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About the eBook

Maintaining-a-Strong-Inner-ManIn this mini eBook I share with you how not just to survive, but thrive in your walk with God. My goal is to inspire you to stay spiritually strong and healthy. I give you practical steps on how you can do just that, and well as how to tap into the reward of your daily portion from the Father.

I explain what adjustments you to make in order to have amazing memories with God. I also share my vision and mission, and how it can help you. It is designed to encourage you to have a steady resolve in seeking God every day.

What Readers Are Saying

Kelly is breath of fresh air in an online world full of disorienting and confusing smog. She bravely and boldly blogs about the important things—the Gospel and ultimately God’s glory. Her words are easy to read and point her readers to the best Word of all—God’s word. — Kelli Lafram

Kelly has insight and love of the Scriptures that grew from her upbringing as a child of Godly parents and grandparents. She is not afraid nor too proud to be honest in her life experiences and uses no masks… she is who she is … a true woman of God. I am often amazed at her deep knowledge of God’s Word for her young age, but she strives to serve God in the ways He wants her to serve Him …and us. She is an encourager but does not hold back on correction or reproof from the Lord. Her blogs are certainly WELL worth the few minutes to read them… as they will give you hours of meditation on God’s Word and thoughts of how to serve Him to our utmost. — A reader.

I highly recommend this blog. It helps Christians of all walks of life know, read, study, and be like Jesus Christ. — A reader

Kelly writes with tender insight and an obvious heart for God’s truth. You always walk away completely encouraged. — Christine, Ontario, Canada

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106 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. 🙋Hi Kelly!!
    Wow! Love the Vision & the Results of it this far. Can’t wait to see how God continues to work in & through you, Precious Sister!
    Love this New Blog & the eBook is BeautyFull!!
    Blessings & Prayers for You, your sweet Family & You Ministries!
    {BigHUGs💞} Love Ya, Susie! 🙂 💚

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