You Choose the Word. You Live the Change.

I’m joining hundreds of others in a movement to toss New Year’s Resolutions to focus on a single word to bring about change all year long. You choose the word; you live the change. OneWord365? It’s powerful. Today I’m sharing four actions to take with your “word” to give you an immediate jumpstart.

Before I even knew about selecting a “customized” word, I can remember other words that have been the word of the season that kept time with my heartbeat, and the related transformation only God can produce. A few examples:

pursue – when I needed to seek God with everything that was in me, and I found Him

wisdom – when God was showing me that I had some characteristics of a bibilical fool, and it was high time to choose His ways

friend – when God was enabling me to be fulfilled through choosing Jesus as my best friend, instead of trying to force it through human relationship

humility – when God uprooted pride

After being intentional with praying about what one word God wanted for me, the journey was even more obvious:

strengthen – when I was learning to lean on the Father as my first source of strength in every area…the word ended up changing to diligence

faith – when I had to believe God for Who He is, instead of allowing circumstances to shake me into doubt

rest – when I finally chose to quit pushing myself past physical limitations (driven by a superwoman mentality), to truly embrace physical and spiritual rest

responsive – when God said to be fully and obediently responsive in every area of responsibility

This year? God blew me away about a second after asking Him. Each word, each year, each process…was a yielding to the Potter at the wheel. That’s why I was so surprised to hear 2015’s word. CREATE. It took several days for the realization of it to sink in. You mean, God, that I get to dream big this whole year?! I’ve decided to keep a journal dedicated for the purpose of creating and dreaming. Fun!!


4 Actions to Take Now with Your Word

  1. Find foundational scriptures. I did this especially when my word was faith, and saw pertinent truths to help me move forward. Post them on index cards in a place you will see them every day.
  2. Write out the definition. The picture of what this word means for you will become more clear. I love doing this. Check out the antonym, too. (Did you know the antonym of create is destroy? We all know who likes to do that!)
  3. Write some questions you want to see the answers to in regard to how your word applies to your life. (Why do you think this word is for you this coming year? What is God saying about it? Is there anything you feel compelled to do because of this choice? What results do you want to see?) Record the journey in your spiritual journal as it plays out. It is so worth it. If you ever feel discouraged, reread how God specifically moved in your life.
  4. Take a first step. For example, I mentioned that I selected a specific notebook to dream and create. My next step is to choose a time to create regularly.

What is your OneWord365? I can’t wait to hear! If you have written about it, be sure to link up in the comments!

5 thoughts on “You Choose the Word. You Live the Change.

  1. I like this idea! I think the perfect word for me would be faith. Faith to believe that only God can make me an overcomer. Faith that He will give me the victory that He had promised!!

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