What Jesus Might Say About Your Social Media Reach

Are you discouraged about your social media reach? Do you wonder if your hard work is effective? Here’s some encouragement about what Jesus might say from Blogger Voices Network Contributor Sarah Geringer.

Where does our primary focus need to be in terms of our social media reach? Here’s some encouragement about what Jesus might say. #BloggerVoicesNetwork #BVNetworkParty #ThrivingInChrist #social media #blogger #wisdom #spiritualgrowth #Christian #blog #blogging #platform #witnessing #greatcommission #online #influence

Sarah Geringer writes about Finding Peace in God’s Word at sarahgeringer.com and is the author of three self-published books. She is represented by Michelle Lazurek of WordWise Media Services. Her book on Christian meditation was published by Leafwood in late 2019. When she’s not reading or writing, Sarah enjoys painting, baking, gardening and playing the flute. She lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children, right in the heart of prime viewing for the Great Eclipses of 2017 and 2024.

Hey blogger friend, are you discouraged about your social media reach?

I know it takes a lot of work. On an average week, I spend about 15 hours stocking and tending my social media feeds. As a soon-to-be-published author, my publisher expects this level of commitment. I actually enjoy it, but it is work and I sometimes wonder about its effectiveness.

Recently I read a fascinating post by Tim Grahl, an author I respect and follow through email. He listed these findings for authors that have giant social media followings (as in over 1 million followers), which also apply to bloggers with smaller platforms:

  • The engagement rate for Twitter and Facebook is typically less than 1 percent of the total. If you get above 2 percent, that’s amazing. Even if you are a celebrity.
  • Instagram is where the highest engagement happens. But that’s only up to 3 percent on average. Above 6 percent is unusual.
  • Email engagement holds the most promise. He states that the lowest open rates are 15.66 percent on email. See how that’s way higher than social media?

As I ponder these stats, I wonder how they apply to us as Christian bloggers who want to expand our online ministries. Our social media reach can feel like a big challenge. But the whole point is to reach others’ hearts with the message of the Gospel.

As Christian bloggers, our online words are our ministry. We write, and God uses our words to inspire faith, challenge unbelief, encourage the downtrodden, and draw others closer to him. Through social media, we can reach far beyond our local areas.

Our Focus in Social Media Reach

Where does our primary focus need to be in terms of our social media reach?

Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 HCSB:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

Through the power of the internet, we can literally take our messages to the end of the earth. But just like Jesus did in his three years of earthly ministry, we must primarily focus on the people in our closest circles.

Are you discouraged about your social media reach? Do you wonder if your hard work is effective? Here’s some encouragement about what Jesus might say. #BloggerVoicesNetwork #BVNetworkParty #ThrivingInChrist #social media #blogger #wisdom #spiritualgrowth #Christian #blog #blogging #platform #witnessing #greatcommission #online #influence

Does the hard work of social media make you discouraged? Let’s look at what Jesus might say about our social media reach. #BloggerVoicesNetwork #BVNetworkParty #ThrivingInChrist #social media #blogger #wisdom #spiritualgrowth #Christian #blog #blogging #platform #witnessing #greatcommission #online #influence

Here’s a hint: Wherever you receive the most engagement, that’s where your closest circle of blogging influence lies. That’s where your followers eagerly wait to hear from you. If they’re engaging there, they’ll want to hear even more and be excited enough to share it with others.

Think about Jesus. He spent the majority of his time with his twelve disciples. The next circle was the several dozen others who followed him—the likes of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Jesus preached to small, medium and large crowds—remember the feeding of the 5,000? He also ministered among great throngs of people in Jerusalem during the annual Passover pilgrimage.

Yet Jesus poured his deepest heart and most profound teachings into his closest circle. The heart of that circle was Peter, James and John. Look what the disciples did to spread the Gospel message! Their words literally affect us today when we read the Scriptures the Holy Spirit inspired them to write.

Your Social Media Reach

I challenge you to consider how Jesus wants you to handle your social media reach. Spend your time spreading his encouragement on several platforms, if that’s what you feel led to do. But focus your best efforts where your closest circle lies. Ask God to show you where that circle is and what you can do to best serve those followers.

I’m making a change this season to nurture my closest circle, which is my email subscribers. It’s not my largest circle, but it is my most loyal and personal circle. I’m putting more prayer, preparation, and love into writing my weekly emails because God has shown me it’s my primary area of ministry.

We can’t always be focused on finding new followers to expand our social media reach. We must keep tending to the people who want to hear from us most in the smaller circles. Our reach will organically grow if we are faithful to our most devoted followers. Just like Jesus was.

You can apply Acts 1:8 to your blogging ministry and your social media reach. How can you serve your inner circle, your disciples? What will you do bless the people in your Jerusalem? How can you expand into Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth? In what ways can you work differently to be more effective for God’s purposes?

Does the hard work of social media make you discouraged? Let’s look at what Jesus might say about our social media reach. Click to Tweet

Please share your ideas for expanding your social media reach in the comments below. Blessings to you, friends!

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  1. I must admit that even though I have a FB page and a Twitter account, Iand I enjoy them both, am very lax about tending them. There just is not enough time in the day and we have to prioritize!

    1. Hi Laurie! I know, it’s a lot of work. I almost always take Sundays off, because we all need a break from the action. Thanks for commenting today!

  2. This is precisely the reminder I needed in this season, Sarah. The struggle is real! This fine balance of wanting to honor God and keep the first thing first is harder than I ever imagined. I absolutely love these practical reminders. As our summer months draw to a close, I’ve sensed God whispering words about using the platform of writing for providing others with tools that will draw them closer to his heart . . . fretting less over numbers and more about very directly helping people grow closer to Christ. Your words ring true to this calling and are so encouraging! This is a post I’ll be sharing and remembering again and again . . . seriously.

    1. Stacey, I enjoy your wise words: “I’ve sensed God whispering words about using the platform of writing for providing others with tools that will draw them closer to his heart . . . fretting less over numbers and more about very directly helping people grow closer to Christ.” We all need to remember this and prioritize it over meeting those numbers. I’m so glad my post resonated with you, and blessings on your reach!

  3. This is an important message many of us need to hear, Sarah. Including me. I appreciate your honesty and your facts to call us back to sanity instead of circling the social media waters, doing little but staying afloat ourselves, when we could be touching real lives in important ways instead. It encourages me to rethink my social media strategy (not that I have much of one, ha), and consider better places to spend my energy. Thanks, friend!

    1. Lisa, I know you spend a lot of energy on your posts, which are excellent and so shareable. I think we always need to hone our craft to make our words as salty and light-filled as possible. I hope that God inspires you to reach out to your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the end of the earth in new ways so your light can shine even further than it already does, friend. Blessings to you!

  4. Thanks for thinking out loud with us about this, Sarah. Sometimes, I think the comment section of my blog is the liveliest and most rewarding place of interaction for me!

    1. You have one of the best comment sections on the web, I believe, in an era when comments are declining. I know it’s because you’re so faithful in commenting, and you always spur me to do the same. That’s your way of building up the body of Christ, and I admire you so much for it, friend!

  5. This is packed post and I love it–but ouch (the good kind!)

    I have been overwhelmed by SM again. I think because I am
    expecting too much from something that was never meant to fill a void.

    When I start dreading getting on any of them, I have to back away and get re-Christ
    centered, or I find everything I say (on SM) comes off as short or annoyed.

    I don’t want to be like that!

    Thanks for this. It makes sense. Now time to implement it…

    1. Meg, I pray that you will center yourself on your Savior as your book soon launches. I know that it’s tempting to rely on social media a bit too much when you need to get the word out (and it is necessary work, to be sure), but I agree that our relationship with God is far more important. What I love about the BVN is that we build each other up and encourage one another to keep moving forward while we stay grounded in our faith. Love and blessings to you!

  6. Thank you Sarah for your insight and encouragement. I have been praying about my social media reach and realized there is one platform that really engages with me – Twitter. I don’t have too many social media accounts because it takes time. I will be focusing now more of my inner circle. Thank you!

    1. Hi Christina, I’d love to know how you get engagement on Twitter. That’s one area where I could use room for improvement, so please share another comment if you feel so led. Thank you!

  7. Thanks for sharing this Sarah. This is one of the best posts I’ve read on tending and expanding our social media reach.

    1. Kelly, that means a lot to me! I am by no means a social media expert, but I think diligence and research has helped me learn so much. We can learn a lot from each other when we share here and in the Facebook group. Blessings to you, friend!

  8. This is such a great reminder: “Our reach will organically grow if we are faithful to our most devoted followers. Just like Jesus was.” Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. Heather, I admire your social media efforts. Every time I see a tweet or pin of yours, I share it. Creating great content is key to ministering to our closest followers and reaching those outside our immediate circle. Blessings to you!

  9. Such great wisdom and encouragement, Sarah! Thank you for reminding me to keep my focus where Jesus would have it! Blessings to you both!

    1. Thank you Liz! I still remember catching your video interview one Saturday morning, which was so good. I really want to make more videos, but of course that will require more shower-and-makeup days than I currently do–ha ha!

  10. While I am on Facebook & Twitter, my focus has for a very long time been – “the one”. If the Lord can use my life to reach the one, it will be worth it.

    1. I’ve heard that tip too, Joanne. I know some people post a little pic on their desktop as if they are writing for Kathy or Debbie or Emma. I usually think of my younger self, maybe from 10 years ago, and think about what she would like to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Needed to hear this: “Our reach will organically grow if we are faithful to our most devoted followers. Just like Jesus was.” Thank you Sarah!

    1. You are most welcome, Alyson! You inspire me by mixing in fun, slice-of-life elements to your posts and emails. I am going to try something like that too. Blessings on your weekend, friend!

  12. Thank you for this very practical encouragement based on God’s Word. I needed this today, too. I don’t particularly enjoy Facebook and have actually been considering letting it go. I enjoy Instagram. But I just prepared my monthly email to go out today, and I was feeling a bit discouraged because it seems like the most work for the least amount of people. But the numbers don’t lie – you’re right – my newsletter has the most engagement. So I feel encouraged after reading your post. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Jana! I think many people are feeling frustrated with FB after last year’s sweeping changes. I still like it best, but I’m getting more traction on IG and a huge amount of followers/subscribers from Pinterest. I’m so glad my post encouraged you to minister to your followers. I signed up today on your blog!

  13. I appreciate what you’ve shared here so much, Sarah. What I’ve been realizing is that there are different seasons when it comes to social media, just like in other parts of life. For me, knowing that relieves the pressure to follow all the rules of engagement when the season I’m in might look dormant from the outside but is growing under the surface (if that makes sense).

    1. That does make sense. Lois. I always appreciate your honesty in your posts, and I know you have been writing about dormancy. I also know that when you published before, the whole publishing world looked different. I can see how you may feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times because it seemed “easy” before, though I’m sure it wasn’t easy then. I’m so glad we have the BVN group to keep encouraging one another in our different seasons of writing and marketing. Blessings to you, friend.

  14. This is reassuring to me as I tend not to go about looking at the numbers and have not cared about followers on social media. I cut my Twitter account. I tend to only look at the numbers from the countries I touch on the WordPress stats now and then. I really am drawn to your words about reaching those in my circle…those who respond and may share it with someone else. The Holy Spirit uses us, our blogs to touch those whom He will. That is good. Thank you. I have always wanted to write the words He gives me and let Him do the rest. That is what you are saying. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda. I know you are going through a tough season, and you are in my prayers. Perhaps the Lord will shape your writing ministry even in this difficult season of grieving. Yes, the Holy Spirit will use our words to touch the hearts He wants to touch. Blessings to you, friend.

  15. Hey Sarah,

    Thanks for the information in this post. After all the statistics, I like how you bring it back around to Jesus and how He spent the majority of time with His disciples. And while social media and online venues aren’t the same as personal face-to-face, it’s a great reflection to consider where our engagement lies. I’ve been told at writers conferences that Facebook and Twitter are the top places for writers to concentrate their efforts. But I do believe it’s personal to each blogger/writer where we find our biggest circle of influence. Thanks for this insight.

    1. Thanks for sharing that tip from the conferences, Karen. I’ve also heard that if you want to reach a younger audience, you need to focus on Instagram. Recently I looked at my Pinterest analytics and I was shocked that the majority of the clicks came from those in the 18-24 year old group. My group has always been in the 35-60 range, but perhaps the Lord is opening up a new segment (a Samaria, maybe?) through Pinterest. It’s so exciting to see how the Holy Spirit works! But I will always, always prefer face-to-face, and knowing you through your posts, I’m sure you feel the same, friend.

  16. Sarah, this is so helpful! Right now I don’t have an email system set up to my followers, but I’m thinking it’s time to look into it. I love your encouragement to tend to those who are closest to us. And above all to prayerfully consider how we are using social media asking God for wisdom as to how best to share His message with others. Thanks for all you do to encourage others. Thank you, also, Kelly, for all you do! Blessings to both of you! xo

    1. Gayl, I started out on wordpress.com and simply had followers for new posts there. One of the best decisions I ever made was to switch to a wordpress.org self-hosted site so I could manage my own email list. It isn’t free, and there is a learning curve, but it was so worth it to me. Just throwing my two cents in as you consider how to move forward. Blessings to you!

  17. Your title pulled me right in. Because I am not sure Jesus would have been that active on social media accounts. He was to busy serving those in person. So probably this task of social media would have fallen to one of his disciples, just as other jobs did. Or maybe I am just thinking this because social media is one job I would like to farm out to someone else. LOL I appreciate the reminder to focus on the closest circle, because that is where we will have the biggest impact.

    1. I love your thoughts, Theresa! Yes, I think Jesus may have appointed one of his disciples as his social media manager, then popped in now and again with a live video. So fun to consider! I think Dr. Luke would have been a good candidate because he was so detail-oriented. We’ll have fun conversations about this in heaven, I believe!

  18. Great thoughts, Sarah! I agree that focusing on our closest circle should be our priority. Though it might not be the most effective for our platform in the short run, I believe, it is the best use of our energies. God then blesses that smaller gift offered in faith and faithfulness–multiplying it like He did using the loaves and fishes to feed the 5000. That could translate into actual numbers increasing for us or in the unseen ways like a changed heart. I know which one I’d prefer happen! 😉 Thank you for this encouraging and well-informed message!

    1. Beth, I love that you reminded us of the loaves and fishes teaching. I am sure there were 12 leftover baskets for each of the disciples, so this lesson would stay with them for a long time. That’s probably why the story appeared in all four gospels. I’m certain the disciples must have thought about it often after Jesus ascended to heaven, and it kept inspiring them. Maybe our words will do the same among our closest followers. Thanks friend!

  19. This is a very real struggle I’m walking through. Thank you for the encouragement to focus on what matters most, the words and the inner circle people first. Trusting the Lord with the rest in his timing to use my loaves and fish.

    1. Thank you for sharing, Kris! I pray that God will give you direction as you movie forward in your writing journey. Blessings to you!

  20. These statistics really put things into perspective, Sarah. We need to determine where we can be most productive and focus on doing that instead of following every wind of social media. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Hey Sarah, After my summer blogging break, it’s good to be back in your company. I so appreciate this article. Especially your heart about using social media to reach others with the Gospel. As a homeschooling mom I have little time for social media engagement and using it to expand my platform sometimes feels like a chore. Thanks for your tips about how to do it well.

  22. Sarah, this is good! It is so easy to get discouraged, but in God’s economy, he can take our loaves and fish and multiply “to the praise of His glory!”

  23. 15.66% opens for email?!?! I guess I’m doing pretty good then:) It’s so good to know stats like that. Helps keep things in perspective. I have found that my closed FB groups do well with engagement, too. This is such a great post, Sarah. Years ago, I was up in the middle of the night rocking one of my babies. The traumatic childhood flashbacks ambushed me. I wept and begged God to erase those memories – they were just too hard to live with. Then I heard Him gently say, “But, Aimee, if I took them away you wouldn’t have a story to tell to bring glory to My name.” I resolved then and there that if I could make a difference in just one person’s life because of what Jesus has brought me through, then I can handle the memories. I know it my story has impacted many more than one person…but I keep saying, “Just one more person…”. Your post is a great reminder of this. Just one more. One more to know freedom. One more to know forgiveness. One more to know Love. Thanks for sharing on Grace & Truth, Sarah!

  24. Thank you Sarah! I really enjoyed reading your perspective on social media. It is an area that I struggle with because my heart and God keep pointing me to being honorable in how I approach it. I love the idea of focusing on your closest circle. That makes so much sense. Wise words, my friend!

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