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The deep sleep of my beautiful nap was interrupted by the gentle nudge of my five year old’s tiny hand. “What is it, sweetie?” “Mommy, you’re sleeping a really long time.” “Yes, honey, that’s because Mommy needs it right now.” I sighed as he ran away. He doesn’t understand.

hammock with feet upI didn’t understand for a long time, either. Why has my health been declining for the last several years when, “nothing’s wrong?” I wanted answers. So I stopped all the extras that I had been dividing my time between and sought them.

I’m sharing some medical facts to help explain, but if you aren’t interested, then skip to the last paragraph. I won’t be offended, as long as you promise to pray for me. 😉

A couple of years ago, my doctor said my adrenals were exhausted. I didn’t exactly make the lifestyle changes that he suggested, especially avoiding stress. Last August I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, and went off/decreased gluten, dairy and sugar because my doctor said they tare down the adrenals.

I read some material by an adrenal specialist. Imagine a staircase. At the top is Adrenal Exhaustion, the middle Adrenal Fatigue, and the bottom Adrenal Failure. People who have Adrenal Failure are bedridden or in the hospital.

Last month is when I found out about the “adrenal staircase.” If you tax your adrenal system, then you have a crash that takes you a few steps down the staircase. It takes time to recover from that, but if you continue in the same problematic lifestyle habits then you won’t make it back to the top of the staircase. Instead your starting place is a couple of steps down, and subsequent crashes followed by improper recovery causes you to continue in a downward zigzag to chronic illness.

How did I get this way? A tendency to overdo myself interspersed between a difficult pregnancy, tendinitis in my knees, moving, another difficult pregnancy, whiplash, moving, living in a house infested with mold, moving and another whiplash. Sigh. My poor husband. 😉

When you have Adrenal Fatigue, your body will shut down the non-essential systems of survival ― such as your reproductive system, which explains infertility in some ― to help your essential systems or organs from shutting down. It’s amazing how much one’s hormones affect one’s body!

On top of that, I saw a cell therapist who not only confirmed the adrenal insufficiencies, but saw candida while we looked at my blood. (Pretty neat experience, and yes, I used it as a homeschool field trip.) On a scale from 1 to 5, I was a 3, and he said a yeast cleanse should do it.

To recover, I’m sleeping a lot, taking new whole food adrenal support (old one was from the glands of a pig), taking the yeast cleanse, drinking green smoothies, sleeping a lot, and generally taking it easy. If I overdo it, occasional fibro pain and more fatigue surfaces as a reminder.

On the good side, I’m so relieved to finally have answers! I’m taking more time with my family and playing games with my boys. Life finally seems more balanced. I am done planning the future for now. I’m learning to walk in the season God has me instead of getting ahead of Him, and I am thanking God for what He has taught me. I covet your prayers. Apparently, recovery could be a few months, but I’m already starting to feel better. Needless to say, I’m daily utilizing my One Word: faith. 🙂

Image via Creative Commons:  jmayer1129

25 thoughts on “Answers

  1. Soooo glad you got answers, and very thankful you seem to be doing better. You will continue to stay on my prayer list. Ate you still leading worship? I’m a singer also, so I know what the feelings are that come with not being able to use your gift-praying complete healing and restoration for you sweet friend!

    • I am still leading worship. Sundays are difficult right now, since they take a lot out of me. But that is the only thing I’m currently doing ministry-wise. I didn’t know you were a singer! Cool. I am enormously grateful for your prayers! Much love. 🙂

  2. That One Word is the most powerful word you could have pulled out to guard your heart and mind through this recovery! I love it! You already know the strategy for recovering your body and preserving your soul! Amazing! I’m so glad it has finally been uncovered for you the source of your bodies battle! I know you will walk this out with fortitude and grace, just as I have seen you walk out obstacles you have faced before, but please know our family links our Faith with yours for complete healing. We will NOT stop until every cell in your body is in order and operating at it’s fullest. The “I’m done planning for the future for now”…Well, we’ll help guard that for you…when the time comes and you are ready…we’ll be here to remind you of all the plans you have for your future. We’ll be happy to hear about your limitless dreams and all that your going to accomplish without any reside of the physical limitations! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith, Kelly. You are so very graceful!

  3. I’m praying for you Kelly. Also wanted to ask if you have ever heard of T-Tapp? Here is a question asking about adrenal fatigue on the forums, but perhaps you could do a search on their site for it and see what comes of it, its a wonderful exercise that heals from inside out…

    Also I have in our family food allergies and I cook daily without gluten, dairy, eggs and others…if you ever want a recipe or have a question about it I’d be glad to help in however I could 🙂

    Lord continue to remind Kelly that you are with her and I pray healing for her Lord, continued healing and continued answers in the right direction. In Jesus Name, Amen ❤

  4. Kelly,

    So glad you have some answers. I will continued to pray that you learn to accept this time of “rest”.

    I would love to talk with you sometime about managing your chronic illness. I had similar feelings you shared when I first discovered my fibro. I am still trying to manage my time and energy. It has been hard, but to journey with a friend in faith is good.

    Praying for you my friend!

  5. Kelly,
    After enduring open heart surgery and two follow up surgeries, I had to change my lifestyle until I had a normal heartbeat again. Now I have one and I feel a lot better. You’re getting all the medical and friend advice you can get, so I won’t give you any. I will tell you that right after my surgery, when the farthest I could walk was two mailboxes up the street, I told Marie, “I don’t see how I can ever get any better.” But I did. It was a long journey. I’m a type A personality on steroids, and impatient to boot, so it took a lot of effort to slow me down. But, actually my life depended on it. I will pray that your recovery is a complete one. I have missed your blogs, but certainly understand.

    • Sorry to hear that you had to endure all that. I’m glad that you are doing well now. I’ve always been a type A, but through the last few years have slowed down some. It was actually the weeks before I put the blog on hold that I didn’t want to let go, but I’m a slow learner sometimes. I don’t enjoy the fatigue and other symptoms, but I am quite content with the current pace. It doesn’t take much for life to get busy! Thanks for your support.

  6. I am so sorry you are going through this Kelly. I know what you are dealing with, Doctor Anderson was treating me for the same thing before we moved. I have not been able to continue the treatment here, I’m tired all the time, and sleeping a lot helps a little but it’s not lasting. I find myself ready for a nap 3 or 4 hours after being up. So I know how difficult this is for you. I pray you will be able to regain your heath fully very soon. I’m glad you at least have the answers you need to help put you on the road to recovery. As you worship Him, I pray the healing virtue of The Lord will flood your entire body and make every part whole. You have such a beautiful gift to bring others into worship, and healing flows in worship, so I pray that as you have been such a blessing to the body of Christ that you will now be able to receive what you need in Jesus name.

    • Thank you for your blessing, prayers and encouragement. I pray the same for you. God is faithful and will provide for your detailed needs. He desires for His people to be in health!

  7. Kelly, just ran across your blog again. I was wondering how you’re doing now? I have prayed for you. Don’t know if you’ll even receive this, but I wanted to let you know I’m still thinking of you and missing your inspiration. I have taken a two-month sabbatical from my blog as well. Hope all is well with your kids and your wonderful husband. I will pray for you again. I’m not blogging but I am still doing email if you care to write. I’m at God bless.

  8. I’ll be praying for you, Kelly! I’ll also remember what you’ve said about learning to walk in the season God has you in. One way or another, that’s a lesson we all need to learn. Blessings to you! Janet Reeves

  9. I’m grateful to see you back and getting better, albeit slowly. It’s God’s timing. And you will have a wonderful testimony about your journey. God bless you.

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