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Maybe you’re walking with God, but looking for some ways to be more intentional with growing more spiritually mature. Or maybe you’re struggling in your relationship with God and need some extra encouragement. No matter what place you’re currently in, this page has a growing list of resources that I have created just for you.

Tools for Thriving

Hearing God's Voice

As we walk with God we desire to know Him, to hear His voice so we can obey it. It takes time to know His voice, but it helps to understand the answers to questions like:

  • How do I hear from God?
  • What do I do to learn His voice?
  • How do I know His will?
  • How do I distinguish between the Lord’s voice and other voices?
  • Should I test what I hear with a sign?

I wrote a series of posts answering these questions and more. Click the image above to have access to all the links in the series via the landing page. If you want an eBook of it all in one convenient place, it will be available for purchase soon.

Sojourning the Spiritual Sahara | Spiritual wilderness | wilderness experience | how to get out of the wilderness | dry season with God

At any time during your walk with God you may have wondered where He went, because it seemed like He disappeared in your life. Your times with Him may have become dry. You may have been thinking, “Just the other day I was led beside the still waters having my soul restored, but now I’m suddenly somewhere very uncomfortable. What happened?”

The wilderness experience is for a specific purpose for each one of us. What I cover:

  • the indicators revealing you are in a wilderness experience
  • three different purposes for why you are there
  • how to get out of that dry season

Visiting the landing page for the series (click the image above) will provide all the links to the series. If you want an eBook of it all in one convenient place, it will be available for purchase soon.


Experiencing Remarkable Worship | Worshipping God | Devotional | How to worship God | Seeking God

Worship. What does that word mean to you? What could it mean? In this devotional series, I hope to inspire you to come boldly to Him because God wants to cause you to be refreshed in a season of worship that you’ve yet experienced. In this series, we dive in to see what the Bible says about worship. We talk about the who, what, when, where, why, and how. We analyze our season of worship. We identify hindrances. We see how we can thrive in our worship to God.

Click the image above to have access to all the links in the series via the landing page.

40 Days of Daily Bread | Devotional | 40 Days with God | How to grow spiritually

If you do anything for about 30 to 40 days, you will form a new habit. The number 40 is significant with God because it refers to a time of testing. Would you like to become consistent with having a Daily Time with God? Do you want to become a stronger ? Need encouragement? Yes? Then you will find plenty of good spiritual food in the 40 Days of Daily Bread designed for breakthrough in your walk with God!

Are you ready to breakthrough into a greater spiritual maturity?

Click the image above to have access to all the links in the series via the landing page.

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Bible Studies

A People Pursued | lessons from the book of Hosea | HelloMornings | Bible Study

A few other writers and I put together a 6-week study through the book of Hosea. We tend to wander from God’s loving arms, but He illustrates His faithfulness to us through Hosea’s marriage to the harlot, Gomer, and His relationship with the wayward Israelites. God pursues the ones He loves—and He loves you! You can grab your copy through the HelloMornings shop, here.

New Beginnings | Bible Study | HelloMornings | Lessons on new mercies and God's goodness

HelloMornings newest Bible study is out, and I’m lucky to be one of the authors! 

God delights in spiritual new beginnings. When we become a believer we become born again. He’s in the business of making all things new.

New Beginnings is a six-week study looking at the fresh starts of ten characters in the Bible. The traits of God’s heart are highlighted through these stories, and we are reminded of His goodness in our lives.

Whether you have a few minutes or an hour each day, New Beginnings will help you partake of some good, solid “spiritual food.” Included in the book:

  • learn to study scripture
  • insightful commentary
  • includes new HelloMornings worksheet
  • action steps
  • formatted to fit your schedule 5-30+ minutes

***For the first time ever, we are thrilled to offer a paperback version on Amazon—a new beginning for HelloMornings’ studies! Get the gorgeous 82 page workbook with all the commentary here.***

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