The Special Item You Are Carrying

cobbler's childImagine that you are on a journey with God, and you are carrying something special. You want to keep moving forward. To the left, something shiny catches your eye. It’s beautiful, it’s sparkly, it’s glorious. It’s what you want. You’ve stopped, and now you’re looking down in dismay at your item.

You haven’t yet noticed that some bars that have formed between you and the shiny thing. When you look up at it again, you feel the bars more than see them. You feel somewhat trapped.

gold sparkle textureSince you’ve stopped, and are feeling trapped, you now gaze to the right in hope to find a more comforting view. Suddenly another sparkling object captures your attention, and your eyes are longingly locked on the marvelous wonder. The wish that your item could be like this is tugging at your heart. The tugging becomes more of a pull, which brings you down to your knees.

Your head hanging, again you haven’t yet noticed the bars that have formed between you and this new work of wonder. You look up slowly and your hand takes hold of one of the bars for a moment.

lights from heavenSomehow you remember that you need to keep moving forward. You had been decidedly adamant before that you wouldn’t go backward. A slow anger begins to build, and you stand up, ready to take that first step, but you’re stuck. A mixture of confused and hopeless thoughts flood your mind, when the deluge is interrupted by the view in front of you. The desirable view is of prestigious status and immensely good. The bars appear in front of you, you wrap your fingers tightly around the bars, and press your nose in between them in hope of a closer view.

You are locked in a cage of comparison.

cagedYou’ve probably heard a sermon on not comparing yourselves to others, but I’ve learned a lesson this week. When a seemingly good thing is cut from your life, you can respond with pessimism or you can use it for a reason to make positive changes.

Instead of focusing on, “I shouldn’t compare, I shouldn’t compare,” (which is true), realize that while you’re trapped in the cage of comparison you are unable to get out and fulfill your own destiny.

Confidence is the key to unlock the cage.

Confidence is going to unlock the doors and give you a song that says:

come on, come on, come on

you gotta move

pick up your wings and fly

there’s a whole new world outside

Flying solo_JDBConfidence is going to give you the power to possess your own God-given vision, and fulfill it. What God wants you to make with the work of your hands, is going to be shiny, beautiful, sparkly, glorious, marvelous, wonderful, desirable, of prestigious status, AND immensely good!

“But, I lack enough confidence!”

Dear friend, if you have the fear of the Lord, you will have strong confidence (Proverbs 14:26). The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom (Proverbs 15:33), and He liberally gives wisdom to those who ask it of Him (James 1:5).

So, come on, take the key…fly…there’s a whole new world outside. (no, this post is in no way sponsored by Disney)

Images via Creative Commons: narissa’s ring; Abby Lanes; Ishrona; ind{yeah} and Flying solo © justindbaker. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Special Item You Are Carrying

  1. I love this message- God has really been speaking to me about confidence…it’s not a normal message of the church, but it is needed to unlock our potential- not false humility that so often traps us and keeps us from our calling. Confidence, knowing that “God had a dream, and wrapped your body around it” (Lou Engle) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Wow, Kelly, what encouragement! God used this message to give me further confirmation that I am to be writing my blog now. Long story. I might share it on my blog some time, but I have more confidence now, after reading this message. Thank you.
    In His Precious Name,

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