How a Daily Time with God Changes Your Life

My pursuit of God thrives on having a Daily Time with Him. Here are five ways keeping a Daily Time with God changes your life!


Having a daily time with God changed my life, but it didn’t start that way. You can sometimes drag wrong mindsets into your meetings with God, even if you grew up with a church as your home away from home.

My parents became pastors when I was eleven and family devotions were a regular part of life. I would drag my petite-sized feet to those family devotions, dripping with dread every single time.

My view of God was backward. I didn’t understand that God loved me no matter what. Firmly convinced in my mind was good behavior—or else. So when I grew up, I brought that same mindset into my daily time with God—or lack thereof.

My life reflected the saying, “Rules without relationship breeds rebellion.” That rebellion brought me to a rejection of God as a young adult; I told God I wasn’t a Christian anymore.

Thankfully, it was a short-lived backsliding. There isn’t time to go into the details today, but God delights in delivering prodigals.

He removed the rebellion blocking the view of His goodness by giving me a fresh revelation: He still loved me if I rejected Him. I understood selfless love for the first time.

That day I experienced the most gentle healing of my entire life. There was a sweetness in God’s presence. Accustomed to only feeling conviction instead, I marveled that this presence could be God.

Since then I have desired to know this God of selfless love. My pursuit of Him thrives on having a Daily Time with Him. What is “Daily Time”? That’s when I’m fulfilling my mantra: Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence.

5 Ways Having a Daily Time with God Changed My Life

Keeping this Daily Time with God has changed my life! I’m sharing five ways over at Counting My Blessings.

To read the rest of this post, join me there! And check out Deb’s site while you’re at it. Her posts of biblical truths are filled with Scripture. I know you’ll love it as much as I do! See you there!

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Daily Time Challenge: End the inconsistency. Build the habit.

Does building the habit of spending time with God each day seem unmanageable? If so, there’s help! I created the Daily Time Challenge just for you. Click the image for details.

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  1. Hi Kelly, I have been meeting with a friend who is also “telling God she’s not a Christian any more.” This was something I have never dealt with, so I’ve been praying that the Lord would give me the right words to help her. This post is an answer to prayer! Thank you for your transparency. Also, your acronym is so creative!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      I will pray for her, too, Alyson, and also for God to show you how to best minister to her.

  2. Love this! I hadn’t heard, “Rules without relationship breeds rebellion before.” But that pretty much sums up my teens and early twenties! Great post and I love how you’re encouraging us to get with God daily and with a right attitude! Blessings!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      I cringe when I think of the phrase, but moreso now because I think of my kids. I want them to view God in light of the relationship He desires to have with us.

  3. Having daily time with God is definitely life changing! This is so encouraging. Christianity is about relationship not religion, so spending time with God helps to grow and strengthen that relationship.

  4. I’ve struggled with prayer for most of my Christian life and have just in the last few years begun to embrace the idea that prayer is really not about me and my wants/needs at all. It’s about moving my focus off myself and on to Him! When we make that shift, then we can learn to trust Him no matter what comes our way. Thanks!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen!

    1. kellyrbaker says:

      Thanks for reading, Sarah!

  5. Having that special time set aside is such a balancing act between “rule” and “relationship.” Thanks for taking the time to sort it out, and for sharing your own story of a changed life and a new heart.

  6. Being purposeful in my daily time with God is key to starting my day well and also drawing on what was learned or developed throughout my day. Great tips and reminders of the importance of this critical piece in our relationship with our Savior, Kelly!

  7. Kelly, left you a comment over at Deb’s place, but wanted to leave a quick comment here for you, too. That was so good! xoxo

  8. Hi Kelly,

    Isn’t it amazing that God loves us even when we reject Him? Whenever I have turned a hard heart towards God, his kindness always leads me right back to Him and to the understanding that He really loves me no matter what. Life, changing! I think Deb is so full of wisdom and her blog always leads to solid truth. Have a great weekend!

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