Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls


Have you ever had a conversation with someone, and said too much without thinking? I have. It can get pretty awkward, huh?

Actually, I had a reputation for being one who couldn’t keep a secret so my family wouldn’t tell me family news until they just had to! When I learned I was the last one to find out it used to make the steam come out of my ears until I finally learned (and applied) some practical wisdom.

Join me over at Kelly Basham’s for a quick devotional to find out answers to questions like:

  • How do you respond when someone is firing intrusive questions at you, but you don’t want to answer them?
  • What is one practical action I can take to be regarded as one who is wise?

Click here to read Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls, and check out Kelly’s blog while you’re there!

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16 thoughts on “Prudent Lips to Protect Precious Pearls

  1. I’ve opened my mouth too much in the past. That horrible feeling that came over me at that time was horrible! I’m usually not one to do a lot of talking and telling of things, but I did this one time. I learned several lessons that day one being to guard my tongue. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom with Thankful Thursdays.

  2. This makes me smile as I remember one of my sisters who we would never tell a secret to. We knew it would be spilled too quickly. 🙂 But she, too, has changed and now holds a confidence beautifully.

  3. Kelly, thank you for such a powerful reminder to all of us of how important it is to guard our words and the challenge to see these as precious jewels! Congratulations….you are this week’s Featured Fresh Find on #FreshMarketFriday! Crystal~

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