His Heart is a Haven

In this life my heart performs somersaults with it’s emotions and needs. Then it needs rescuing. I have choices. I could run to friends or family. I could even go to the internet with masterful Google or strangers with their options and opinions galore.

But I run to my faithful God.
More Than the SandWhere else can I find love with unfathomable depths, incredulous from every angle? A love in which the sum of His thoughts for me are greater than the sum of my breaths.

Where else can I find a pure heart, untainted by opinion? A heart not marred by evil. He is not swayed by prejudges of men nor social status.

There is no safer place of refuge that I can run to find relief. He spilled His blood, and I spill my guts.

When I come to Him, I experience a washing from my evil thoughts and deeds. I find healing when my heart has been tattered and torn. And He moves me to an even greater rejoicing when my soul is happy.

When I continually come, my heart moves from fickle to fixed.

His heart is my haven. May it be yours, too.

Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Selah Psalm 62:8 ESV

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7 thoughts on “His Heart is a Haven

  1. “When I continually come, my heart moves from fickle to fixed.” I love how you describe this. There is definitely no safer refuge than God. May he always be the one we run to.

  2. What a beautiful place for me to go. What a beautiful thought–“He spilled His blood, and I spill my guts.” And what a privilege to know I can. Thanks, Kelly, and God bless you.

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