The Sport of Bouquet Catching

In honor of my 10 year anniversary today with Justin I’m sharing the humorous piece I wrote and shared during our wedding reception.

bouquet catchingIn my early years I had one practice before starting the real competition. This first trial was messy because pieces of cake landed on me, my opponent, and the unsuspecting guy who was eating the piece of cake. This first attempt was messy, but not wasteful as I learned two things. First, never let go of the bouquet and second, the bouquet toss should really be held outside! This first failure caused me to have a great desire to master the art of bouquet-catching. To me, it was a sport. So with this confession, and as a now married woman, I would like to share my tips of successful bouquet-catching as a means of coaching single females.

Tip #1 from my sister-in-law’s wedding is called “the tackle.” Don’t be afraid to momentarily lose your graceful poise to become an animal as you tackle the bouquet. Remember, this is a sport. Hold on to the bouquet, even if there are others pulling parts of it out. As long as you have most of the flowers, it’s yours.

Tip #2 from my cousin’s wedding is called “opponent obligation.” If you catch the bouquet at the same time as another opponent, gently, but firmly pull the bouquet toward yourself until the opponent feels obligated to give it to you.

Tip #3 from my friend’s wedding is called “the high jump.” A rush of adrenaline is crucial to having the necessary energy for this tip. Another factor is having all distractions blocked from out of your mind. As the bouquet is in mid-air, bend knees and spring your body high into the air with both arms extended straight above you. Quickly catch the bouquet and bend over it. Your other opponents will be wondering if that was lightning and where the bouquet disappeared.

Tip #4 from an acquaintance’s wedding is called “the side snatch.” Try to stand in front of all your opponents. This will ensure you have a clear view and no one gets in your way when it is necessary to catch the flying flower arrangement. If you find it’s heading in the direction of the person to your side, avoid destroying your opponent’s confidence too quickly. Before it reaches the group, simply take a step forward, extend your arm and snatch it to yourself at the last second.

With these tips I would like to encourage you to take bouquet-catching as no light matter. Oh, one more thing, champions always stretch before entering the game. Good luck!

© 2001 by Kelly R. Baker; Photo credit robleto (Creative Commons)

I don't have any digital prints from my wedding, but this gives you a bit of an idea.


10 thoughts on “The Sport of Bouquet Catching

  1. I was just sharing this with someone as we were looking at my wedding photos. I was telling her how you had it all broken out as a sport with rules and everything! If I could post it, I have a great “victory” picture of your catching the bouquet at my wedding!!! Great post and Happy 10 years! Love you!

  2. HA! HA! HA!…… Oh, my gosh… that is SOOOOOOOO funny. I am not sure I can read these things at work anymore… I am either crying at my desk or laughing out loud…. But, I so appreciate your bearing your soul and your flesh. It is hard to be as humble as you are. I see too much pride in me, but thank God for his mercy and delightful friends like you who show the world it is so much more wonderful to serve the Lord His way. It is living in blessings and having his mercy every day to comfort us and keep us moving. You are SOOOOO loved…

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