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How to Release Control for Trust

Let me be honest: I like to be in control. I like to be in charge of my day, my projects, my kid’s schedule. Those are in my jurisdiction, right?

Since I don’t like to waste minutes, I’m multitasking every chance I get for the utmost productivity. My toothbrush is in one hand, the baby monitor in the other to check on the littles. I switch from toothbrush to hairbrush with my right hand, and from baby monitor to iPhone with my left. A few strokes through my blond-streaked locks while checking the weather. I’m tackling tasks simultaneously all day long. My Type A personality begs for order, swiftness, and that sweet satisfaction of eliminating an item on the to-do list.

I have my goals in mind, birthed from some God-plans. He gave a big idea to me, and I’m whittling away at putting it into place one tiny step at a time. In control. My jurisdiction now, right?

The problem is, I wasn’t prepared for God’s response to me in prayer. I simply asked Him if He had a new One Word for me. He deposited the word trust in my spirit. My thoughts rolled to those God-plans and my goals to see it through.

Yeah, God, I can see how I’m really going to need to trust You to see all this come to fruition.

But then, I didn’t hear Him cheer me on the way I expected. Instead, He pushed back my timeline for His plans.

No, God. Not that! Haven’t I learned the wait game before? 

I reluctantly wondered if my One Word should be wait instead of trust. But He interrupted my thoughts, and I saw Him take my neatly laid plans for the big idea He gave me and turn them on their side. As they slid out of place in my mind I could see Him taking back the control of “my jurisdiction.”

I thought God had figuratively directed me into the kitchen to follow a new recipe, culminating everything I’ve learned thus far. For two years I’ve been teaching my second oldest son how to cook and bake. Even at age 10, I can release him in the kitchen on some dishes and not worry because he’s proven he can produce them with excellent results.

How to Release Control for Trust | Croissants | God directing over your shoulderHowever, even when you’ve learned to cook or bake, there are certain concoctions that need your tutor directing over your shoulder if it’s going to turn out well. It’s the details that are going to make a difference, and the specific timing on certain steps that will make or break that dish. I learned this while attempting to bake sweet potato croissants. I misinterpreted a line, flubbed through my confusion, and ended up with good, yet small, croissants. The next time I made them, my knows-what-she’s-doing sister-in-law happened to be in the kitchen with me that day and clarified some steps. That second result? Large, fluffy, mouth-watering croissants.

God wants to direct over my shoulder while I carry out His plans. No, it’s not just waiting. It’s releasing my control of it all: the tiny steps, the timing, the waiting, the preparation during anticipation. And while I’m doing that, I have to trust.

Faith is complete trust in someone or something. Although it’s not always easy to apply, I can have faith, or complete trust in, God. Faith is trusting God’s character, not my ability, therefore, faith guarantees fact from chance.

Faith is trusting God’s character, not my ability, therefore, faith guarantees fact from chance. [Tweet this]

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30 thoughts on “How to Release Control for Trust

  1. Trust is such a full word, and I love the way God is developing its meaning for you. I like to be in control too, and God has certainly taught me to leave room in the margins for Him to move, change, and redirect me. I’m in a season of seeking Him right now, so I entirely relate to trusting Him wholly as complicated as that can feel. So glad to be your neighbor at #thoughtprovokingthursday today. Blessings, Kelly!

    • Glad to see you here Tiffany! I like how you put that, “leave room in the margins for Him to move, change, and redirect me.” That’s what is needed. I am feeling rather stretched. 😉

  2. God has me in a very similar place of working less and abiding more. Trusting really. I learned so much last year, much of it the hard way. Lol It is paying off now though because I am able to abide more now. Being a type A person has its challenges as you described. I am so blessed to see how He teaches each of us how to better handle our strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for this great post and blessings to you this Friday!

    • Gretchen, thanks so much for your comment. God had been talking to me about abiding shortly before this. I’m beginning to see more and more how they are related. My track record has been learning the hard way, so I hope I’ll do better this time. Blessings to you!

  3. We are sooooo much alike, except for the singing ability part 🙂
    Much love from your Learning to Lean Sista,
    ~Sherry Stahl

  4. “Faith is trusting God’s character, not my ability, therefore, faith guarantees fact from chance.” Yes! My word this year is “wait” and waiting is so hard, isn’t it? Trust can also be hard, but our hope is in God who strengthens, loves and gives us grace. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #MomentsofHope.

    • Hi Gayl, glad you’re my neighbor, too. 🙂 Yes, waiting is hard. So not fun sometimes. Honestly the only thing that helps me with that is the preparation part. I pray this is a good year for you, and look forward to seeing how your word unfolds in your life!

  5. Kelly, thanks for sharing this past week at #ImpartingGrace its where I found your post. Trust is a powerful word… it seems so innocent, and yet as you dig more into it, you find its not as innocent as you originally thought, but its still powerful.. Trust is huge with God, I have come to experience, and I like you wrestle for control and not always trust so easy. I really enjoyed reading the process that God brought you through to choose your one word. thank you for sharing.

    • Hi, Debbie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I read your comment I was seeing a connection with how trust is powerful. It’s God’s power that flows through us when we trust and He is ultimately glorified in that. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Kelly I had an “aha” moment with the Lord a couple of months ago when I realized that tight link between “wait” and “trust.” Love how you explain it here. Thanks for illustrating the point so well, I’m reminded and encouraged by the Lord to trust Him!

  7. So good…spoke straight to me seriously. So hard to let go but it’s at God’s timing thing. Let go to let God as they say! Jesus was a.carpenter taught by Joseph. I’m sure he wants to see the best laid out work in us.

  8. Your story of trust has so many layers. You have the waiting component, the step by step plan that only God knows for sure and letting go of your need to control. Whew! That’s a lot for your one word but I know it will be worth it. Thank you for sharing a bit of you and your one word.

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  10. Hi Kelly, oh that illusion of control – how I wish I was as in control as think I am!.
    But as you note,God’s got it covered – yes, let Go and let God.
    Blessings from

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