A Testimony of God's Power of Provision by David Miller | David Miller shares a testimony of God's miraculous provision. He and his wife were brought from cataclysmic conflict and severe stretching to God's timely provision, and were also blessed by a special lesson the Lord had for them. | KellyRBaker.com | Power of God series

A Testimony of God’s Power of Provision

Have you ever been in dire circumstances? David Miller is sharing a testimony today of God’s faithfulness when he was in need. Read “My Everything” and be encouraged!

In 2010, I undertook perhaps the most ambitious project of my lifetime, coordinating the marketing efforts for an Indiana-based corporate wellness company. Early efforts in 4 major US cities (Portland, Honolulu, Atlanta, Nashville) during the beta-phase of the project were achieving critical traction and laid the foundation for a national campaign that would be spearheaded from Charlotte in 2011.

Charlotte was the hub of the project because most of the key players on this project from the insurance world were based in the “Queen City”. One key player, however, who I had known for several years in Portland, proved to be the disastrous “Achilles heel” in this project. It would only be after arriving in Charlotte in Spring of 2011 that I would discover that my business partner from Portland had forfeited credibility for the project through fraud and misrepresentation – most of the key players would back out of the project before May.

My wife and I sought God for direction – we had just basically downsized our entire financial footprint only months earlier in obedience to His call to “let go” and trust Him into a new season of service. We had also sunk our “all” into this one opportunity – it was one of those “do or die” moments.

Cataclysmic Conflict

Then the storms arrived – literally – and one of them nearly destroyed our sole automobile with softball-sized hail. Once we had finished our event obligations in Charlotte, we learned that up-front guaranteed contract pay would go away immediately so we took a self-imposed time-out trip to the South Carolina coast to pray about whether to stay in the South and attempt to rescue the project and stand by our business friends in Indiana, or exit stage-left and zip back out West for a reset.

While in Myrtle Beach, our condo was ransacked and all our business equipment, electronics, and personal valuables were stolen while we were out to dinner. Like never before, we knew we were in the apex of a cataclysmic spiritual conflict and we discerned that the Enemy wanted us to fearfully run and hide…far from what “might be” in the coming weeks and months in Charlotte.

We knew this was about things far more important than business and we certainly had zoomed well past business as usual.

So we knew in our hearts what God was asking us to do and with less than $100 in our pocket, we chose to stand our ground and stay in Charlotte.

Severe Stretching

The marketing project looked like it would fly once again by Thanksgiving 2011, but an abrupt “about-face” by a national carrier in December was the final nail in the coffin. Suddenly, my wife Cheri picked up a new domestic client as a professional Nanny and by January it was becoming clear that God was asking me to simply just work for Him – not in some kind of formal Christian Executive slot or in a local church, but rather through my writing, my coaching and mentoring . . all “volunteer” type activity.

God was asking us to trust Him way beyond our comfort zone and to do so far from home…but wait, there was no more “home”…that had been sold along with 90% of our earthly possessions. In a strange way, while we were certainly being stretched, we were also free like never before because it was just us…and Jesus.

Sounds like a cliche I’m sure…but when you get there and find yourself on a “road to nowhere” journey…you amazingly discover He is our “enough”.

Miraculous Provision

As we navigated through 2012 in Charlotte, provision would come in the most unexpected ways: our monthly rent was anonymously paid one month, the kitchen was spontaneously stocked by friends in a local church who really had no idea how bare our “cupboard” really was…one day, a local Christian businessman called to inform us that God had told Him to give us a check…and it turned out to be a massive check.

Provision would come in the most unexpected ways…twitter

It was during this exact time that LifeLetter Cafe as we know it today was birthed – what began as a simple website collaboration with some Christian business folks in Charlotte so I could “land” nearly ten years of my own writing content in one spot…turned into the launch of a blog platform that today supports and promotes more than 320 amazing Christian thought leaders, including dozens and dozens of pastors.

The fog had begun to clear: God was asking Cheri and me to come alongside and encourage those who speak boldly for His name and do so from our “empty”…so empty in fact that Christmas would for the second year in a row in Charlotte not be Christmas. No family, no festivities, no parties, no gifts, no anything…except a $10 dinner at McDonald’s on Christmas day – and even that was a splurge.

Momentous Reminder

We chose to close our 2012 by making a somewhat unusual commitment – we made ourselves available for a massive Church outreach that included 17 performances over ten days and gobs of hours. It was all we could give, but we gave from a deep well of gratitude even though we ached for a new season of life and stability.

The outreach was amazing – we saw hundreds receive Christ and we got to worship in a way that maybe counts just a little more than that thing we normally call “worship” on Sundays. We locked arms with dozens of volunteers and celebrated God’s victories on Christmas Eve after the final performance…and then headed out to the parking lot.

In our minds, we were grateful for what we just experienced but we also dreaded returning to the cold and empty apartment that would be our Christmas home.

And then we noticed a clear bag taped to our windshield. This seemed really strange on this wet and wintry Christmas Eve. We jumped inside our SUV and opened the bag only to discover a card containing $2,012.00 as a remembrance of God’s faithfulness in 2012 with no signature or clue as to who might be the giver.

We melted and sobbed tears of joy.

Sometimes God takes you to the place of nothing so you can be reminded that He is our only thing and our everything. In the very moment when we felt like we were holding nothing, we discovered what it is like to be held in His hands.

I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers! Isaiah 65:24 NLT


David “JB” Miller is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at LifeLetter Ministries. He and his wife Cheri make their home in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona and have six children and six grandchildren they absolutely adore.
David is a graduate of both Simpson University and Talbot School of Theology (Biola) where he was awarded degrees in Theology (M. Div.) and Communications (B.A.). He served in pastoral ministry in the Christian & Missionary Alliance for 22 years (ordained in 1987). He has been active in numerous non-profit ministries and community outreach programs. He also has been a small business consultant since 2004, specializing in boutique lodging, human capital risk management and business development services.

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How to Release Control for Trust | How to trust God | Printable | Worksheet | Giving plans to God | God's timing

How to Release Control for Trust

Let me be honest: I like to be in control. I like to be in charge of my day, my projects, my kid’s schedule. Those are in my jurisdiction, right?

Since I don’t like to waste minutes, I’m multitasking every chance I get for the utmost productivity. My toothbrush is in one hand, the baby monitor in the other to check on the littles. I switch from toothbrush to hairbrush with my right hand, and from baby monitor to iPhone with my left. A few strokes through my blond-streaked locks while checking the weather. I’m tackling tasks simultaneously all day long. My Type A personality begs for order, swiftness, and that sweet satisfaction of eliminating an item on the to-do list.

I have my goals in mind, birthed from some God-plans. He gave a big idea to me, and I’m whittling away at putting it into place one tiny step at a time. In control. My jurisdiction now, right?

The problem is, I wasn’t prepared for God’s response to me in prayer. I simply asked Him if He had a new One Word for me. He deposited the word trust in my spirit. My thoughts rolled to those God-plans and my goals to see it through.

Yeah, God, I can see how I’m really going to need to trust You to see all this come to fruition.

But then, I didn’t hear Him cheer me on the way I expected. Instead, He pushed back my timeline for His plans.

No, God. Not that! Haven’t I learned the wait game before? 

I reluctantly wondered if my One Word should be wait instead of trust. But He interrupted my thoughts, and I saw Him take my neatly laid plans for the big idea He gave me and turn them on their side. As they slid out of place in my mind I could see Him taking back the control of “my jurisdiction.”

I thought God had figuratively directed me into the kitchen to follow a new recipe, culminating everything I’ve learned thus far. For two years I’ve been teaching my second oldest son how to cook and bake. Even at age 10, I can release him in the kitchen on some dishes and not worry because he’s proven he can produce them with excellent results.

How to Release Control for Trust | Croissants | God directing over your shoulderHowever, even when you’ve learned to cook or bake, there are certain concoctions that need your tutor directing over your shoulder if it’s going to turn out well. It’s the details that are going to make a difference, and the specific timing on certain steps that will make or break that dish. I learned this while attempting to bake sweet potato croissants. I misinterpreted a line, flubbed through my confusion, and ended up with good, yet small, croissants. The next time I made them, my knows-what-she’s-doing sister-in-law happened to be in the kitchen with me that day and clarified some steps. That second result? Large, fluffy, mouth-watering croissants.

God wants to direct over my shoulder while I carry out His plans. No, it’s not just waiting. It’s releasing my control of it all: the tiny steps, the timing, the waiting, the preparation during anticipation. And while I’m doing that, I have to trust.

Faith is complete trust in someone or something. Although it’s not always easy to apply, I can have faith, or complete trust in, God. Faith is trusting God’s character, not my ability, therefore, faith guarantees fact from chance.

Faith is trusting God’s character, not my ability, therefore, faith guarantees fact from chance. [Tweet this]

Insider Resource

I created a printable worksheet of practical ways to remember truths about trusting and apply it to anywhere I need to trust God. I’m sharing how to identify doubts, eradicate them, and put your trust in God. It can be found in Insider Resources.

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KellyRBaker | When Seasons Don't Change | If we could peel back the curtain and see the long season we are in through God's eyes, we would understand the tarrying has a purpose.

When Seasons Don’t Change

Have you ever been in a season that lasted so long you thought it would never change? I’m there now. Help. Me.

God is displaying His fresh artwork through the Fall season now, and I have been stuck potty training my three-year-old son. Since January.

The entire year has been one long season that I wish I could flush down the toilet.

I was highly optimistic when we started. Just like I had done before with my first two boys, the plan was intense toilet training for the first couple of days with the rest of the week to get any accidents under control.

I’ve done this before. Third child? Piece of cake.

This boy had the sweetest demeanor, and loved to learn anything new.

He’s going to love it!

I had forgotten that he was extremely adverse to change. He was abruptly weaned from momma’s milk when I was unexpectedly pregnant. After that, he couldn’t understand his momma’s invalid state of severe morning sickness that lasted for months. Then his baby sister arrived.

After a few days of feeling trapped in the same area of the house with potty training saturation, doubts started chipping away at my optimism. It was starting to look like a not-so-quick quest. It seemed I was more tired with each day that passed.

A couple of weeks later, I started feeling like I was in Elmo’s Potty Time prison. The movie had been played so many times that I was hearing the songs in my head all day whether they were playing or not, and even in the middle of the night when the baby woke up for her feedings. Elmo’s distinctive laugh was coming from the furry red monster on the TV. My son was playing with the potty training Elmo doll. We had taped down a red disposable tablecloth again to protect the floor. I remember looking down at it, and groaning.

I was tired of seeing red. 

How long is this going to last?! 

I confess: some days I haven’t responded so lovingly. Instead, I’ve gritted my teeth and rolled my eyes when he wasn’t looking.

Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary of doing good for in due season we will reap if we do not give up

All these months I’m wanting him to hurry up and get it, and move out of the training into the “big kid’s underpants.” At the same time, I’m wanting me to hurry up and grow up, and not get angry or impatient.

What if I could peel back the curtain, and see this season through God’s eyes? [Tweet this]


He reminds me the tarrying has a purpose.

God wants me to grow into maturity, and learn His ways not mine. Yet He is patient with me. He doesn’t grit his teeth or roll his eyes in response to my current maturity level. Instead, He patiently teaches me, and corrects me as a loving Father.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 ESV

I can grow up, not give up. I can grow wiser, not weary. [Tweet this]


I could stare at a plant all day, but I wouldn’t see it grow. I’m planted by His hands and every work of His hands is only good. He is doing much more than I can conceive. Priscilla Shirer has this to say about delays:

“There will be relationships that develop here, character that matures here, growth that occurs here. Spiritual fuel.”

God is God, and He is wise. He moves on His time table. He moves on His schedule. He has more for me than just surviving; He has planned spiritual growth to keep me thriving. And after all, seasons don’t last forever.

Have you ever been in a lengthy season? What did God teach you from it?

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