5 Powerful Prayers for Your Morning Time with God

Would you like to set the trajectory of your day? Here are five prayers for your morning. It will help you remember to invite God into the rest of your day.

When morning comes, I hear the glorious trill of birds singing softly and almost smile inside even though I’m still waking up. When the first alarm is set to one of my favorite sounds (birds singing), I don’t mind so much that it’s time to start the day. 

My mind wakes before my body feels energized:

What day is it? 

What is happening today? 

I brush the covers aside and my feet search for slippers.

Did any of the kids wake extra early and escape my notice?

I quietly make my way to the bathroom, hoping for a chance to have a few minutes to myself before one of the kids come to find me. I lock the door as if in a race against time.

Before I know it, my morning is in full swing and my mind is tangled in the cares of life. My day is starting to feel scattered. I need God!

What if I began differently?

Let’s rewind to the beginning and start again with determined aim:

I hear the glorious trill of birds singing softly…

What day is it? 

What is happening today? 

I brush the covers aside and my feet search for slippers.

Wait…Good morning, Lord! 

Your First Moments of the Morning 

When you toss those covers aside first thing in the morning and set your feet on the floor, your mind is probably going to go into automatic mode. The habits you’ve built that begin your day are going to kick in, and you will do what you always do. Then your mind will likely start wandering.  

This is your chance to guide the trajectory of your day.

This is your chance to guide the trajectory of your day. #ThrivingInChrist #Prayer Click to Tweet

When you pray these morning prayers, you take a firm step into your day with God as a child of the King. Doing this is like putting on a hat. A person gets into uniform, puts on the hat that goes with their job, and it gets their mind aligned to who they are (e.g. a firefighter, chef, pilot, etc.).

We have the armor of God and the helmet of salvation. When we pray morning prayers, we are renewing our mind to the truth of who we are in Christ.

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What brings you closer to God? Spending time with Him every day is probably the most obvious answer and prayer is an important part of that. Look at it in terms of your relationships with other humans. Don’t you get closer to someone by spending time with that person? Isn’t talking a big part of that? 

Prayer is talking to God. I love this verse in Psalm 5:3 NLT:

Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly. 

If I don’t begin my morning in prayer, I’ll start focusing on everything that’s wrong or begin believing the enemy’s lies.

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5 Prayers to Start Your Morning

Acknowledge God

Good morning, Lord! I take this moment to acknowledge You. You are my wonderful King. Thank You for Your abundant grace, the power and ability to do Your will. Your Word says Your mercies are new every morning. Thank You for Your mercy, and Your unfailing love. I am delighted to serve a God who is slow to anger and filled with kindness. You are who You say You are; I lean on Your faithfulness today. I know that You are with me and for me; You never forsake or fail me. Blessed be Your name today!

Focus Reset

Lord, I seek You first today. I look to You instead of the world as my source of wisdom and strength this morning. Help me keep my mind and heart on You. Let this moment be where my focus is reset to look square in Your loving eyes today. Be the center of my day and my life. Be the light that shines through me for others to see. Give me a heart to love others the way You do. Your Word says that love covers a multitude of sins. Help me remember that when it matters.

Hear God’s Voice

Jesus, You are my good shepherd. Help me hear Your voice and not the voice of the enemy. Drown out his lies and every evil clamor. Remove the voice of every wrong influence in my life. Cause me to be attentive to Your every Word. May I hide Your Word in My heart. Let Your life-giving truth saturate my heart as I meditate on Your words of life. Bring Your promises back to my remembrance today. I desire to live in Your truth—the truth that makes me free! Open my ears and remove every blockage so I can hear Your voice clearly. 

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Yield to His Lordship

Father God, today I yield to your lordship. You are my Lord, not just my Savior. That means I’m going to follow through with the leading of Your Spirit. I’m going to be a doer of the Word. Your will be done in my life. I choose to obey You and be pleasing to You. Help me be the hands and feet of Jesus on the earth today. Help me not be lazy or ignore Your gentle nudge, knowing that I’ll need to take my eyes off myself and step out in boldness. 

Release Burdens

Jesus, sometimes life makes me feel weary. I come to You; I take You up on your offer to exchange any heavy burden for Your rest. Right now, I cast my concerns on Your capable shoulders. Thank You for the promise of peace. I choose to trust in You, no matter what my circumstances look like. Instead of carrying worry in my heart, I’ll carry the promise that says You are taking care of me. You have my back, God! Thank You!

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Expectancy with the Prayers for Your Morning

I “expect” divine aid and look to God when I pray these prayers. Why? Because He is faithful, and I’ve seen answered prayer multiple times in my life. His Word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). We can have confidence in that!

When I remember to begin my morning with prayer, it helps me remember to invite God into the rest of my day as well.

When I remember to begin my morning with prayer, it helps me remember to invite God into the rest of my day. #ThrivingInChrist #Prayer Click to Tweet

Do you pray any morning prayers? Like what? If not, I invite you to use the five prayers for your morning above.

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  1. This is so good, Kelly! Now that my children have grown I don’t have any excuse to start my day in a rush, but I still get distracted. I love praying Proverbs 3:5 over my day as I drive to work. It helps my mindset significantly.

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Yes! Praying the Word is a great way to renew your mind. Thanks for reading, Christine!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I love the reminder that relationship is about spending time with someone. How else will know I know HIm? It’s so easy to rush about the day wihout considering Him first. I need to post this article on my bathroom mirror!
    Peace and grace,

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Lol, whatever works, right? I like to keep it simple, so I have the printout mentioned above in my nightstand. When I take stuff out to get ready for bed, I pull it out and place it on my nightstand. The visual reminder is a great trigger. 😉

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