Removing Clutter and Kicking Devil Tooshie

It’s 20 minutes until my Chick Flicks small group arrives (yes, it’s pretty awesome), and I’m starting to break a sweat as I race around and throw…I mean set…items back into their proper place. If I didn’t get my exercise in that morning, no problem. Killing two birds with one stone is my forte.

Clutter is my enemy. The goal is to have the house ready at least an hour before the guests arrive, but you know how it is with checking all those last minute to do items off your list. Like triple checking Twitter and Facebook to see if you received any new messages because, after all, that is way more fun than…doing the dishes…for example.

ninjaWhen the girls enter my front door all is as it should be: my face is smiling, the food is properly laid out, the atmosphere is cozy, and my house is neat. The chicks believe I might just have it all together, and my family is the only one that knows my stealthy secret. Booyah!

What is my stealthy secret? A set of ninja skills unveiled by… stashing clutter behind closed doors. Presto! The rooms occupied by the company are clean and neat!

Then there’s the box (or two) that’s been sitting in my office for over a year, unpacked. It’s justifiably untouched, you know. Just in case we have to move…suddenly…it’d save time.  Yeah.

I guess the motivation to unpack every box after we moved into our house slipped into oblivion after a few months. Either that, or my husband and I are losing our touch. In our first house after we got married we moved in, unpacked, decorated, hung pictures and threw a Christmas party in two weeks. Okay, so we didn’t have kids then…and we were younger…and we didn’t touch the basement in that two weeks. It was our ninja cave.

Even though this has been the adopted pattern, the Lord laid on my heart that there is a better way. A spirit of excellence has been sorely lacking and I know I can do better. I’ve got to stop being lazy.

Also, clutter is distracting. It makes me lose my train of thought when I see books, papers, clothes, etc. out of place. Kids help me lose my train of thought all day, too. With the added clutter it’s a wonder that I haven’t lost my mind altogether.

Which reminds me of a joke I read the other day:

Sorry to hear about the whole “losing your mind thing.” But I know you pretty well, and I don’t think you’ll miss it.

Wait…what were we talking about?

Right. Clutter. And so dear friends, you will be happy to know that for the last few weeks I have been removing clutter from my house. Half a dozen boxes of stuff have been donated, and the going away party was complete when I did a happy jig.

Removing clutter in the natural is a lot like removing clutter out of your spiritual life. Junk in your walk with God will slow you down and cause you to lose your focus. A mentor told me once that clutter in our natural life reflects the clutter in our spiritual life. Food for thought, anyway.

I like removing clutter. It’s a lot like kicking devil tushie.

If you are in need of encouragement or even to be challenged with making your goals reality, may I suggest my friend Ashley’s 3 in 30 Challenge? From the website, “Join the 3in30 Challenge and learn how to check those tasks, projects, and dreams off your list one at a time!” You choose 3 goals and knock them out in the space of a month, one piece at a time.

3in30 Challenge

What are your tips for removing clutter?

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Image via Creative Commons: Jeyhun85

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