Deceived by a Demonic Voice Part 2

[This is part of the Hearing God’s Voice series and part 2 of my last post Deceived by a Demonic Voice Part 1]

I had to leave for school. I went downstairs and tried to avoid my parents, but they wanted to talk to me and find out what this man had said to me. They were very concerned and knew something wasn’t right with him, but hadn’t shared all that with me. I tried to make my way to the door. They tried to step between the door and me and that’s when I saw it.

I saw their eyes change as quick as a flash of lightning and it was gone again. They looked demonic.

I freaked. I bolted.

Man After school I found that man waiting for me at my car. I felt incredibly uncomfortable that he was there. I had been praying for God to show me what was really up. I made the mistake of telling him the scene at home just before school and he seemed almost happy about it. Ooookaaay. He offered me a job as a live-in nanny. Say what?

All at once I knew I needed to get away from this man. I had more and more felt my peace disappear each time I was around him. I decided to go home and tell my parents everything!

They explained how he had been trying to split our church and bring division by speaking against my dad. I had no idea. They prayed for me and took authority over a number of unclean spirits that had been harassing and deceiving me, and I repented. At the end of that prayer everything was crystal clear.

God doesn’t give us our authorities to lord over us or control us, but to be guided and protected by their wisdom. Naysayers will say, “What about the perversion of people in authority?” Sometimes it happens, but my parents had always told me that if I prayed and asked God to show me if I was being deceived that He would bring me out of it!

From this I was reminded that the devil is real and he’s always trying to take me out. I learned how to discern God’s voice more effectively after this experience, and the importance of being able to do so.

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Photo credit: salendron (Creative Commons)

10 thoughts on “Deceived by a Demonic Voice Part 2

  1. This is so good, Kelly. And honestly, takes bravery to post! I agree – of course there will be wickedness in authorities just like there can be wickedness in those under authority. Yet there is always a righteous way to handle it and in that, God will keep you. I have had experiences like that where I saw “the Enemy” when it really wasn’t . . . the Enemy had simply turned my heart from the shepherds God had sent me. It’s sobering to face the fact that even the elect can be deceived . . . and it is so exciting to know that even in that God still pursues us! It truly is not His will that any should perish!

    • Unfortunately the devil gets away with turning hearts against the shepherds God has placed in their lives. So often people will just walk away instead of humbling themselves and dealing with the problems. So sad.

  2. You were very brave to share this story. So many times we are deceived into thinking there is a problem with those the Lord has placed over us when the problem is really with us. I am glad you came to realize that it was only the deception that made you see the demonic in your parents eyes.

    • I was thinking recently that I didn’t do any warfare while I was going through this. I still asked God to show me His truth and He was still merciful. When we are weak He is strong!

  3. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing! Makes me realize I need to “Armor up” as my kids are soon to enter their teenage years!

  4. Wow. I think this man had an unclean spirit; his motives seemed predatory and I am glad that you did not get sucked into being alone with him any further, or accepting a job in his home either. God only knows what you were spared from via your parents’ spiritual training.

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