Good News for a Change

Will you do something with me today? By the end of the evening last night, I decided to head to bed because I had been inundated with negative news all day. I was able to clear my head before sleeping and this morning I woke up to a great day. Slowly, as the day started to unfold, negative news began to abound.

I started getting grouchy. I heard another piece of news that was negative and thought,

I’m sorry. I can’t fix it. I can’t fix everyone’s problems all the time and someone is always unhappy about something.

Needless to say, that was the wrong response, and I walked away asking myself, What is wrong with me?

I realized that I was letting the influx of negativity affect me in the wrong way.

laughing boyBut sometimes, we just need a balance. We need to hear positive, encouraging news. It lifts us up.

Maybe there’s a reason the Bible says to talk about His wondrous works.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! Sing to Him, sing psalms to Him; Talk of all His wondrous works! Psalm 105:1-2 NKJ

I want to hear good news! Will you leave a positive comment? I want to hear if your sister-in-law just received Jesus, if your doctor gave you a good report, or if your dog just came home! 😉

I’ll start by leaving a comment about some good news. Your comments will benefit others who may be discouraged, and need to hear some encouragement.

If you can’t think of anything good, find the good in that situation!

Ready? Go!

Images via Creative Commons: plasticrevolver

19 thoughts on “Good News for a Change

  1. I have a new grandson, his name is Aiden and he is beautiful and healthy. His daddy plays great worship songs to him in the nursery in the morning and prays over his mama and him. I came home to a semi-clean house after being at my daughters with this new miracle for a few days!! His mercies are new every morning and He is Always faithful!

  2. I have an amazing husband…and have learned the beauty of a marriage built on God’s foundation this year. We just celebrated the 21st anniversary of the first time we married….and I still smile when I think about him during the day. He called me today….just to tell me Hello and he misses me when he is at work…
    Also, had lunch with a Mom I met through my blog…God works in mysterious ways…hoping/praying to have lunch with you one day, too!!

  3. I have an icky day ahead of me tomorrow. One I’ve been dreading a long time. My hubby came home from work tonight and told me he took the day off tomorrow. just for me. Suddenly, tomorrow doesn’t seem so bad…

  4. I just love your dailys… they encourage me, lift me up and chastise me if I need it. My good report…my son is classified by doctors as being debilitated depressive. He has been on pills for a few years now, going thru the process of getting sick, sleeping all of the time, not sleeping (and most of that is from the pills). He recently talked to a man on-line who has a hobby that Jay likes. He is now doing the same thing and wants to make it into a business. He is talking like an entrepreneur. He is happy, has a new girlfriend who makes him laugh, and his momma is praying each day that he will see it is Jesus who brings us out of our pits. I am very excited. And a lot of it happened because of a funny little dog that God dropped into his life. God is SOOOO Good.

  5. I am finding answers to help me live with my chronic illness. I a wonderful, paitent, loving husband who goes above and beyond for us. I have friends who are like family to us and I get to help them with rearing their children. (I get to play Grandma before my time). We have four bright children who love Jesus. God has given us rainy day, but we are blessed that He is our umbrella! I am getting a quite morning to catch up on things that renew my heart. Praying for your family!

  6. Thank you for this post Kelly. I needed to know others get tired of hearing bad news but are looking for ways to overcome. Also thank you to everyone who posted, Kelly was not the only one that was blessed to hear your good news.

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