What My Morning Time with God Looks Like

Would you like to know what my morning time with God looks like? Well, it started with a seed strategically placed by God in my heart. God has caused it to grow in every season. So I created this post with a question/answer style.

I explain how I seek God with kids underfoot, keep my heart from being distracted, and how I keep my early morning habit from falling apart. It is my privilege to share how God has been working through each specific season of my life.

What My Morning Time with God Looks Like.

What My Morning Time with God Looks Like

Hi, fellow Jesus-seeker! I am a homeschool mama of four kids. I am in ministry as a worship leader and writer/business owner. My heart is to disciple others to live yielded to God so they can thrive in Christ. All of these are outlets to do so.

If I had no other responsibilities, I would be writing or creating products all day, and finish the evening off with a chick flick.

However, an older, wiser woman once told me, “People who wake up early have an extra half a day on everyone else.” When I first heard it, it annoyed me. The more I ignored my alarm clock (or didn’t set one altogether), her words echoed in my head. I think it was God’s way of putting a fire under my rear!

Finally, I started trying to wake up early to seek Him. It wasn’t until I joined HelloMornings years ago that I actually had the support system to make it into a habit. (My husband even contributed. See the photo below? He put that basket together for me for Christmas. It brought tears to my eyes!)

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What does my morning look like?

6 a.m. is my wake-up time unless I’m dealing with insomnia. Then I’ll sleep until 7 a.m. Fortunately, my kids like to sleep in to at least 7 a.m., so it’s not usually a problem. Bedtime is 9:30/10 p.m. Usually, the last thing I want to do in the mornings is take a shower, so I often take one before bed. Then, I get dressed first thing, or I may never make it out of my pajamas!

I absolutely keep the same routine on the weekends, or my habit will fall apart!

What does your Daily Time with God look like?

I’ve been doing the sessions since the one following the inception of HelloMornings. My HelloMornings items are clothes for the day, Blue Letter Bible app, THRIVE Bible, journal, current Bible study, Twistables crayons (to use as highlighters), coffee or an electric tea kettle and tea basket (if I’m in my bedroom).

Sometimes I’ll put worship music on – Kari Jobe, Desperation Band, Meredith Andrews, Jesus Culture/Kim Walker-Smith, Elevation Worship, Passion.

Three necessities for my planning time: 1) My motto: “Having a plan is good; flexibility is the fluid that makes it flow.” 2) I try to follow the predetermined family routine (a tight schedule doesn’t work for us, but we thrive on routine). I use an iPhone alarm strategy to move forward in achieving goals. 3) I keep track of all my lists (even meal planning) with the amazing AnyList app.

What is my Daily Time routine with kids

I don’t mind doing my Daily Time routine in front of the kids because it’s a great example to them. I have trained the older ones how to have a Daily time with God, and time for that is allotted in their schedule. So their time is often happening at the same as mine.

It’s more age-specific for my younger kids. I will have my Littles watch a Christian video or read / look at a children’s Bible. At other times, I will let my Littles play with the little Bible character figurines we have and read the corresponding booklet to them.

What’s my morning time with God like in hard times?

My quiet time has had a wide variety depending on the season I’m in (pregnancy, newborns, potty training toddlers, health difficulties). At other times, life has been more low key. When life has been more normal, my God time has looked like the goal where I regularly awakened early and spent time in the Word studying and seeking God.

Other times, when life has felt upside down, my Daily Time with God has been slid in between feedings, diaper changes, and taking a toddler to the potty. I’m okay with that because life doesn’t get handed to you in a neat little package. God meets you where you’re at because you’re in a relationship with Him.

During each specific season, I have seen God at work. Growth in knowledge of God seems to be more during the normal types of seasons, but it’s during the crazy seasons that more heart change seems to take place. Both are needed; both encompass spiritual growth. I’ve learned no matter what you’re going through, when you’re coming to Him, God is the One who makes it happen!

How do I deal with a missed Daily Time with God?

If I’m running late, I will make every effort to at least get one Scripture on my mind to start the day, then I just get to the rest of the plan ASAP later in the day. Many years ago, God gave me a theme for my life. It’s explained with this acronym: DAILY TIME (Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence). This is how I practically live this out!

It’s so much easier to not forget my morning time with God when I do it when I remember—no matter what time of day it is. My times might be all over the place, but if I consistently have time with God everyday, then my heart won’t be all over the place!

What’s the hardest part of having a Daily Quiet Time?

The most difficult part is when the kids occasionally wake earlier than my alarm or keep me up a lot at night. I’m glad I like coffee now!

Other than tiredness, struggles ensue when my feelings want to get the better of me. God showed me how I need the right mindset in my Daily Time with God to overcome these struggles. I cover several in my Best ViewPoint Mini-Course.

What’s my advice to newbies for meeting with God?

What advice do I have for someone who is new at building the habit of a Daily Time with God?

  1. Grow in grace (2 Peter 3:18). God knows we’re human and He provided His grace and mercy for times when we fall short. Jesus’ blood covers our sins; Condemnation has no place in our relationship with God.
  2. Embrace accountability. Others are up against the same struggles: Fluctuations in our fervency for God happen. Various circumstances arise. Seasons of life change. After all, we are humans living on earth. Getting a friend to help keep you on track acts like a guard toward consistency.
  3. Ask God to give you the spiritual portion that He has prepared for you for that day. He knows exactly what you need for each day. The strength you gather from it will help take you to the next day. Doing this also keeps your appetite hungry for God.

I’ve shared some of what my morning time with God looks like. What about yours?

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  1. Love Hello Mornings. When I go off to university, I think I need to put together a Hello Mornings hamper too.

    1. Yes! I’ve also made one before with Bibles and study materials, etc.

  2. I absolutely love everything about this post!

    First of all, we are buddies. I do not drink coffee. My beverage of choice is a matcha latte. Also, I dislike showering in the mornings, so do it in the evenings, too. Saves me time in the morning. My days without responsibilities would look like yours, except I’d probably watch an old detective show instead of a chick flick. Wake times and bedtimes are identical. And I love, love, love using Twistables as highlighters. Our family thrives on routine, but not strict structure. See? We’re buddies.

    Secondly, THANK YOU for the link to Patty’s alarm method! I NEED THIS right now! It really is brilliant!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Buddieeeee! lol

  3. I’ve never been a morning person. This year one of the things The Lord is working with me is to wake up early, excercise and seek Him in the mornings. The first month was so hard but praise God it is a lot easier now. I actually like to wake early now! And I agree, keeping the same routine for the weekends is a must. Thanks for sharing and I forgive you for not liking coffee, nobody is perfect 😂 Have a bless day sister!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Lol! Keep it up, Carolina! 😉

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