Take Charge of Your Spiritual Journey

Take charge of your spiritual journey. Set the habit of meeting with God daily and stay on the path God has set for you.

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Travel Title: Route vs. Roaming (GPS)

Traveling term definitions from dictionary.com: route (verb) means to set the path of. Route (noun) means a course, way, or road for passage or travel. Roaming means to travel without a fixed purpose or direction; wander.

Imagine staying on the path God has for you.

Imagine not missing all the places along the way He has planned for you.

And imagine completing all the undertakings He has designed for you.

I want to stay on the route with God instead of roaming aimlessly. Do you want that in your spiritual journey, too?

Roaming in the Unfamiliar

I was on my way back from a ladies retreat one year when I took the wrong exit. It was a complex place to take the wrong exit because I was in the middle of a few different interstate exchanges. It was an unfamiliar place.

If you’ve ever gotten lost, you know the feeling of panic that can come along with it. How I longed for country lanes instead of heavy D.C. Metropolitan traffic in that moment. I called my husband for help. I described where I was, and he stayed on the phone with me for several minutes until I got back on the right road.

It was upsetting and frustrating. It was a waste of time. But it was only a trip. When I think about it in light of eternity, it didn’t matter that I took the wrong exit.

But God doesn’t want you roaming around wasting your spiritual life. He has a path planned for you.

Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path. Proverbs 4:26 NLT

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Your Spiritual Journey

Like with any natural journey, you need traveling clothes. Going skiing? You’ll need a ski suit. How about rock climbing? You’ll need proper gear. When you go somewhere, you’ll have luggage, a road map, directions to follow, and you can use landmarks for confirmation along the way.

You can apply this analogy to your walk with God. He has somewhere for you to go! He planned places for you to visit and explore and He planned experiences for you and lessons to learn. With your spiritual journey you have the following:

  • Luggage. Those bags are like the sin that Jesus takes away when you become saved, so you can ditch the luggage.
  • Traveling clothes. The armor of God is your traveling clothes, which includes both defensive and offensive pieces. See days 2-10 in 40 Days of Daily Bread for exciting truth about that.
  • Map. Your Bible is your metaphoric map; memorizing some of it is vital for thriving (Psalm 119:11).
  • Directions. God says to obey. Sometimes it’s a struggle.
  • Landmarks. You will know that you are going the right way when you see spiritual growth in your life. Your mentor will be able to confirm it in you as well.

Route Versus Roaming

The problem is, sometimes you and I roam off the route God has for us. We are attracted by what seems more appealing at the time. Movies. Shopping. To-do lists. Taking care of our family. Even working.

We are on a journey with God. He has a particular route mapped out for us. Let’s zone in on what He wants for us. God doesn’t want us to be roaming around as we go through life.

Come to Him every day and find out where He wants you to go next. It might be a physical place or a spiritual place. I often wonder if I had asked him what he wanted me to learn, I may not have had to go through the fire to learn it.

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Stay on Route

So how do you take charge of your spiritual journey? How do you stay on the route?

Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning System) for following directions somewhere? If you have, and you accidentally went the wrong way, the GPS voice says something like, “Reroute! Return to route!”

It’s like that in your walk with God. The Holy Spirit is your GPS. Whenever you accidentally get off track, He will let you know it so you can adjust your course.

To take charge of your spiritual journey, you must come to your Guide daily.

Building a habit of spending time with God every day takes some dedication. Once it’s in place, you will thrive on routine. Why? Because it becomes natural. It becomes like second nature. Each day you meet with your Creator, you solidify that habit to a greater degree.

Let’s think about your habit of brushing your teeth. Wait… You do have a habit of brushing them, right? 😉 When you were a little tyke, your parent brushed your teeth for you. Then when you were a little older, you were trained how to do it yourself.

Then when you were released to do it yourself, your parent probably asked you every day, “Did you brush your teeth?” All those times, your parent was helping you set the daily habit of teeth brushing. Now, it’s second nature. You do it automatically.

So today, take charge of your spiritual journey. Set the habit of meeting with God daily.

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  1. That is such a good reminder. Staying in His word and in Prayer keeps us focused on His Will!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Yes it does! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great tips for keeping our spiritual journeys on track, Kelly! My morning time with God is the best part of my day! Have a blessed week!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Glad to hear it, June! I hope your weekend is going well. 🙂

  3. I used to live in the DC metro area, so I totally understand getting off on the wrong road!
    You’ve shared some useful analogies here. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is to meet with the Lord daily! I know I have a tendency to roam when I miss this time.

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      So glad to see you here, Shannon! How cool that you used to live here. If you’re ever in the area let me know! 🙂

  4. Love this!! That map is an invaluable resource that we sometimes don’t use for ALL of our travels.

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Thanks so much, Christa! We definitely need it!

  5. dawnklinge says:

    As someone who spends a lot of time being lost as I’m driving (hopeless with directions) I really loved the analogy you used about keeping to the route God has planned for us on our spiritual journey. Thank you for this encouragement and thank you for linking with Grace and Truth last week. I would love to feature this post on Friday.

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Thank you so much, Dawn! I appreciate that! 🙂

  6. I hate getting lost. But, your words are so true. It was only a trip. What a bigger price we pay for being lost eternally.

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