God’s Purpose When You’re Spiritually Dry

God's Purpose

When was the last time you felt spiritually dry? Not just dry, but *really* thirsty?

God can use times like that for His purpose. It brings to mind a story of when I was out shopping one day.

I needed new shoes. Wouldn’t you know it, my favorite store was conveniently right next to the shoe store. Stopping by it was suddenly on the agenda. 😉 I started finding good deals on some items I realized were needed, and as it goes with women at times, a short trip turned into a long one.

I had the baby in tow, and as a nursing mama, I can go through water rather quickly. The 2 bottles I brought along had disappeared long ago. I started getting very thirsty before I had even checked out of the shoe store. I still needed to walk out to the swagger wagon, load it up, and drive home.

Every task and moment of the way home was accompanied by the ongoing feeling of thirst. On the drive home, the feeling of desperation became overwhelming.

Come on, red light! I. Need. Water!

I reached the door, and set the baby carrier on the floor, trying not to brush off my family’s wide array of greetings. My husband was relieved to have another adult at home to help, and my oldest was declaring how hungry he was. I made it to the kitchen despite my toddler clinging to my legs, and snatched up my cup to fill it, while my second oldest brought me up to date on the status of dinner. His chatter faded into the background as I chugged down my glassful of water. Such relief!

God’s Purpose

Occasionally we forget how much He is drawing us closer to Himself, and He can use dry seasons as a reminder. He desires that we yearn for Him while we go about life. Jesus is our Living Water (John 4:10), and oh how we need that Water! That day, my thirst was elevated to the point of desperation the longer I had to wait to drink water.

When we are in a dry and weary season, He wants us to be desperate for Him.

Today I encourage you to get desperate for Him. Be eager for the filling of His presence. Allow the longing of your heart to go in search of your Living Water.

How about you? Have you been in a dry season lately? What did you think God’s purpose was for you during that time?

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5 thoughts on “God’s Purpose When You’re Spiritually Dry

  1. Great analogy, Kelly! Sometimes when I haven’t been drinking enough water and finally gulp some down, it doesn’t taste right–I think simply because I’ve let myself get dehydrated–but I force myself to drink anyway because I know I need it. I think this happens spiritually, too. In those dry times, sometimes spending time with God doesn’t feel as thirst-quenching, but if we let that feeling dictate our actions, we won’t get the living water we need. Speaking of, I’m going to go get a drink 😉 Thanks for your post!

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