Indicators Showing You’re In the Wilderness

[This is part of the Sojourning the Spiritual Sahara Series. Check out the other posts!]

After I started sincerely turning my heart towards the Lord, the relationship I had with God was best described as a “honeymoon phase.” During this phase whenever I began to worship the Lord I would strongly feel His presence. When I opened my Bible He never failed to show me some awesome new revelation. Happy tears would always fill my eyes, because I knew He loved me from all this.

looking upI continued to press into Him, hungry for more. He had been causing me to grow in new ways and I was loving every minute of it. Life was pretty good. Then almost immediately, there was a change. His presence seemed “watered down.” Panicky, I searched my heart. Was there some big sin that I missed? No. I asked Him what was going on. Nothing. I pressed into Him with violent passion. It felt like I was just talking to an inanimate object. My heart was in turmoil. I had sad tears this time. I did everything that “worked” before, but all the tricks failed; God isn’t a machine, after all. I turned to a mentor for help and she welcomed me to the wilderness. Ha.

When a Christian is going through a spiritual wilderness, his Christian walk is compared to a winter season.  During winter all the greenery dries out and dies, and we are left with cold, windy and darker days.  Spiritually speaking, a wilderness experience is mostly cold, dead and dry:

  • Seems like God abandoned you during prayer time with Him
  • Feelings of loneliness and rejection
  • Thinking God is angry at you
  • No closeness with the Lord
  • You don’t hear His voice
  • His presence is greatly diminished or you don’t feel it at all
  • You don’t receive any new revelations

Are you looking at the above list and saying, “Check, check, check”?  You are probably in the wilderness. It isn’t fun, but it’s necessary. You may feel like God loves you less, but know that the reason you are in this season is because He loves you. He has a purpose for you during this time.

Sahara Desert

photo credit: roaming-the-planet (flickr)

As we continue in this series we will talk about the purposes He has for the wilderness season. In my next post I will continue the above story of what happened after the “honeymoon phase” with God. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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2 thoughts on “Indicators Showing You’re In the Wilderness

  1. Check, check, check . . . 😀
    Kelly, such good feeling to hear from a fellow Sojourner!
    Thanks for sharing your heart & experiences.
    Be enCouraged for you are doing a mighty work for the LORD!
    Love Ya Sis, Susie 🙂

    • Stay tuned, I have more stories where I get to wear my spiritual life on my sleeve. Never did I think I’d share what’s coming next.
      I am praying for you. You are such a blessing! Love you much! 🙂

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