words that stirred up sweet memories for this Grandma! I’m Blessed to be your neighbor over at #TeaAndWordTuesday!

    1. Hi, Bettie. I’m so glad that my post brought back sweet memories. I hope I can look back on this season and remember it sweetly. Right now it doesn’t seem that way! Happy to have you stop by from Meg’s. Your comment blessed me!

  14. Potty training…yes, I remember those days. With my youngest, it ended up being a medical problem that hindered progress. Now THAT was a LONG season! She was 9 when we finally found a solution that worked for her. But through it, she learned to lean on Jesus and put her trust in Him fully – a lesson we can all learn from. Thanks for sharing on Grace and Truth.

    1. Wow wow wow! I must remember you the next time I am in the throes of misery. How precious that she grew spiritually through the process. I’m blessed to see you here, Aimee! Praying you stay nourished and thriving this weekend!

  15. I feel you here, Kelly. My eight year old has bladder problems and is a couple years behind on what most would call a normal reading level. Sometimes I start comparing other’s lives and freedom to our situation and it just brings me down. I am trying to focus on the good. Motherhood is a lifetime but praise God some of the hard are just seasons. Praying for you, friend!

    1. Oh, friend, I’m sorry to hear about your eight-year-old. That’s gotta be frustrating. I’ll be praying for you guys. (And thanks for praying for us, too!) But like you said, focusing on the good is a wonderful way to keep your chin up. I know God will bring us through whatever season we are going through, and we won’t give up!

  16. I am glad I found this today. Such a great and timely word. My season is changing from one I loved to one that is new and exciting and a bit scary but the transition between the two seasons has been long and stressful. Our Father continues to show His faithfulness, but it has been a time of learning that I can not control all the things I would like. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      I understand that, Andriana! I always pray and ask God to help me learn whatever it is quickly! lol

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