Fast. What for?

Some of you told me privately that God was laying on your heart to fast, as well. First, let me say that it is a denying of yourself, a crucifying of your flesh. Fasting is not easy. The first day of my blog fast I knew that God wanted me to pull back from social media, and what did I do? I opened a Google+ account! I told you I was dumb. 😉

When to fast

  • Jesus said “when you fast” not “if you fast.” (See Matthew 6:16-18) It is biblical; Jesus did it. (See Matthew 4:2) When my dad taught on fasting, he said there is more in the New Testament about fasting than repentance and confession, and Jesus taught on it more than baptism.
  • When the leadership calls a fast.
  • Purpose. Some people fast religiously, almost without purpose. If that’s the case, then check your motive. God may be calling you to fast. He certainly has a specific purpose in mind. More often than not, when I “decide” to fast, God has already laid on my heart the need for a breakthrough.
  • When you need direction. Are you desperate to hear Him more clearly? When the noise of everything else is temporarily removed it is easier to receive clarification, especially when seeking direction.

Place Setting

Kinds of fasts

  • Total fast (only drinking water) – Jesus ate nothing when He fasted.
  • Daniel fast – more restrictions than vegan. See link.
  • Juice fast (juicing and drinking water only) – only by the leading of the Lord, perhaps when a medical condition is to be considered.
  • Fill-in-the-blank fast (something specific) – only by the leading of the Lord, perhaps when a medical condition is to be considered.

Fasting tips

  • Use wisdom. I’ve been underweight for the last several years so I cannot fast food. My doctor even recommended that I not participate in a Daniel fast because he was concerned my body would eat my muscle (gross). Instead, I fast chocolate or sugar. Occasionally, I fast some form of entertainment, or something I would really rather not give up. 😉 God has always made it clear which precious commodity I was to fast.
  • Take medications into consideration. If you are on medication and the directions say to eat food with it, then follow the directions of your doctor or pharmacist.

Results of fasting

  • breakthrough
  • strength
  • answer to prayer
  • spiritual growth
  • see list in Isaiah 58

Remember, when you fast, the time you would usually spend eating is spent with the Lord instead. Write down your questions, any struggles you may be facing during the fast, and what God is showing you in your journal. Go back later in the fast and read what you wrote. Often you will gain more revelation or see the answers to your questions as God completes the purpose of the fast.

What did I miss? Any tips? What has been your fasting experience?

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Image via Creative Commons: Dinner Series

6 thoughts on “Fast. What for?

  1. This a great resource Kelly! Of course I know what God would lead me to fast. It’s being obedient. When I am obedient and available He speaks! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. No, it just gives a like button. You could share directly from my Facebook page (clicking on the Facebook widget on the sidebar will bring you there), or another way is copying the link at the top of your browser and pasting it into a Facebook status.

  3. Very nice the way you broke it down like that. The biggest thing I had come to grips with was such a big influences in my life was; if you do accidentally mess up during your fast not to dwell in condemnation, pray and continue on (good advice from Pstr.Tony & Pstr.TJ). Also I’m so glad you brought up the point of health for those who want to fast but feel like they can’t.
    Amazing read, truly love it!!!

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