Nothing Knocks the Church Down Faster than Division

Division in the Church?? If you’re in a Christian, church division has likely affected you in some way. Today I’m excited to be sharing at Quietly Reminded. Kelli Lafram is a dear friend who stays nourished by following a daily reading plan and leads a Quietly Through group who has joined her. Today, I’m sharing my first-hand experience with church division.

Imagine two preschoolers stacking up some blocks and making a tall tower. Then one of them decides he doesn’t want to build together, and with one swift hit he smacks it and down it goes.

Similarly, there’s nothing that knocks the church down faster than division.

The force behind that is the one known as the accuser of the brethren (Revelations 12:10), laughing at his dirty work. But the devil cannot be blamed for everything. Christians get it wrong sometimes. Not you, of course. It’s those other Christians.

Like me.

Let me tell you a story…

My Story of Division in the Church

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I used to be the director over one of our younger kids’ classes at church several years ago. There was some spiritual block-building going on. The previous director had stepped down, and there was no one to take her place. Coming from a family who planted a church, I saw a need and filled it. God started dropping a new vision in my spirit for that ministry.

God gave me a burden for those kids, which propelled me to volunteer to be their lead teacher every week for a year. Previously, the lead teachers were on a rotation basis. During that year, I broke the class into two sections by age, renamed it, redecorated it, and gave it a new format. That class? It was my blood, sweat, and tears.

Early on, God showed me the woman He had planned to be the director after I finished making all those changes. The time came to train her. At the beginning, it went well. After all, she had experience and was gifted. But then the month came when we were in transition over to her becoming the new director and I was her oversight.

It wasn’t long before the block tower started to fall.

To read the rest of this story about division in the church, follow me over to Kelli’s where we are answering the question, Why Bother with Church?

The comedy giveaway is still going on! Plus I reveal how I’m part dinosaur. 😉


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