Did You Know You Are Clothed by God?

Christin Baker

Today BVN Contributor Christin Baker is sharing a beautiful biblical truth that we are clothed by God. We’ll also chat a little with her, too. And bloggers, don’t forget to link up one or two of your wonderful posts at the end!

Back in the spring of 2016, I attended a wedding with my husband. It was a beautiful ceremony. The bride was absolutely stunning, dressed in a sparkling wedding gown. During the reception I noticed another woman who attended the wedding, but her attire was a stark contrast to the dress of the bride. This woman’s dress clamored for the attention of men in a way that may have spoken of the insecurities she had about her own self-worth. My heart went out to this woman, and I sensed the Lord speaking to me,

“She doesn’t know that I have clothed her.”

For the rest of the evening I pondered those words, and I wondered, “What does it really mean to be clothed?” At home that night I looked up every variation of the word “clothe” in my Bible concordance, and was amazed by what I found. I discovered powerful jewels of Scripture describing our spiritual clothing in Christ. Scriptures of healing, redemption and freedom.

The Bible Says You Are Clothed by God

What does the Bible say about being clothed by God?In the garden when Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s perfect plan, they immediately realized they were naked, unclothed, and uncovered. Shame and sin entered the world, robbing us of our perfect union with our Creator–but the story doesn’t end there. All throughout the love story of Scripture, God expresses how He has clothed us through his grace and mercy.

Instead of wallowing in our shameful nakedness, Christ came and covered our sins. Now we are the shining Bride of Christ, sparkling in brilliant robes of righteousness (Is 61:10).

One of my absolute favorite verses is Isaiah 52:1-2 (NIV), which inspired the name of my blog:

Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength!

Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city.

The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again. Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, Daughter Zion, now a captive.

All throughout the love story of Scripture, God expresses how He has clothed us through his grace and mercy. Click to Tweet

Clothed, Covered, and Complete

I love this passage because it reminds us that we, like the people of Israel, are no longer slaves to sin and shame. We don’t have to trudge through life with tattered clothing of despair, but we are now clothed with garments of strength, beauty and splendor. This is the very glory and brilliance of our God! My journey to understanding what it really means to be clothed with Christ has brought such healing and freedom in my life.

Since that night at the wedding, I have felt a clear directive from the Lord to tell other women the message that we are clothed, covered, and complete in Him.

And one day, we will all sit at the great wedding feast described in Revelation 19, where we, clothed in garments of righteousness and splendor, will rejoice together and praise our magnificent Savior and Bridegroom.

…Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Revelation 19:9 ESV

What a glorious day that will be!

Every morning, when you put your clothes on for the day, remember that you are clothed by God with the splendor of Christ. Allow this powerful truth to occupy your heart and mind each day!

How does it make you feel to know you are clothed by God?

Every morning, when you put your clothes on for the day, remember that you are clothed with the splendor of Christ. Click to Tweet

Let’s Chat with Christin

Thank you for that, Christin! We are clothed by God! How amazing He is! Now we’d love to get to know the woman behind the blog a little better.

Christin Baker with her husband

Please start by telling us a little about yourself.

I am from west Michigan, and I am a wife and homeschool mom of four. (Three girls, and one boy). I am a former elementary teacher, and also wrote Sunday school curriculum for a small Christian publishing agency. I still occasionally write educational kids’ articles for their online magazine. After the birth of my second child, I decided to stay home full time, and have truly enjoyed my journey as a homeschool mom. Over the years I have also been involved in our church leading women’s Bible studies and planning events as a member of our women’s ministry team.

What are some of your favorites?

One of my favorite things to do is go to a coffee shop or to the library by myself to read (I call it “Mommy time”).

I enjoy listening to worship music and getting lost in a song. I used to sing on our worship team with my husband, so we are always listening to Christian music of all genres. I am also a HUGE fan of Christmas music. I could listen to Christmas music all year long!

My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the vast beauty of the ocean. I also have an affinity for palm trees. (I’ve secretly always wanted to be an island girl!)

Christin Baker with her kids

What’s a unique fact about you?

I studied Spanish in college and lived in Central America my junior year. Since then I have taught enrichment Spanish classes to elementary students, middle schoolers, and adults.

What do you feel God leading you to do next?

Right now, I have been sensing the Lord leading me to scale back a bit from the blog to continue to serve my family well as a wife and homeschool mom. I am so thankful for BVN, because it allows me to still stay connected to other amazing Christian bloggers, and to encourage one another as sisters in Christ!

You are full of talents, Christin! What a delight to learn more about you! Readers, you can connect with her via the information below:

Christin Baker is a wife, homeschool mom, blogger, and passionate lover of Jesus. As a former elementary school teacher and curriculum developer, she worked for years in children’s ministry, and writes children’s articles for a Christian magazine called The Banner. Her desire is to help women discover their true beauty, purpose, and identity through the spiritual clothing of Christ. She writes at garmentsofsplendor.com.

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  1. I have never even thought of this, and it makes so much sense! What a beautiful revelation about how God takes care of us in so many ways.
    ““She doesn’t know that I have clothed her.””

    Holding on to this truth for people in my life, but also for myself!
    Thank you!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I still continue to be in awe by this beautiful truth, and I definitely need this reminder for myself on a daily basis! Blessings to you! 🙂

  2. Beautifully written post, Christin. I love your family photos and I enjoyed learning a bit more about you too!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I am so honored to be part of the BVN to build community and fellowship with all of you! 🙂

  3. Loved this! A couple years ago my one word was INVEST and it was so neat to see that as a meaning for the word used in Genesis when God creating clothing from the animal skins and how that tied in as the very first animal sacrifice! So powerful! And so fun to read more about you! Blessings to you both!!

    1. Wow Liz, that is powerful! What a great word to study, and what a wonderful investment the Lord poured into us by making the first animal sacrifice to clothe humanity! Thanks for sharing!

      1. This is the third time just this week I have read something that referenced God clothing Adam and Eve! I think God wants me to really hear that 🙂 I love how you describe us being clothed with garments of strength, beauty, and splendor instead of garments of shame. Beautiful words!

        1. Thanks Kristen! Isn’t that amazing how the Lord speaks to us in so many different ways? I know I need to hear the powerful message of His unending love for us on a daily basis!

  4. Clothed with grace and mercy. There are no more beautiful garments than those. Thanks for this lovely imagery, Christin!

  5. We are definitely clothed, covered, and complete in Him which is something that is both beautiful and challenging because we need to remind ourselves about this truth daily. Glad to see you here Christin, I have missed your writings.

    1. It’s so great to hear from you, Tona! You are always so encouraging! Thanks for stopping in, and blessings to you! 🙂

  6. Yes! I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I will ponder on these verses. Blessings to you and yours!

    1. Thanks Mari-Anna! There are so many great verses with this theme, and they bless me so much!

  7. I know we are clothed in robes of righteousness but I never put it together like this before. I love this list of clothing He has given us.
    Pinned and shared!

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! I am always amazed at the new revelation the Lord gives us through Scriptures we have read a thousand times before! Blessings to you! 🙂

  8. What a powerful insight! It makes me feel strong in Him and ready to take on anything–I’m clothed and covered! We are so blessed to be children of such a loving Father. Thank you for your wisdom and teaching.

    1. Amen! Thanks so much for your encouragement Amanda, and may we continue to cling to these precious truths every day!

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