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Consistent Daily Time with God Journey

I took the bait. Just the seemingly innocent thought that my Daily Time with God didn’t need to be set apart as important. But it was a dangerous suggestion by the one who’s out to destroy my walk with God.

Then after swallowing the bait, other important responsibilities took precedence. They’re time sensitive, I reasoned. I’ll spend intentional, quality time with God later, I thought. But later arrived several days in the future. 

When the dust settled from the whirlwind of life, I noticed it: I’d shifted.

In only the short days that this pattern persisted, I lost focus. Old habit patterns, sinful thoughts, and complacent ways had resurfaced. 

“This is not me,” I said aloud.

My Identity

Instead, this is me:

Determining Again I Live Yielded; Today I’m Maintaining Evidence

That’s my Daily Time acrostic, ya know. Walking with God and choosing to thrive in Christ is a daily decision.

When we make decisions, we select one choice over another. At that point, I flipped open my Bible. 

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” Matthew 3:2 NKJV


The word repent in the Greek means “to change one’s mind for the better, heartily to amend with abhorrence of one’s past sins” (Thayer’s Greek Lexicon). 

When I read that I remembered James 4:17: 

“Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (NKJV)

Obedience to God is still valid in the 21st century. Right? It’s part of honoring God for Who He is!

As I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, all I needed to do was change my mind. I decided that I no longer wanted to take Satan’s bait. His deception of leading me into a tiny change of mind of “hyper grace” thinking isn’t for me.

(You know, it’s mindsets like that that keep us stuck in our walk with God. That’s why I created the God Time Mindsets Mini-Course.)

Besides, how could I not desire to spend time with the One who created me to abide with Him forever?

He’s always reaching for us.

What’s your decision?

Would you like to take the first step into having a consistent Daily Time with God? I’ll tackle hindering mindsets, help you make a plan, and provide you with beneficial tools. The next step is up to you.

Getting Strong Roots Journey

One summer when I was 10, my family stayed with my grandma. Every day felt like a fun adventure exploring the neighborhood—as long as my older brother was nearby. He made me feel safe. 

One overcast day didn’t dampen our mood even though our new friends weren’t home. We decided to ride bikes. 

We peddled up the smooth street, the slight incline being no sweat for our limber legs. I was a tomboy on an adventure. 

If any of the neighbors see me, they’re going to think I’m cool. One day they’re going to make a movie about me. 

Dogs barking interrupted my thoughts of stardom. I looked at my brother worried as several large dogs approached us. We knew some neighbors owned big dogs of questionable friendliness.

We stopped right there in the middle of the quiet neighborhood street now crowded with the ruckus of rowdy dogs, barking and growling. Before we could do anything, they had encircled us. 

Needing Rescue

They were several feet away when they took their intimidating stance. A hundred thoughts fired through my mind as those sharp canine teeth glared.

Where are the owners? Isn’t anyone home? God, help us! Don’t let them bite me! Stay back, dogs! How do we get away? How did the dogs get loose? Maybe they dug a hole to escape the fence? Those teeth are really sharp and close and biting at me! Wait—

“Don’t leave me!” I shrieked after my brother as I watched him peddle away! Two or three of the dogs started to chase after him but turned back toward me instead. 

Almost as one mind, each dog took a step closer. Time seemed to stand still. 

“Are any of you friendly?” I asked, looking fervently for a wagging tail among them. 

Suddenly, my dad drove up with my brother inside the car. HONK! 

The dogs didn’t leave. 

They mouthed and shrugged exasperated; they didn’t know what to do. Minutes passed. Nobody seemed to be going anywhere—until my dad drove away! Abandoned again! 

How could they leave me here?

Strong Resolve

Canine eyes followed the car out of sight then locked back on me. One of the dogs, then all of them, inched closer, closing in on their prey. 

Then a dog lunged its teeth toward my foot. I screamed and pulled it away. My foot bumped the pedal and without a plan I started pedaling!

I would be held captive no longer! I hightailed it toward my grandma’s house, the dogs pursuing close behind. I dropped the bike in the yard and ran straight inside the front door, slamming it upon lunging mouths. I was safe!

That experience taught me an important lesson. Sometimes all you need is a strong resolve. To choose to rise up with fierce determination, and say, “I’m not waiting any longer; I’m running to safety!” Because there will be dogs nipping at your heels—Satan’s imps—that venture after you every day with a menacing plan set out for your destruction.

You need to get on your bike and ride. That bike is your walk with God because it will guide you to safety. Rise up and ride to the safe place of being in God’s presence, gathering strength where the evil one can’t touch you.

Are you ready?

Ready for the journey of being a strong Christian? Ready to become equipped with strong roots, staying on course, and traveling with God into your future?

Victorious Prayer and Warfare Journey

I know exactly how it goes with prayer sometimes.

You get consumed with a miserable situation, and you don’t know how to pray nor feel like looking up a verse that could help.

I’ve heard it. I’ve said it. I’ve been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt.

In fact, confession: I’ve simply begged God to help me and left it at that. It’s human nature. 

And maybe you’ve tried to combat the attacks coming against you, and it didn’t go so well. Maybe you’ve wasted time just trying to push problems out of your head (that flat out doesn’t work!).

But friend, learning to wield your sword is easier than you think.

Here’s What You Need To Know

We all pray with doubt, don’t understand our authority, or get lazy in prayer from time to time.

You don’t have to feel helpless in prayer anymore. But you need to be aware. Spiritual warfare is going on in the Believer’s life, even when we don’t sign up for it.

You are under attack just because you belong to God. Satan will try every way he can to torment you, hinder you, and discourage you.

Do you know how to use weapons of your warfare and harness the power of praying with the Word?

I didn’t always know how to do this. But after many years of living defeated, I decided things had to change. 

God showed me how to pray like the daughter of God I am.

And I Was Able to Help Someone Else

My son came to me one day wearing the weight of his unknown future on his shoulders. 

His dilemma was that he didn’t know what job or field to go into or what classes to take to get him prepared for it. He was in panic mode. 

I told him he needed to pray! 

But then he looked at me like I’d asked him to make a 5-layer wedding cake with triple flavors. 

Just because he knew he needed to pray didn’t mean he knew what to pray. 

There were a few things to cover. He needed to apply verses to his situation. I also told him to:

  • Release the stress/fear of the unknown
  • Ask God for direction
  • Trust God with His future
  • Be patient with God’s timing
  • And not worry in the meantime

Before I sent him off to pray, I provided several applicable verses and gave him a copy of the Activating Trust Journal.

When he came back, his demeanor had changed. He had prayed God’s promises related to his situation, and it made all the difference. 

What about you?

Perhaps you’d like to know more about prayer like how to pray, how to engage in spiritual warfare, identifying and removing hindrances to prayer, or your God-given authority. For this journey, we’ll cover all this and more, starting with a prayer challenge.

Please note the only Journey track that’s available right now is the Strong Roots Journey.

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