Come to the Father. Then Come Away with Him.

Inside my heart lives a passion to lead people into the tangible presence of God. My passion has never been writing, but as much as I have asked God why in the world He has me here, every answer is more confirmation that I’m to continue blogging.

I haven’t yet obtained the means to bring to you a recording, and it’s actually something I’m having to walk in faith while remaining balanced with the thought that even Jesus’ time had to come. In the meantime, I don’t pretend to be a phenomenal writer, but I hope to inspire you regularly to come to Him.

I don’t just mean come to Him, I mean come away with Him.

Coming away with Him happens after you’ve come to Him. See, you come to Him by acknowledging Him at some point during your day: praying, reading and studying the Bible, or praising and worshipping Him. You can certainly come to Him, but when you’re there, do you also come away with Him?

I’m not talking about reading a few verses in my Bible, and saying a prayer. I’m not talking about cracking open a devotional for five minutes, saying a neat, “God, You’re swell,” and calling it a day. I’m not even talking about reading several chapters in my Bible and mentally checking it off until tomorrow.

mountain trailI’m talking about experiencing God.

I’m talking about letting His words become life to you. While you read or study them, let them prick your heart, let them comfort your soul, let them fill you with immeasurable satisfaction. But it doesn’t stop there.

I’m talking about pouring out your heart in love to Him and lifting your voice to Him! I’m talking about taking time to worship the Father as you have come to know Him thus far. I’m talking about listening to your Teacher as He impresses things on your heart.

No doubt the Father was continually with Jesus while He was on the earth. Jesus came to the Father by going up to the mountain alone (Matthew 14:23). He left the crowds. He left His disciples. He left His earthly needs. He had one motive: To come away with the Father.

Come to Him alone like Jesus did. While you are there, follow His leading. Then come away with Him.

Be open to follow Him.

If you are open to His leading…He starts to woo you away from all surrounding distractions into His presence. If you are open to His leading…you go deeper into His tangible presence. If you are open to His leading…you hear His voice, and obey it. If you are open to His leading…you may even find yourself in the Holy of Holies.

Come away…so you can know the Father more intimately.

Will you make a choice to mirror Jesus’ actions and come away with the Father?

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11 thoughts on “Come to the Father. Then Come Away with Him.

  1. Kelly-so true-he does take us away from distractions and restores love and truth in our hearts. Thank u for this! Btw-I think u r a great writer!

  2. Yes…coming away with Him refrehses my soul. One of the reasons I refuse to turn on the computer first thing in the morning, is the distraction it can be. It’s a temptation to click ‘just one blog’ before I sit in the quiet with Him. Thank you for your words. You are an inspiration.

  3. Kelly, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I REALLY NEEDED TO HEAR THIS TODAY. I am grateful that you are writing because if you were not myself and many others would not have received this word from the Lord.

  4. Once we come and open our arms — grabbing ahold of Him — He will indeed carry us away. That’s exactly the kind of movement my heart wants to see more of this year. Thanks for this message today.

  5. Kelli, Your blog is a huge encouragement to me. As C.S. Lewis once wrote, “We read to know that we are not alone.” You have a God given gift of written communication. When I read your words, I feel like I’m having coffee with a girlfriend, talking about our wonderful God . . . A favorite pastime, yet so infrequent. Thank you.

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