Surprised by Meditation

Some nights while trying to fall asleep, I struggle to quiet my mind after a busy day. You may be able to relate. Your body is ready for sleep, but your mind isn’t. Frustrating, isn’t it?

It’s times like these that I think about Isaiah 26:3. This process has turned into a sort of sleeping pill. And it works! I concentrate on thinking only about this scripture over and over, and next thing I know the Sandman has come to visit.

The other night I was having one of those nights of tossing and turning. As I was about to pop my “spiritual sleeping pill,” I had the idea to think about each word and savor it slowly like a piece of chocolate. I was so surprised at how amazing each word spoke a 3-second sermon to my weary soul.

File Jul 12, 11 46 52 AMYou. This word is referring to God. It’s always good to get God on the brain.

Keep. What a comforting word! When I think about keep, I think about when we are purging old, unused items in our house and we ask the question, “Do we toss or keep?” The items we keep are, of course, the ones that are valuable to us.  In relating this word to our savoring process, I think God is “keeping” us. He is keeping us close, and safe.

Him. This word refers to us. We know that this promise is specifically for us.

In. This word is a preposition. It is often used in a prepositional phrase such as in the basket, or in the sky. It shows placement. The dictionary actually says it indicates inclusion in a space. So let’s see which area this word is taking us.

Perfect. If any gift is coming from God, we know it is going to be perfect. (James 1:17) I looked this word up in the Greek Lexicon for this verse, and found that it is tied in with the word “peace” directly following it. That means they come as a unit.

Peace. It stems from the root Shalom, from H7999, and means “safety, soundness (in body).” That is perfect, when you’re trying to go to sleep! Peace, indeed!

Whose. A possessive pronoun referring to something we own. What do we possess? See the next word.

Mind. Our minds are going to be involved here. No one else gets to decide what is on our minds, but us.

Is. This is a state of being verb, indicating what is in existence or happening now.

Stayed. Now we get to the action that we do! “Stayed” here means our mind is fixed. Concentrating.

On. This word is a preposition that helps us realize what something is attached to or to is supported by. (i.e. on the table.) What our mind is fixed and concentrating on is attached to something else. In this case, Someone else.

You. God, again! We started with “it’s always good to get God on the brain.” Now we are going to keep God on our brain.

Because. This word lets us know that there is a reason coming. What is going to catapult our promise into place?

He. “He” is referring to us again. It’s a heads up that we have another part to play in the process.

Trusts. Not only do we choose to concentrate on thinking about God, but choose to trust Him. The weights that have been keeping us awake, or causing that feeling of unrest, come back to mind. Oh, yeah, this is why we started meditating on this verse! It’s at this moment that the choice comes in to trust God.

In. Remember this word shows placement, and it indicates inclusion in a space. So let’s see which area this word is taking us.

You. God is who we trust in. Not our circumstances, problems, stresses, other people, money, jobs, possessions, or anything else. Just. God.

The next time you are tossing and turning because problems are plaguing your mind, try this! During the day, when you realize you have been worried, think through the words in this verse. Slowly. Let them savor. Let God minister life and peace to your heart through His word.

What other scriptures can we apply the process of meditating word for word?

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15 thoughts on “Surprised by Meditation

  1. Yes, to savor God’s word is beautiful. Now that I would remember as I toss and turn. I am sure if I desire this, the Holy Spirit will remind me.
    I love the picture of the rabbit and the chocolate. When I read that, I suddenly had a desire for some of it…but my heart wants God close. Thanks for encouraging me this day.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  2. Kelly, This is amazing. I’m going to try it. A good thing about your pill is that it contains no harmful chemicals. It is sugar free, calorie free, gluten free and contains no artificial sweeteners (except the fruit of the Spirit) I might try to meditate on Psalm 139:23 sometime too. Seriously, I look forward to trying this out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh yes, how I can relate. I’ve always loved that verse and I love the way you dig into it here and break it down for us. Good stuff here. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I REALLY like this way of breaking down/meditating on Scripture! I did a word study on “help” this morning. In that particular use, it meant “pregnant with”. Mind.Blown.!!
    When we really sit and dig, we find such treasure!!!
    Psalm 119:162 [I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.]

  5. This is my go-to verse when I can’t sleep, to. I say it so often it has become routine. Tonight I am going to intentionally savor it, too. Thank you for such a good idea!

  6. Kelly, I love this! I also wrote about interrupting God’s lullaby with critical self-talk this week. There’s nothing more frustrating than laying down exhausted and ready for sleep, and then watching reruns of your mistakes, worries, and tomorrow’s “to-do” list playing constantly in your mind.
    Having a verse to meditate on can bring our minds back to where true rest can be found – God’s faithfulness. I’m going to add this verse to my Bedtime Battle routine.
    Great idea to meditate on one word at a time!

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