The Holy Spirit Helps Us Walk in Balance

The Holy Spirit helps us walk in balance if we tune into Him. Getting out of balance with our Daily Time with God can lead to an imbalance in other areas.

The Holy Spirit will teach us lessons about walking in balance in any season of life. My story takes us to the days when my baby was a young infant. Her soft cries nudged me from a deep slumber. I checked the time, then started my own whining:

5:30 AM?? How could this time of day be considered morning? It’s pitch dark outside; maybe she’ll fall back to sleep.

Getting out of balance with our Daily Time with God can lead to an imbalance in other areas. The Holy Spirit helps us walk in balance if we tune into Him.Her continued fussiness poked holes in the hope that I could get more shut-eye. I was so exhausted that it took about 15 minutes to drag my weary form from the paradise of my comfortable, warm bed. I got her back to sleep about 6 o’clock and stumbled back into bed.

When my alarms were calling, and my “three-foot tall alarm” was up for the day, I was still snuggled under the covers. I mumbled a request for my husband to take the kid to the potty for me. Next thing I knew, it was two-and-a-half hours later; he had given me the rare gift of letting me sleep in late. It was an answer to prayer for my fatigued body.

The usual business of the morning tasks took on a higher speed as I tried to play catch up. I was rushing through my Daily Time with God, trying to block out the ticking of the clock and looming deadlines. After reading a few verses, I wondered if I could just move on to my “to do list.”

I decided to finish the chapter. Ironically, the last few verses of the chapter held the story of Mary and Martha. Conviction pierced my spirit when I read in Luke 10:40, “But Martha was distracted with much serving….” The “distracted with much serving” was me that day.

Honesty Shows Our Heart in the Balance

I asked God, “What do I do with times like this? When I want to serve You well fulfilling my responsibilities but life has gotten in the way of having ‘decent’ time with You?” His answer was clear in my heart to take decent time with Him, regardless.

I read further down, “Mary has chosen the good portion.” That’s what He wanted from me—to choose Him.

If I had a job to arrive at by a certain time, I would have taken at least part of that commute to get my mind on Him for the day. I would intentionally surrender my heart through prayer and worship. But being at home, I wanted to rush Him?

God revealed my heart that morning—my ulterior motives came to light. Honesty said an adjustment to the “to do” list is an easy solution. Right then, the Holy Spirit reminded me there is a balance between serving in God’s Kingdom and sitting at His feet.

God is not worried about quantity time, but quality time. Quality time means that I’m surrendering my heart to whatever He is leading me to do for today. I thought He might “understand” and say, yeah, just read a few verses and you’re good.

But that’s not what it was about that day. He wanted my heart more than my time. I decided to yield my heart and agree with His leading.

Balance Road

Figuratively speaking, the name of the road is Balance. On each side of this road is a ditch. The ditch on the left represents one extreme of an issue, and the ditch on the right is the opposite extreme of the same issue. The two extremes are where we get into trouble. Balance Road is where we need to be, but it takes God’s wisdom to walk on it.

When we start to slip into an extreme, the Holy Spirit will reveal we are in an imbalance—if we tune into Him. This thought process can keep us grounded on issues in our lives. When we walk in balance, we will keep moving forward in spiritual growth.

Walking in Balance

Getting out of balance with our Daily Time with God can lead to an imbalance in other areas:

  • Instead of telling the whole truth, we fall into the ditches of either lying or stretching the truth
  • We lose sight of walking in the balance of repentance when we fall into “hyper-grace” or the opposite extreme of legalism
  • Our heart gets out of balance when we desire all work or all play versus regular times of work coupled with rest
  • Instead of obeying God’s plans according to His timing, we slip into imbalance by either getting ahead of Him or neglecting to do them at all

The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth (John 16:13). He helps us find balance in our lives if we are willing to ask, receive His wisdom, and yield to His leading.

Is there an area you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to come into balance?


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  1. Kelly- thank you for this! I’ve been distracted lately and a little grumpy. I need some Jesus and balance.
    Visiting from #DancewithJesus

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Praying for renewal, my friend!

  2. “Getting out of balance with our Daily Time with God can lead to an imbalance in other areas:” Kelly, I am drawn to the truth in this statement and the examples you provide. Our hearts and minds are so easily prone to wander all over the place when we are not spending time with Him daily. Thank you for sharing.

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      God knows it happens. So thankful for the Holy Spirit. Have a blessed weekend, Deborah!

  3. Balance is the key, isn’t it, Kelly. Most of us have a tendency to go too far with grace or too far with truth. It’s so good to know that God will speak to our hearts when we do, if we’ll just listen. Have a great week-end. Blessings. D.

    1. May we all open our ears and heed His voice. Thanks for stopping by, Donna, and have a great weekend, too!

  4. Thank you for this post. I do my best to have my time with God in the morning, within an hour of starting my day. Most times it happens but then there are days like today when I have lots on my mind about organizing a women’s conference for Him that I rush through my checklist of what I need to talk with Him about and then I get started. I love your thoughts on balance and I that He wants us to choose Him no matter the day’s agenda. I need to remember this. Thank you!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      I’m so happy to hear that it ministered to you! He is helping you find balance with it all. Praying your conference goes well. Blessings!

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