Miracle #1: A Rescuing Hand

You Are Here for a ReasonLife can get discouraging. Occasionally we want to throw in the towel, or we wonder why we are here when life looks bleak. For a long time I wondered why God saved my life so many times when I was a child. From the miracles He did, I believe we can see that we are here for a reason.

I want to share these stories of His miraculous power with you in this 3 part series. They are short and sweet, but will hopefully encourage you to not give up because God has a future for you.

Today’s post featuring the first story will also be the landing page for the You Are Here for a Reason series. I will link back to this page as each post is published.

1. Miracle #1: A Rescuing Hand

2. Miracle #2: God Saves a 3-Year-Old

3. Miracle #3: That Time I Caught on Fire

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV

Miracle #1: A Rescuing Hand

A Rescuing HandWhen I was little, I remember the teachers had promised we would go swimming after nap time. My eyes were shining and my heart beat quickly, too excited to fall asleep fast. I fell asleep so late that they let me sleep—and everyone else went swimming.

I woke just minutes before the anticipated pool time was up. By the time I walked outside they were already calling everyone to get out for the next activity. All I heard is that my teacher had just told me that I had a couple of minutes.

In my haste to get in the water, I jumped in the too-deep-for-me-end, oblivious to everything else; I wanted to play in the water! But my “swim” quickly turned into more of a “drown,” and I reached up to grasp the ledge and slipped in again sputtering. I tried to yell for help, but water was all that answered. It happened so fast. Nobody was in the water around me. I came up choking, and managed a gurgled, “help,” to the stranger-kid sitting a couple of feet away with his back to the pool. That little boy reached down his rescuing hand, and I climbed out into air again.

I don’t know why the teachers didn’t see me. I don’t know how that kid heard me in that noisy moment. I have no other explanation, except that God wanted me to live instead of drown.

Moral of the Story

God will provide a helping hand when you need it. If you are reading this, then God wants you here right now. Don’t give up. Whether you understand it or not, just know that you are here for a reason.

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Image via Bart (Creative Commons)

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