Join Me at HelloMornings Today

File May 10, 9 25 43 PMAn older, wiser woman once told me, “People who wake up early have an extra half a day on everyone else.” When I first heard it, it annoyed me. The more I ignored my alarm clock (or didn’t set one altogether), her words echoed in my head. I think it was God’s way of putting a fire under my rear! Finally, I started trying to wake up early to seek Him. It wasn’t until I joined HelloMornings years ago that I actually had the support system to make it into a habit. (My husband even contributed. See the photo above? He put that basket together for me for Christmas. It brought tears to my eyes!)

It is my privilege to share how God has been working through each specific season of my life over at HelloMornings. I explain how I seek God with kids underfoot, keep my heart from being distracted, and how I keep my early morning habit from falling apart.

Click over and join us, and while you’re there check out their awesome ministry!

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