I’ve Been Dodging God on This Subject

God’s been leading me to fast from something and I’ve been fighting Him. Do you want to know what it is? Brace yourself. He wants me to fast from my blog. Gasp! Air! Air! I need air!

I think it might be for a week, but I haven’t exactly sat down to get a clear answer on this because I’m kind of inwardly throwing a temper tantrum. It may only be for a few days. I’m telling myself this to make me feel better. 😉 He might want me to step back from social media for part of the week, too. I don’t exactly know yet, because like I said, I wasn’t rushing to the throne room concerning this.

Greener Pastures by WaveBreakerNot my blog, God!

And my friends, too?

No. No. No. No. No.


Now that I think about it, I’ve been dodging God on this subject for the last few days. He knows best. He has His reasons. He will not forsake me. He will not forsake my blog. I’m telling myself that, too, to make me feel better.

I’ve been a bit worried about my blog, you see. What if someone is offended that I didn’t post anything for a whole week and unsubscribes in a fit of rage?


Perhaps you will leave me a comment saying you will never leave or forsake me, too. To make me feel better, dear friend?

He has never led me to fast my blog before, but I have to obey Him. I am looking forward to sitting at His feet.

Recently I was meditating on the first few verses of Psalm 23. Over and over the phrases stayed with me.

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul. Psalm 23:1-3a NKJV

The phrases stayed with me and I knew it was for a special reason, but I didn’t know why yet. I know why now. They are the theme verses during this fast. He’s going to restore my soul. He’s going to restore my soul in some areas, because I’m going to come to His green pastures and still waters.

I won’t forget you; I’ll still be praying for you as I do every day.

Will you pray for me, too?

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Photo by WaveBreaker (Creative Commons)

21 thoughts on “I’ve Been Dodging God on This Subject

  1. Ahhh … I know this fast well! I have to do it every time I start focusing on stats over my call. It’s hard not to treat our blogs as a part of our identity, or testimony of our effectiveness. At any rate, for whatever reason God is having you fast the blog (I know it might not have anything to do w/ the blog itself) … you are right: He’ll take care of it! Breathe deep and may your spirit relish in the fast even if your soul is freaking out! 😉 Be blessed, friend!

    • Aww, thanks! I’m breathing okay when I’m spending time with Him. Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time with Him this week. 😉 The only thing it has to do with the blog are what I already said in the post. There are a lot of reasons, but I didn’t feel like I was supposed to include them in the post.

    • The Lord often has me fast from things, other than food due to health reasons. It is always related to testing my obedience to Him. He showed me that He has multiple purposes this time. Thanks for praying, friend!

  2. Take care of God’s Business and he will take care of yours. I will be praying for you and looking forward to the word he is going to give you for the blog. Thank you Lord for Kelly example of obedience.

  3. Ok, first, this is the first time I’ve looked at your blog in not Mobile for a while and I LOVE the new profile picture! So Pretty!!!
    I’m really having fun with my blog. Alot of fun. Last night I was thanking God for giving me my blog and I had a thought (or a nudge?). What if He asked me to give it up? What if I were never allowed to write again?
    Then I remembered this novel I read by Orson Scott Card. Can’t remember which novel, the plot, nothing. But I can remember this. One of the characters was punished by being made to give up reading. Forever. At the time I loved reading. It was my life, my escape, so I was horrified that anyone could be made to give it up. Worst torture ever.
    The character explains that his punishment started out as punishment, and then turned into an amazing blessing. He started to notice the lives and actions of real people, form relationships, really LIVE instead of reading about living
    Now, a blog isn’t a book. But that was my thought last night, even if He had me give it up, God only always has good things.

    • The character you talked about reminds me of Reese Howells. Reading his journey was definitely a milestone in my walk with God. There is always blessing in surrender. The struggle seems to lessen with each opportunity to obey, when I remember what has been the resulted blessing of previous opportunities. In my experience, it’s usually a fast-type situation, instead of a permanent change. It’s always worth it.

      If God is nudging you, He’s going to make it very clear.

  4. It will be hard, because you have a heart for sharing the word God has put into your life, but focus yourself on the word of the Lord for you today. If He says fast…fast. And all will be well. You have always operated out of a mature relationship with God in every area of your life, as a result, He has always looked to increase you, better you, lift you to higher levels…and most importantly, everything is done with a purpose. Flow with Him…purposefully. Praying with you for the fullest measure of God through this fast.

    • Oh, girl, you can’t even leave a comment without it dripping with wisdom. 🙂 Thanks! Friends, if you don’t follow Kim on twitter, you should. Hmm, just realized dear Kim didn’t link to anything. Just look her up, then! 🙂

  5. Kelly, God is good. His plans and purposes are good. His love for us is good and His desires for you are all good. As you fast and seek His face He will show you so many good things. I will pray for you as well.

  6. You can do this Kelly. = ) It is one of the most cleansing, renewing experiences that you can ever go through. At first it is VERY HARD because you go through withdrawls, but as you are obedient to God’s leading and spending that time with Him, a whole new spiritual world opens up and it will change your life. Sounds like He wants your undivided attention. I will be praying for you ~

  7. Silly Wabbit, if they run away from no blog after only a week, they were not going to stay long anyhow, but we’ll pray for them, because they probably need you the most. Well, but then there is me, and I AM staying, and I digest your dailys. Sometimes (as you know and write about often) God wants us to be alone with him. ALL alone… but blogs have LLLLLOOOOOOOTTTTTTSSSSSSSSS of people attached. We can grab onto something and it grows more onto us and a part of us than we sometimes realize. God showed me recently that I was like Lot to an extent, in that I came to the big bad city. I saw where I was grabbing onto the world and its glory, instead of praying to see God’s Shakina (SP???)Glory. I am repenting daily, as I am in the city, but not IN the city. He wants me to be more alone with him, not with the zillions of folks here or on the highway. And, It was cool the other day when I felt to do what the lady I live with does, take time at the end of my day to just rest before the Lord. The first day, I thought screaming to the top of my lungs on 3rd street in teensy heavy traffic was the right thing to do. Wow! that did help, but I was sort of nervous for the people around me. The next day, I remembered what our dear friend, Margaret Vis, told us about Shabaching… praying loudly, very loudly. I did that in the teensy, heavy traffic, and it was so great and I was not nervous about the people around me, as they were getting some of the blessings from my prayers. Even in traffic, I can get into my car prayer closet and really reach up and touch the face of God. Time out with Him is blessed, restoring, and just plain wonderful. Oh, and it keeps me from yelling at the other drivers, and not cutting them off, etc. See, blessings for them as well as me. Lord, please restore us… let us look at the green pastures that await us and drool for that wonderful slow moving water that will taste superb and will fill our bellys so that when we talk to others, that Holy Spirit water will flow from our bellys and will get folks saved. Bless Kelly with so much excitement for the next however many days… that she will dwell in the House and will feel your presense so intensely, that she will bring You, the flowing water, and your Glory into church Sunday in a newness and freshness that we all will desire to have all she has, and there will be such a worshipfulness it will be felt throughout the school that day and all week, and even to the street, and draw others to you. May you be great in us. I luv u Kelly… Carol

  8. Well. I’ve had it. No bloggy for a week! How could you?! Outa here! Just kidding. Have a good time with God honey. It’ll be good! 🙂

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