A Quirky Way God Helped Me Get out of Debt

A Quirky Way God Helped Me Get Out of Debt.

Have you ever prayed, “God, help me get out of debt!” I have! And you know what? He answered with a really…um…interesting plan.

Do you need to get out of debt? There was a time in my life that I needed to get out of debt too.

As a Christian, I turned to God in prayer, and He showed up in my life. He gave me a clear, practical plan to follow that included what I felt was a quirky ritual when it came to shopping. I had to take an intentional mindset to get my numbers out of the red.

As a young adult, I had saved up quite a sum of money, traded in my first car, and put $10K down to buy a new one. I still owed nearly as much on it. I hated the thought of being in debt and wanted to pay it off before getting married.

But it was more than that. I felt God wanted me to be a good steward with my money; that meant being in control of it rather than letting it control me.

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My Plan to Get out of Debt

Remember how I said God gave me a practical plan to follow? I lived at home rent free with my parents and had a good job, so my plan wasn’t too difficult. The part that wasn’t easy was the discipline of keeping to the plan.

After praying and asking for wisdom on what to do, the following ideas came to mind. In this plan to get out of debt, I was to:

  • make a budget
  • send in a payment on time each month
  • send extra with my payment whenever I could
  • tithe

But even after I wrote this basic plan on paper, it still seemed like something was missing. I didn’t dwell on it and moved on with my day.

The Three Quirky Questions

Then, one day, I was browsing the shoe aisles of a store, and I was carrying a pair of shoes I had selected. I started getting uneasy about them because of the debt looming over my head.

I began praying for wisdom, and the willpower to apply whatever wisdom God gave me. In the middle of waiting to hear from God, a question I don’t normally ask myself came to mind. Then another. And finally a third question. These questions were a little bit quirky….

To finish this story and discover those quirky questions on how God helped me get out of debt, follow me to Money Wise Steward.

There you will find amazing resources to help you with your money in a God honoring way. When you’re done there, come back here and let me help you live yielded to God so you will thrive in Christ. See you soon!

God Helped Me Get Out of Debt with This Surprisingly Quirky Plan.

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