Top Reason Your God Time Isn’t Consistent

Our God time needs to be a daily endeavor. God desires for us to spend time with Him daily. Here’s the top reason your God time isn’t consistent.

Is your God time consistent? I’m consistent with having time with God every day, but I sometimes I stop after a little “snack” of being in His Word. That’s better than nothing, right? 😉

I’m admitting this even after I have encouraged others before:

Don’t be satisfied until you’ve had a daily portion from the Lord. If all you have is 15 minutes to study the Bible, and after that time is up you feel unfulfilled, come back later and keep digging! God has a gold mine waiting for you to discover.

That’s my goal, but I don’t always do it. I get lazy. I “flesh out.” I finish the “day” for the Bible study I’m going through and the internal check mark drowns out the nudge of the Holy Spirit calling me to linger. Or maybe I just suppress Him on the days I know I need more.

Still, having a daily appointment with God is important to me. It’s very important now, but it wasn’t always that way.

When I first started learning how to open my heart to Him, I began to grasp the understanding that God desires for us to grow spiritually. Then the desire sparked in me to progress as a follower of Jesus. The problem was, I would forget most days.

Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever. Ps. 145:2

Daily Endeavor

I wasn’t in the habit of keeping that daily appointment, though, because it wasn’t priority. I’m not sure what switched for me when I started wanting to meet with God every day. Maybe it was when my mom started insisting that, “A Sunday-morning-only Christian isn’t going to make it in the kingdom of God!” I’m glad that stuck with me on days when I would struggle with the temptation to ignore God’s gentle invitation.

On the days I didn’t forget, I realized only good was coming out of it! I enjoyed learning biblical truths and experiencing His sweet presence. While learning to love Him back, I felt complete in Him. I eventually hungered for more consistency.

Spending time with God needs to be a daily endeavor. #DailyTime #ThrivingInChrist Click To Tweet

Our God time needs to be a daily endeavor. God desires for us to spend time with Him daily. Making a habit of it is key. #thrive #godtime #quiettime #devotions #spiritualgrowth #dailytime #thrivinginchrist #habit

One Winter Night

Then one winter night in early 2008 I climbed into bed entirely too excited to fall asleep. I couldn’t wait to wake up and follow my new found early morning routine of seeking God. Chilly sheets mixed with the adrenaline buzz caused me to shiver. The phrase “daily time” burned within me, but I was smiling wide in the dark.

The Holy Spirit reminded me how it already meant a great deal to me. I was determined for that phrase to be a permanent fixture in my life. I remembered how it meant surrender yet satisfaction.

Suddenly, the acronym took form. I followed His encouragement to create, and the sentences came together. The words “Daily Time” took anchor in my heart: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence.

I’m making spending time with my God into a daily endeavor. #DailyTime #ThrivingInChrist Click To Tweet

The Number One Problem with God Time

According to one survey, only 19% of churchgoers spend time reading the Bible daily apart from a church service. Why isn’t that number higher?

Habit. Perhaps followers of Jesus desiring to seek Him daily lack consistency because they haven’t yet established the habit.

Building a habit takes time. It takes a mix of grace and diligence.

In the beginning, the Creator walked with man in the garden. That is His design. He comes to us and desires to be in our life. Why would He want that? Because He loves us so much! If only we could get a revelation of how much He loves us!

Time with God doesn’t have to be a box that we check off but rather an abiding and dwelling with the One who knows us inside out.

That’s something I can get excited to build a habit about!

I encourage you to be intentional with building the habit of having a Daily Time with God. How does one build a habit? One day at a time.

There are hindering mindsets that disrupt having a consistent God time. If you’re a little bit stagnant in your walk with God, you’re in the right place. Adopt liberating mindsets in your Daily Time with God. Click below to learn about the God Time Mindsets Mini-Course.

God Time Mindsets Mini-Course Mockup

Is your God time consistent? Why or why not? 

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  1. So good, Kelly! I love your acronym. I’ve been focusing on what I call the Daily Offering – giving Him a time of daily sacrifice of praise. I have to admit a lot of days it’s more like a “daily high-five!”

    I’m going to keep at it. Like you said, “Spending time with God each day whets our heart’s appetite for more of Him.”

    1. Daily Offering. I love that! And yes, keep at it! God loves it. He even loves your high-five’s. 🙂

  2. Kelly, I love the acronym. Determining Again I Live Yielded is a meaty phrase, isn’t it? I love that you choose those words. It is a daily decision and living yielded is a moment by moment thing. I really enjoyed reading this post and was encouraged!

    1. Hi, Leslie. I guess it is meaty. At first it seemed heavy, but as I continued to live it, it became more of an encouragement because of the results. I’m so glad to hear you were encouraged! I’m praying you stay nourished and thriving this week. 🙂

  3. Great post, Kelly. I love the acrostic you created. Sharing this on my Facebook page next week!

    1. Thanks for the feedback and for sharing, Sarah. Means a lot! Be blessed this weekend.

  4. carlielake says:

    Kelly, this is so true. I have a ‘snack’ daily, but there are many times I ignore the rumble of the deep hunger inside me. Thanks for the gracious reminder to be intentional in my daily determination to live yielded to Him. There are so many blessings when I do.

    1. Great to see you here again, Carlie! 🙂 Yes, many blessings. Why wouldn’t we want a daily download of that? 😉

  5. Ah, I feel convicted in the best way possible because of this post. It’s like God, in all of His grace, is telling me, “Don’t worry that you haven’t been very consistent. We’ll build this habit together.” Thank you so much for writing it. 🙂 Sometimes I think I forget that spending time with God can’t happen only when I feel like it…that’s not how love, how a relationship, works. Then again, the more we spend time with Him, the easier it is to want to!

    1. Exactly, Jenna! I’m so glad you’re approach is a grace-filled optimistic one. He’s with you every step of the way!

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