The Forgotten God


Lazy stretch, a yawn, a smile, time to sip coffee awhile

Pitter patter of little feet, heartfelt hugs, the greeting is sweet

Breakfast made, children fed, put on the roast, make the bed

Dryer buzzes, doorbell rings, vacuum roars, phone rings

Hair brushed, slippers to shoes, in the car, turn on the news

Bags unloaded, dishes done, now’s the setting of the sun

Baths finished, laundry folded, “Time for bed, kids,” Mama scolded

Teeth brushed, sheets changed, today was quite a long day

Tired sigh, climb into bed, a kiss and “Good night,” they said

In the hustle and bustle that comes near the end of the year, are you forgetting anyone?

Image via Creative Commons: Esther Gibbons

6 thoughts on “The Forgotten God

  1. Love this, Kelly. So beautifully worded that even in the reading, one could “forget” who’s missing. A great reminder that we can have a full day sweetened by our kids’ hugs and kisses, but still be missing “the main thing.” Still love the wording, though. 🙂

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