A Simple Plan to Establish Daily Devotions Right Now | KellyRBaker.com | 4 Decisions to Solidify a God Time Habit | Without a God Time plan in place, good intentions can fall apart.

A Simple Plan to Establish Daily Devotions Right Now

My alarm softly sings a wake up song before the sun’s rays have yet to poke their arms up over the dark sky. A couple more minutes of waking up, and I remember it’s time to meet God. I gather my laptop, Bible study, and journal in the inky darkness, being quiet so I don’t wake my husband. Tiptoeing down the stairs, I let out a breath at the bottom. I didn’t realize I was holding in air. I don’t want to make a sound and wake up Little Miss. The moments of meeting with God are precious, and I don’t want an interruption.

I brew my tea and spread my blanket over my lap, thankful I chose to wear a fashion scarf on this chilly morning. Sipping my hot tea sweetened with just the right amount of raw honey, I sit wrapped in warmth, ready to meet the Lord. What daily bread does He have for me today? I can’t keep the corners of my mouth from tipping up. I’m not alone; He’s with me.

Has it always been so easy to wake up before the break of day? Am I always so eager? Well, no. Building the habit of this spiritual discipline has taken a long time. There are days when crucifying my fleshly desires is easier than others, but I want to highlight the joy that comes from my relationship with God.

No, I haven’t always felt the need or desire to crack my Bible open for study on a regular basis, but after I understood selfless love for the first time, a new hunger drove me to seeking Him. Since then I have had my hunger filled, and I want to stay clinging to the vine.

Abide in me, and I in you. John 15:4a ESV

Abide in Me, and I in you. John 15:4a ESV | A Simple Plan to Establish Daily Devotions Right Now | KellyRBaker.com | 4 Decisions to Solidify a God Time Habit | Without a God Time plan in place, good intentions can fall apart.We thrive when we stay close to the vine. Do you want to thrive? If so, you need a plan. Without a plan, good intentions can fall apart. The good news is, setting up the following will create triggers to cause your brain to respond that it’s time to spend time with God, and they’ll help your habit stick.

Without a God Time plan in place, good intentions can fall apart.twitter

4 Decisions to Solidify a God Time Habit

1 – Materials

The grocery store has food, but we need to grab the groceries we need and take them home. If not, then we will still be lacking. In the same way, decide what materials you need for your Daily Time with God. A few suggestions: Bible. Journal and pen. Maybe a cup of tea or coffee. Probably a Bible study. And sometimes fun CrayolaⓇ Twistables to highlight or create Bible art. It’s a thing. Also, you will definitely need a printed copy of the My Plan worksheet described below. Yes, definitely.

2 – Time

How many times have you missed an appointment to the doctor’s office or job interview? Probably not many. Why? Because an important meeting has a set time. Do that with God. He’s always going to be there. Will you show up? Making an early appointment might work best before other things in your day come up. I’ve missed some of those appointments, but I like to “reschedule” for later in the day. If you have to do that, God gives grace.

3 – Location

Matthew 14:23 says, “And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.” Like Jesus, an isolated place will help keep you from distractions. To help establish this daily meeting, it might be helpful to choose the same spot. Where is your meeting with God going to take place? Your desk? Your car? Your garage? Yes, even the garage could be a special space. At least you probably won’t fall asleep there.

4 – Frequency

I encourage you to meet with God every day to solidify your habit. Remember the acronym I talked about recently? Determining Again I Live Yielded. Today I’m Maintaining Evidence. The more consistent you are with keeping a Daily Time with God, the more you will regularly crave His matchless presence. What day is your appointment? I hope your answer is, “Daily.”

Some days the plan may need to be adjusted to fit your schedule. One caveat is that I have found it easy to slip into excuses when the need to adjust arises, and didn’t make my God Time priority. Yet God isn’t standing over us with a whip if we mess up. We are still righteous in His sight. Give yourself grace, and keep moving forward!

Insider Resource

I have created a Daily Time plan worksheet that includes an assessment with goals. You will find it in Insider Resources. Sign up to receive access.

What is your favorite time and place to meet with God (outside of a church service)? What materials do you like to use? What Bible study are you going through? Share and encourage others! 

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