how to respond like Jesus when in the wilderness

How to Respond Like Jesus When in the Wilderness

I’ve been to the wilderness enough times that I seem to own a summer home there. Except it’s more of a Sahara shack. It’s definitely not a prestigious home. Why? Because no amount of living in the wilderness is comfortable; I don’t plan on staying any longer than is absolutely necessary.

In the natural, the wilderness is a bleak place deficient of the resources to provide the basic needs of life, rendering one into a state of desolation. The dreariness creeps in emotionally…and spiritually.

My goal is to determine why I’m there, let God have His way, and then make a rapid exit.

Maybe God has allowed this time so I can learn His ways? Perhaps this dry season is preceding a new phase of my calling? Or did I take the Exit to Murmuring and go off the route to the Promised Land like the Israelites?

Join me over at my friend Julie’s at Unmasking the Mess to read the rest of the post and learn truth about the wilderness every believer needs to know.

File Apr 29, 10 20 20 PMIf you’re looking for more answers to wilderness questions like, “But why am I here??” check out my Sojourning the Spiritual Sahara series.

In the meantime, I’ll see you over at Julie’s!

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