One Word 365

Happy New Year! It’s not to late to join us in praying for our spouses in January. I hope you’ll come on board. In the meantime, I’d like to invite you to be a part of One Word 365.

We go in seasons with God, and the turn of the new year often marks an intentional beginning for us. We try to make resolutions or goals, and they often fall by the wayside. Instead of focusing on a list, I’m joining others to focus on one word all year long.

What word? The word that God drops in your spirit. Others have chosen words such as consistency, diligence, focus, photography, simplicity. I love that God is specific with us, and my heart becomes excited when I see us reciprocate details in our relationship with Him.

My One Word for 2012 is FAITH.

With the prodding of the Lord, I’m choosing to be more intentional in walking in faith. 2011 was a year where a lot seemed to go wrong. Honestly, after awhile of that you can start to doubt God’s promises. God uses trials to build our faith, but I didn’t always respond with that mindset.

After selecting several verses that will lay a foundation of faith, I see pertinent truths:

  • God has given every man a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3) I’m choosing to exercise mine, and see it grow.
  • Living by faith pleases God. (Hebrews 11:6; Romans 1:17) The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17b 
  • Faith increases by hearing the Word of God. (Romans 10:17) If I need faith in any area, I simply need to pray, speak and meditate on God’s promises on that area. If I need faith for boldness, then I’m going to build my faith by immersing my spirit man with scriptures on confidence.
  • If I believe, I will receive. And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive. Matthew 21:22 NJK There are certainly some things I want to receive in 2012, and faith is the vehicle by which they will be brought.

I agree with my friends at Do Not Depart, that we need purposeful plans to spend time with God in 2012. Part of my plan will be to study how those in the Bible walked in faith, and how God moved as a result.

Your Turn

I hope you will think and pray about what your One Word for 2012 will be. God wants to do an amazing work in you this coming year.

Leave a comment telling others your One Word, or feel free to leave your link in the comments if you’ve written a post about it. Would you share your word to inspire and encourage others?

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32 thoughts on “One Word 365

  1. My word is intentional. I want to grow to be more intentional in my prayer time, intentional in my gratitude, my worship, even in my study time and exercise. I want my life to reflect Jesus intentionally!

  2. abide.
    From the American Standard Bible.
    “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”
    Abide is a word that reminds me when I am backsliding that I have a responsibility to “pick myself up, and dusk myself off and continue the walk”.

  3. My One Word 365 is “Listen.” It is an imperative simple sentence which, I pray, will help me listen to God more. I make far too many decisions without listening to Him to give me His input. I’m also going to spend time, after I’ve rattled off my laundry list of prayer requests, listening to see if or what God says to me. I re-tweeted a great quote yesterday that is truth of God, especially for me in 2012. “Things don’t change when I talk to God; things change when God talks to me.’ That was the quote, but I am tagging on “and I listen” to the end of it. That will fit right in with my One Word 365. I’m also going to make a valiant effort to listen more closely to my wife and to others.

  4. There is so much to faith i am learning about. It is such a choice. SO much is effected by our choices to believe and trust in faith. excited to see how your year is shaped by faith!

    my word is celebrate

    • Amen to that! I’m already being faced with circumstances and the choice of whether or not to walk in faith. It’s not been a cake-walk, but I’m not a quitter.

      I was intrigued, and had to go to your site to see what you meant by celebrate. I love how you are tackling this head on. Prayers for you. 🙂

  5. Kelly, I stopped setting New Year’s goals for myself a few years ago and instead started choosing a word for the year. Since then, I’ve noticed immense growth in myself. My word for 2012 is POSITIVE. 🙂

  6. “Truth”. So tired of lies, regardless of who tells them or how long they’ve been around. Love that the truth is right there in the Bible. Am loving the search and finding of truth. I love the stability of having the truth available to me. So many things in the world are unstable- I don’t wish to be on of them, or to play that game. So this year, as the past several, I will be continuing to seek out God’s truth, as written in his word, and seek out the beautiful pearls that he has hidden in his word. It’s amazing what a joy one book can be. Wow! Delight! 😀 And what great conversations are initiated with God when you come up against a difficult to understand portion of scripture!

  7. Faith is a wonderful word and crucial to our walk with the Lord. My word for 2012 is Contentment… To be content where God has placed me in my walk with him… It will be an interesting and exciting year!

  8. My word is INTENTIONAL!!

    Love your word ~ FAITH! May our faith increase dramatically in 2012.

    Thank you for linking up with my One Word Wednesday Link Up. I’m very grateful.

    Have a wonderful evening…

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