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Meet Kelly Basham

Kelly BashamI’m Kelly Basham, a recently turned 40-year-old mother and wife. For the last fourteen years, I’ve lived just outside of Nashville, Tennessee with my husband Brandon and our two adult children, Josh and Hailey. I grew up on the sandy shores of Virginia Beach, but I’m a mountain girl at heart–there’s just something that draws me to them!

List approximately three favorites.

  • Fall is my favorite season. In fact, I enjoy it so much I would be thrilled to have it year round.
  • My favorite movie is probably Steel Magnolias (1989 version with Sally Fields & Julia Roberts). If I happen to catch it on T.V., I have to watch it!
  • I love arts and crafts projects.

List one unique fact about you.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with antiques and vintage items. Now that I’m grown I love to hunt for these old treasures. My newest pursuit is vintage purses from the 30’s and 40’s. And these delicately beaded trinkets aren’t for only for sitting on my shelf to look pretty; I use them when my husband and I go out to dinner.  

Kelly Basham’s Blog

Tell us about your blog/ministry?

My blog is called Blossom in Faith–Seeking God’s Word For All of Life’s Obstacles. I am passionate about God’s word, and I want others to get excited about it too. My hopes and prayers for my ministry are that it encourages others to not only seek God’s word when life gets crazy but to continually grow in their relationship with Jesus through Bible study and prayer.

Brandon and Kelly BashamWhat do you feel God leading you to do next?

Not everyone knows this, but my husband is not a Christ follower. Because I’m in an unequally yoked marriage, writing to encourage others in similar situations is something I’ve felt called to do for a while. In the past, the timing had never been right, but recently, God has been stirring up this flame again. After praying (a lot) I sense God telling me it’s time to begin taking steps so I can put this into action. I don’t know what this part of my writing ministry will look like, but I’m trusting God to guide me through the process.

Kelly Basham’s Spiritual Growth

Who is your mentor? What’s one truth you’ve learned from her?

I’ve had various mentors come and go, but my mother has been the most impactful influence in my life. I remember seeing her read her bible every night before she’d go to bed. I believe it was my seeing this habit of hers that lead me to in turn read the scriptures every night and develop a deep love for the scriptures.

My mother’s a woman of great faith. She loves the Lord and steadfastly stands firm on every one of His promises. It was her faith that taught me to remember that God never changes–He is who says He is and He’ll do what He says He’ll do.

The Basham Family

Wisdom from Kelly Basham

How do you think we best need to respond to criticism?

Not all criticism is wrong. Some of it is good. One of my college professors once said, “Before you listen to the words of a critique ask yourself this: Is their advice trying to make what I’m doing better or change it into what they think it should be.”  

When I’m criticised, I try to step back and evaluate what’s been said so that I can separate the good from the bad. If I find that their words encourage me to do better, then I try to learn all that I can from them. If their words aren’t beneficial to my growth as a child of God, writer, artist or any other area, I try not to let them deter me and keep doing what I know God’s called me to do.

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The #BVNetworkParty is open to all Christian faith bloggers as well as the members of the Blogger Voices Network. If you’re not yet a member, we’d love for you to join for additional opportunities!


The #BVNetworkParty is open to all Christian faith bloggers as well as the members of the Blogger Voices Network. If you’re not yet a member, we’d love for you to join for additional opportunities!

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  1. Hi , Kelly Basham ! It is great to read your wonderful testimony.

  2. Kelly, it was great to meet you at She Speaks 2017. You and I are both in unequally yoked marriages–I didn’t realize that until today. Anytime I’ve written about it, the response is good, so I encourage you to fan that flame God has put in your heart. Blessings to you!

    1. Hi, Sarah! It was good to meet you too–I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that we met! Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. I love what you said about criticism. Before we get defensive, step back and think, what is truly being said. I even think what was the intention? Why was it said? Is there any truth? What can I learn or should I trash it and keep moving?

  4. Kelly, it’s so great to get more insight into your life and your writing! Blessings to you as you pursue God’s calling upon your life.

  5. Kelly, I applaud you for writing for women in your same situation. How difficult that must be. They need all the encouragement they can get and you can do that. Your testimony of seeing your mother read the Bible every night is also encouraging to me. As mothers, we have to trust God uses that example with our own children. Thank you.

  6. Kelly, thank you for sharing some of your story. I am a mountain gal myself. Love that your mom showed you the gospel in this way. xoxo

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