Deceived by a Demonic Voice Part 1

[This is part of the Hearing God’s Voice series]

I was in my first year of college, trying to be independent while still living under my parents roof. At the time I wanted something for my life that my parents did not approve and God was making it clear primarily through them that what I wanted was not His will either. We’ll call it “my fancy,” since I don’t want to disclose it here. My independent spirit ruled me in those days since I hadn’t fully learned to submit myself to my God-placed authorities. My rebellion was an open door for the enemy to rightfully come in.

Man There was a man in our church, old enough to be my father, who was an old friend of the family’s and trusted. But weird things started happening. He began to talk to me about my life, desires, loves and decisions. He was trying to mentor me, but here and there he would contradict what my parents had taught me or disregard their decisions in the midst of our brief conversations in an effort to get me to agree with him. My parents said no on my fancy, yet this man brought division between my parents and me regarding it. He had issues of which I was unaware at the time and was frightfully deceived himself.

He began to make statements that he felt it was God’s will for me to follow through with my fancy and my parents were missing God and deceived about many things. What?? I was blindsided by the whole attack of the enemy. This man was feeding my flesh and I was ignorant. I began to doubt my parents’ (who were also my pastors) ability to hear from God and believed this man instead.

I started feeling. Incredibly. Yucky. Inside. My spirit was troubled, my peace was gone.

I turned to my Bible and said, “God, if this man is right and my parents are wrong let me know NOW!” I flipped my Bible open and it fell open to this:

Listen, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; Forget your own people also, and your father’s house. Psalm 45:10 NKJV

That man had even offered his home to me if ever I wanted to move there because of the “problems” with my parents! The devil knows the Bible probably better than we do, and he is sly. I thought the verse had a literal application at the time. It actually means for His bride to come to Him the same way a woman leaves her father and mother when married and the two become one flesh (Eph. 5:31).

I started bawling. I felt horrible. Hopeless.

I didn’t want to sever everything with my parents over my fancy or even the words of this man. Obey your parents in the Lord and Honor your father and mother were suddenly increasing in my spirit with every breath (Ephesians 6:1-2). But I pushed back the spirit of the Lord and was confused. Extremely confused.

To be continued…

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Photo credit: salendron (Creative Commons)

7 thoughts on “Deceived by a Demonic Voice Part 1

  1. I’ve really been enjoying this series Kelly!

    Satan really does use anything and everything he can to get us to turn the wrong direction. Discerning which voices to listen to and follow is sometimes tough! I’m really interested in reading the rest of this story.

  2. “I hadn’t fully learned to submit myself to my God-placed authorities”

    This is so good . . . this portion of just one sentence speaks volumes. You could break this down and make a series of posts just on it!

    • That one is a lesson that I have a history of being a slow learner! I had thought about writing about it, but I think I’ll wait until God says so. The subject of submission to authority really steams people up sometimes. 😉

  3. You are not kidding . . . our culture has become antagonistic towards that idea simply because they misunderstand what it is. It’s equated with slavery and oppression when it is actually the pathway for restoring the order of Christ on the earth. I could go on forever . . . I’ll stop here 🙂

  4. I should. The topic of restoration and redemption get me passionate FAST! Let the Bride make HERSELF ready and get her restoration groove on! Heaven’s waiting to release Jesus! Stop waiting for rescue when we’ve been given the ministry of reconciliation! It says “For God so loved the WORLD (cosmos) He gave His only Son . . . ” Let’s love what He loves and walk in the creative power of the Spirit to massage the world with redemption, restore all things, and have a wedding! Let’s be about His business and His love instead of playing CYA.
    See . . . I’m typing all fast now and my heart’s racing . . . someone give me a microphone … 😉

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